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  1. I started binge watching all the episodes on Hulu and Kris absolutely grates on my nerves. She cries way too much. How many times does one say "breaks my heart" and "love you!" I have never heard anyone say "I love you" the way she says it. It sounds obligatory or sarcastic. Not meaningful at all. And they all say it WAY too much. Even when it they probably shouldn't. For her to say "I love you" to Brody while having their little talk in Greece was ridiculous. No doubt he was thinking "crazy b***h."
  2. True but not all. Michael never called before showing up. Maybe he's the only one I'm thinking of. Other than Rebecca needing a sitter for her job interview. I was more or less talking about the complete strangers that randomly showed up from a newspaper ad. Just thought it was strange...maybe it's just me.
  3. I think Rose has it the worst. I was watching "Bringing Up Baby" and it just occurred to me...if the girls had kept that pig for at least a week or so wouldn't it have been nice if her cousin Gunther had given them SOME of that $100,000 considering he'd only had the pig a day and a half??? I mean I think that's awful. At least buy Blanche a new nightgown! And no one ever calls before they show up. How do they know it's not on one of the weekends the girls are on one of their many getaway cruises? And don't even get me started on the strangers! At least twice the girls advertised in the paper
  4. I'm new to this forum so I don't know how to quote. But in regards to the resume that Dorothy crossed out and scribbled all over...not only was Rose's interview at 8:30am leaving her very little time in the morning to retype it (especially after staying up later afterwards eating and talking with the girls), it was for a position that most people need MBA degrees for. A Hospital Administrator is likely a job where you would need some sort of healthcare or management experience...which 6 months of business school in Minnesota wouldn't qualify.
  5. I loved Blanche's "negligee" she wore when Dr. Harry Weston came over to see the sick baby they were watching. Maybe the earrings DID top it off but I still think she looked beautiful. Too bad it reminded Harry of his mother :(
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