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  1. She is such an ass. Why not just say "Thank you, I appreciate this but it would probably be better to keep these with you in case Lil Soapy has an accident and needs a change of clothes. Or extra formula while he's there. It comes in handy to have a little extra sometimes." I'd say she could smile too so her voice sounds kind and not bitter if she ever said it but that's probably asking too much of her on a first visit.
  2. Good vibes, many prayers, and lots of hugs for you and your family and the medical team @lovesnark. ?
  3. Dad Bod, Spite Chickens, and a Picnic Life
  4. Because she thought she was being complimentary? Sort of, maybe? I don't know. She forgot the #1 rule: Write drunk, edit sober. She clearly got the "write drunk" part correct, though!
  5. And now that those procedures have been around a while, it seems the long term consequences are starting to show up. Terry and Paul talking a little about it on the Steve Harvey show (it's a short clip): http://www.stevetv.com/clip/don-t-get-butt-implants-without-hearing-this-first
  6. I keep forgetting to post this. Plus it belongs in several places and I can never decide which thread is best. Anyway, it's pretty interesting: http://www.stevetv.com/clip/don-t-get-butt-implants-without-hearing-this-first
  7. Looks like a box Entenmann's cake donut holes on skewers to me.
  8. Amber: Bad Ass Boss Bitch only in Love with My (Her?) "Cellie" Amber: Leah who? Oh! BooBoo...
  9. I'm conflicted on Danae. On the one hand, I want to believe transitioning is a real goal. On the other though, I just feel like that is not true. In other words, I think Danae is simply a to-the-core asshole that may or may not be making a major life transition. Either way, an easy tee-vee paycheck is the most important thing right now. And maybe belittling Brianna a bit while in the payday pursuit, as well. Danae just strikes me as a selfish jerk in general.
  10. Ryan. Hands down. Ryan. Adam has this narcissistic/control issue/I don't know thing, going on that seems to ease him up at times (and probably save his life) that Ryan just doesn't have enough energy to muster up once in a while. Adam knows reality often has bad things that happen. Ryan has no idea of that. Life can't throw him curveballs because he always has someone else there to intercept reality for him. Adam knows his luck can run out and he feeds off it. Ryan can't even imagine his luck ever running out because it just never does. Adam can survive longer than Ryan in many ways. I bet most ways, actually.
  11. MissMel


    My grandparents took me to Tijuana once when I was a kid. Does that count too? I really have a soft spot for Farrah now that I think we have some kind of idea of how her childhood shaped her adult life. I can't for the life of me figure out what she means by being an "International Sensation" though. Maybe because of her "dates" that she gets expensive gifts from? I don't know.
  12. Oh, I was against it at first but I'd pay to see CT crush Javi and watch Laurel beast the Hulk right out of Kail. If Tyler wants anything to do with the Challenges, it's being a host. No way would he participate in the physical competitions. He probably just wants to yuk it up with Bananas on the specials and maybe reunions if he dreams really big and makes it a new passion project idea.
  13. I'm not clicking either. I don't care what she has to say. What I have to say though, I love her hair here. I'd do a lot of unspeakable things to have my younger, beautiful tresses back these days.
  14. I was also wondering why Amber made the appointment for a Wednesday. It's not hard to ask for a different day or time. Plus Wednesday visitation is just a few hours. So plant your ass on a rock some other day and pick your kid up a couple mac-n-cheeses or a kid's meal and head on over to her house to eat and chat a little. Or meet her at practice. It's not that difficult.
  15. But Cate is bestest mom that ever mommed! I mean, she has depression, anxiety, and trauma. (Depression, anxiety, and trauma. Depression, anxiety, and trauma. Just in case you weren't sure and missed it the first 4 hundred eleventy 90 million bajillion thousand times.) She's seeking help and going to treatment so that Carly, I mean Nova, can be proud of her for being so proactive. Just like Amber went chose to go to jel for Leah and get clean and sober. They can't be stroooong women and good moms without making these selfless sacrifices for their female offspring to look up to them. Geez, guys, cut these two amazing human beings some slack!
  16. I just love that house and think it's absolutely beautiful. It must be nice to have to have time, money, and ability to restore it. Tyler has done a great job. Especially considering all the time he's also had to take care of the people in his life. They certaintly didn't make it easier on him by adding all that extra responsibility on him. I also think these projects do some good for his brain and his bones. There. I said something favorable to Tyler. I probably have a fever or some random virus invading my body.
  17. It just about has to be, doesn't it? It would certainly explain the fight, the house being searched, the "I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire" comment, Jen constantly crying, Larry telling her if she didn't like it she could leave too, and telling her if she was going to let him stay in her family's home that she better sell it to him for the same price they were going to sell it to a stranger, as well. Plus I think this was around the cat incident. And stolen tools. And so on. Being pulled over with heroin and needles doesn't seem too far fetched when you add up all these things together. It makes a lot of sense but I don't know the time frame for sure.
  18. I agree. Some pictures, he looks very unfortunate. In others, he's pretty cute. Isaac used to go back and forth in the same way in his younger years. Heck, Kail does also but I'm not sure how much is actually her and how much is lazy photoshop. Maybe Lil Soapy will grow into his looks as he gets older. Isacc has and so did Kail until she went nuts with surgeries. Chris seems to look decent enough as well.
  19. When does Matt think they broke up though? Better yet, when did they stop sleeping together? That's the real question.
  20. I love that Kevin is singing to a generally happy, well taken care of baby and working with a normal, average family instead of being on murder watch at The Land of the Angry and Lost.
  21. I think his aunt said that because he came to greet her (the aunt) first instead of his pregnant girl that was stressed out because of the shower and not knowing if he was going to show up. It was rude of him. Auntie said she would be there and she was. He didn't do anything but keep people wondering if he was going show. Then he waltzed in with with 3 or 4 other guys and avoided Baby Momma and avoided being a decent human being with responsibilities. (Whew! In case it wasn't obvious, that scene hit a nerve with me.)
  22. You're not being bitchy. They could give some credit where it's due, though.
  23. I'm hoping for good news and some relief tomorrow, @GreatKazu. Sending a gentle cyber hug to you, as well.
  24. For the older ones, yeah. Kaiser was way too young. Toddlers have a hard enough just balancing anyway. They don't like him though. He's just an inconvienient pain in the ass so nobody would care if he toppled out and banged his head on tree stump in an "accident".
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