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  1. Carly and Evan - "Lowered Expectations" old Mad TV skit haha The "shaman" was tacky and senseless, and the wedding looked cutrate...whatever Ashley I needs a makeup intervention....the twins are repulsive and JMO Vanessa and Nick seemed to be "cold" Dull maybe but dang Dean is handsome. I love that he doesn't have a me too fur piece beard like most of the others. Eyes, strong jaw...great smile ...yowsers Wellis is nice looking and Diggy is sharp and looks like he would smell great. I like Derek and Taylor....was team Tay I felt she was angry at the way the producers
  2. Loved the twin imitations haha....hate hate the twins So glad they auffed Little Pony Unicorn right away....Bye. Many times they keep a no talent too long just for drama Bye clown dress Surprised Botany put out that drab mess Loved Devonte's winning dress and Kenya did great I remain disgusted at the fake "anonymous runway" junk....guess the designer with the head scarf? ???hmmm?? Twins....can we have a double elimination?
  3. Just catching up... I despise twins on any reality show....been there, seen that, can't stand them....hope they go The virgin person with his pleasure pocket..GROSS! Fetish guy? Yuck to them and their puddy bow Care bear?? yikes Maybe a talented nun if there any left can be on next season or an Amish gal? (and yes my Irish great aunt and Irish born aunt were nuns haha) I find the "modest" stuff a joke for this show just as it is stupid on ANTM when a devout Churchgoer won't pose nude/lingerie Maybe next season we will see a delusional person who has undergone body
  4. Geraldo has never been afraid to do embarrassing stunts - but this was hard to watch. I thought he would have danced a bit better, he looked so stiff. I don't think he did himself any favors with this gig - made me realize just how old he is and I wonder about his health...does he have back problems or ?
  5. I don't watch morning shows much, and not a fan of hers - so far I found her annoying, full of herself, and I expect the baby/pumping/commute story angle to encourage me to fast forward. Her dancing was pretty good but she could be super annoying.
  6. I was surprised to find I am liking her. I think she looks really good, and is more than holding her own. I like Tony too and hope they stick around Not really a "star" but look at the others on this show LOL. Marla is better than most and not as annoying as many of them (Ginger LOL)
  7. Love Boyz II Men and loving Wanya so far. So much personality and he can dance!
  8. I wasn't wowed by him on ANTM.... The "sexually fluid" admission was kind of "forced" cause he only gave that interview when a deaf, gay guy outed him - yeah the guy was a jerk but come on Nyle acted pretty straight on ANTM - cuddling all season with the young southern virgin - I wondered how she felt when she found out ? (the interview was after the show filmed) Now I can "appreciate" a handsome gay man but I think it is creepy if they act straight to gain fanbase - this is 2016, no need to play Rock Hudson games I have to laugh at all the women swooning.
  9. Well I will watch...cause I am originally from Pittsburgh LOL "Yinz better stay classy" LOL A famous old joke in Pittsburgh accent/dialect is "Kennywood Park is Open" - that's what u say when a guy's fly is down ha ha I wonder how many guys will be opening their "Kennywood Parks" for Jo Jo? And while I might enjoy both of the "ette's locations (being that my Grandparents were from Ireland and that my childhood was in the "Burgh") I have to be objective - not a hell of a lot of tourists in Pittsburgh...and neither place gives us the great sexy beach, sunshine bathing suit hot tub kind
  10. Thanks for the info ChaCha....great observations. I didn't know that Hotlanta was doing better in ratings than LA = wow I think your description of the 3 shows is spot o I think LA gals are more actually performers, even Tracy had done some movie work the NY gals are career and performers but more stage , and of course Dawn is a paralegal The Hotlanta girls ....ouch twerk twerk The best line I recall about this show is the observation about what Dawn of NY would say or do if she dared to watch the Atlanta mess haha
  11. I have to agree with Amberosia - the Matt Hate is getting over the top FYI - there is NO proof he sent dick picks to women - he apparently sent one to one woman - and she was BIG (real big) so there goes the "fetish" idea Many of the women are with "standard" size guys...do they have a fetish too? Not to mention that most of the "men" don't seem to be doing a lot of work - what does Todd do? Joe? Jasmines husband has not been working while we see him trying to figure what to do with the train conductor thingy too In Matt's favor he seemed very happy about Briana's Girl's trip and see
  12. Another sibling of a more famous person looking for their few minutes of fame (seems to occur more and more on reality shows LOL) Various sources say that the brother of Aaron Rodgers is a "frontrunner" (apparently he quit his not too successful pro career to be on the show) http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/aaron-rodgers-brother-is-a-front-runner-for-bachelorette-jojo-fletcher-w199366 ~~~~~~~~ Another possible spoiler....say it aint so ...but they may have sleazy Juan Pablo on standby in case they need more drama a la Nick? http://www.eonline.com/news/748730/whoa-former-
  13. Well....I hardly think that Jeremy has done anything to even be associated with Paul Qui. While I may dislike certain contestants - Blais, the fugly jerk with the fat tattooed arms, ugly pink hair and fugly wife who looks like a fat Peewee Herman (Karen) - I don't think any of them come near to Paul Qui's actions - which yeah "innocent til proven blah blah" but it sure does not sound good (yes, I plan to talk about people on tv like others do LOL>> hence my take on Karen who annoyed me from day one LOL) As for the ex drug dealer - wow I guess I missed that about Kwame
  14. Oh my.....Houston, looks like we have a problem? http://www.inquisitr.com/2918531/chad-rookstool-drops-bombshell-about-bachelorette-jojo-fletchers-relationship-with-bachelor-ben-Higgins/
  15. The one thing you can't fix is the "desire"...the way 2 people click...the way they smell, taste, feel.. hard to measure that. Now also factor in the "fame game" and social media....check the bachelorette everyone was excited about - now her ex spills to the gossip rags that she was with him after the show (he had sent her letter on the show) and that she broke up with him again to be the star of "bachelorette" Who knows..she might well get back with him - others have gone back to their ex's. The way these people get slammed...hell people called Ashley a stripper and an escort - when
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