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  1. Serendi

    Good Media: Articles, Clips, Previews, Reviews

    Two episodes of The Good Place, "Michael's Gambit" and "The Trolley Problem," have been nominated for the Hugo Award (science fiction/fantasy's leading popular award) for Best Dramatic Presentation - Short Form. Congrats! http://file770.com/?p=41508
  2. Serendi

    Silk Stalkings

    I agree that whoever decided to end the series on that particular cliffhanger was taking a major chance. At least "John Doe" has had someone say publicly how the cliffhanger would have been resolved. Ah, well....
  3. Serendi

    Silk Stalkings

    I'm so annoyed that the series ended on such an AWFUL note, namely a cliffhanger in which the darling Chris Potter and Janet Gunn have just had a NASTY conversation that makes it seem like there's no way back from it. Grrrr....
  4. Serendi

    Cast In Other Projects

    Karina Smirnoff. https://heavy.com/entertainment/2017/07/famously-single-cast-2017-season-2-spoilers/
  5. While the accent *could* be faked, it might not be. I once knew a woman from somewhere in South America (I forget where) who genuinely had as thick an accent after marrying a USian and living here for 40 years.
  6. Serendi

    S02.E05: The Test

    Early on (I think in the pilot), Grace takes off hair extensions, false eyelashes, and something that looks like it's pulling her skin back around her eyes. I thought that was amazing for Jane Fonda to show.
  7. Serendi

    S23.E05: Week 3: The Results

    Seems to me they've been doing results shows the first few weeks, then stopping until finale week.
  8. Serendi

    S02.E13: The Coup

    I thought the kids' reactions were more "Ew, Mom/Grace is talking about masturbating, and from the wrist bandage she's been doing a LOT of it! Too much information!" Then again, I might be reading things into it....
  9. Serendi

    The kids

    According to Wikipedia, Brooklyn Decker gave birth in September 2015 and Grace and Frankie's second season was filmed July through November 2015. June Diane Raphael is apparently pregnant now during the third season shoot (she said on one interview "No I'm not" but it appears to have been a joke, because she said she was and discussed it at length in another interview). She also had an infant on set with her during the first season - she said in an earlier interview that she auditioned three weeks after giving birth because she had to get out of the house. She's grateful that Jane Fonda, a feminist activist, made sure it worked to have a child on set.
  10. On the Dancing With The Stars Youtube channel, they have a clip of Nyle and Peta talking about this. They're pretty definite that he meant the pros as who to aspire too. I still haven't watched the episode...
  11. Peta and Sharna are besties (I believe since they were both in Australia); I've no doubt Peta will pass the cues on to Sharna.
  12. Serendi

    In The Media: DWTS

    Peta clocked Nyle in the eyebrow with her elbow - he's got four stitches and a great attitude about it. http://www.sheknows.com/entertainment/articles/1116513/peta-murgatroyd-sends-her-dwts-partner-to-the-hospital-video
  13. Serendi


    Thanks. It said the page didn't exist, but when I clicked on the blog title (Stacks and Piles) the home page had the page, so it's good. Much thanks!
  14. Serendi

    The Hosts: Bergeron and Andrews

    I actually thought Erin seemed more in tune last night than in previous seasons. Mileage obviously varies.
  15. Serendi

    S22.E01: Week 1: Premiere

    Don't know anything about Mischa except what I've read here, but I liked her. Seems to be a minority opinion. In the opening number, I kept hearing the line "show me your moves" as "show me your boobs". Hmm....