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  1. For me, the pièce de résistance is when Jake lists one Cage movie too many and Kevin flops, crawls to the Zone of Safety and says to Jake "Are there no other actors?!" I just adore it.
  2. @Joe Reid--you're not wrong about One Day at a Time. It's the tape that's stuck in Lupe's piece of crap car that she makes the kids listen to on repeat. :)
  3. Nobody likes Tituss, 'cause he is a daaaaaaaaaaamn nerd!
  4. Well now I super want to watch Connections, but am having trouble finding it. So far all I can see is a box set on Amazon that's $95. How did you guys watch it?
  5. Ok, I super want Sarah to recap her sobbings and feelings of Call the Midwife. Tweet it, whatever. There are definitely characters here who deserve to eat shit tons of bees. (MEN) Sarah, random suggestion: The DVDs are better than the Netflix version. Netflix is edited slightly. It doesn't change the course of the episodes, but some sweet stuff is left out. Chummy forever!
  6. I was so surprised Gravity Falls wasn't the perfect 2 and out for any of you, so I'm putting it in there.
  7. Hey Sarah, I heard you had book recommendations about Edward and Wallis Simpson?
  8. Sarah, did you mention the name of the book about that oral history of RFK? I'm interested, but I think I missed the title.
  9. Why is it so damn funny to me when Katya quickly mutters "Don't touch me" at Trixie? I just love it. I would watch these girls do anything.
  10. And this is precisely why, no matter my nascent attachments to ritual and symbolism of the church, I will never be a practicing Catholic again. I absolutely cannot belong to a church that puts their image above the people who believe in the institution with all their souls. A few years ago, a story came out here about a man in my area who was receiving one of the settlements the church was giving out. The man had been sexually abused by a priest. His mother believed him, the church did nothing to help. He tried to overdose at the altar of the church where I received my first communion. H
  11. I agree, I think Matthew and Marilla are both lovely. I think they soften up Marilla more than in the book, but in a way that I really love and that still seems true. I'm having more of an issue with Anne. Anne is not a give-up girl, and the constant "I'm never going back!" and various wheedlings grate on me. Book Anne may have been too idealized, but I also love the version of herself that really is "Well, I can start fresh tomorrow!" A lot of stuff with everyone being so cruel hasn't really sat well with me because it's not at all in the book. As a separate entity, sure, but part of th
  12. Is the 1985 version starring Megan Follows? I'm looking on Amazon, and would love to see it, but don't want to spend $20 and get the wrong version from Amazon. I only started reading the books a few months ago, and got stuck on the one that was letters to Gilbert, but I just adored the first several, so I'm very excited. It's gotta be better than that Martin Sheen joint from over Christmas. Not that I don't love Sheen, he's just not Matthew Cuthbert.
  13. I swear to god, I will become a recurring monthly donor to get a Most Awesome on the regular. Or an Again With This: Little House edition. Kim, you're a treasure!
  14. Beeda Bitchass is so goddamn good I want it on my fake ID.
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