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  1. Yes they are. I was at the store this week and this nasty old man was griping “I’ve been here 3 times this week and each time you’re out of chicken” in a very hateful tone to the overworked, underpaid and lovely worker. I wanted to say “Why don’t you go fuck off somewhere else and leave her alone”. Instead I stayed silent and felt very sad and walked on. So know for every jerk you encounter there is likely another one who wants to pick up 50 LBs of kitty litter and throw it at them but don’t know what to do in the situation. I am proud of you for going in and appreciate a
  2. We got a call last night someone self reported 14 days ago. How does that work? They were active all 14 days and you knew? I can’t believe that I hope they fired that person if so.
  3. We just got an alert call tonight at 100:pm EST that 16 days ago someone was positive at our local site. Now being told to to work from home.
  4. The Cook's Essentials Multi Use Strainer w/ Two Bowls & Lids has been a game changer for me. I bought a set for my parents, sister and a good friend for Christmas. That seems like a paid advertisement but it’s just copy/pasted from QVC. I was never good at getting grease out of ground beef etc. This thing is awesome. You get all grease off and there’s a pour spout to get rid of. It’s got lots of uses but that’s to me by far the best.
  5. That is such a wonderful photo @MargeGunderson! You have a gift! When I had cats they were always a single I got as a stray or from a shelter so don’t know a lot about duos but I’m kind of blown away at their immediate companionship! What a joy for us to get to see it, too! Really happy for all of you.
  6. The solidarity in that made my day. Virtual high five, my friend.
  7. So I have another pet peeve. My weight fluctuates and I’m over my fighting weight right now. We have a gym onsite at work which I have recently taken advantage of. I’ve realized how out of shape I am but have been attending the noon classes and loving it. Yesterday I was told it would be stretching class bc so many were doing a marathon. I decided I’d just do the treadmill. I walked at what was to my out of shape butt a high speed on the treadmill for 40 minutes. Then I hit the cool down button which drastically decreased it to slow speed. I overheard one of the m
  8. That drives me crazy too. And it happens more frequently than we’d think. The upside is 60% of the time if I don’t acknowledge the pleasantry the follow up question doesn’t come. I also hate “can I call you” with no details. My pet peeve is the new guy behind me at work who chews gum after lunch. I don’t chew gum so I won’t be good at describing what he’s doing but it involves snaps, gross noises, movement sounds and makes me want to vomit and irrationally angry. I put my earbuds in but I’m the odd one who when I’m really focused I prefer no podcast or music so I resent h
  9. It looks like beef stroganoff made with ground beef and broccoli. But I can’t determine what is around 1 o’ clock on the plate.
  10. Shoutout to @DakotaJustice- while whole thing was painfully funny bc likely true this part tickled the hell out of me: “The housekeeper’s making fried chicken and waffles today and you know how much I love waffles. See u ltrs. K.” But to my quoted post it does reek of that. Down to the use of “huge” decision of self care. Ugh! Self care is like busy mom to me! Paid off in “huge” dividends to take a shit topped cooler on a trip! Its weird bc when I watch this show Janelle seems smartest both intellectually and often emotionally. But I read those posts and they are so horrible it
  11. I went to Walgreens for a purpose last weekend but felt compelled (okay I just wanted to) see if any v day stuff was on clearance. As a Reese’s connoisseur I can attest the Holiday novelty ones are infinitely better. The lack of ridges and PB to chocolate ratio takes them to to another level. They only had Snickers Hearts outside of the off brand stuff you know isn’t good. Well- much to my thighs dismay the theory holds for those too. The caramel/overall awesomeness was better than any Snickers I’ve ever had!
  12. I feel bad bc I love him so much but my pet peeve right now is a loud snorer. He sounds like he’s doing a sound check for something in Jurassic Park! If I can beat him to sleep I’m fine (shout out to Costco melatonin) but that was not the case tonight so I’m on a couch and sending this message!
  13. Do you really not know how to get under the covers or have you learned it’s easier to paw at them knowing I’ll cover you up? Would you have picked the collar with dogs wearing scarves in a convertible, too? When I say things in a strange voice like “I went to the shelter to adopt a dog not realizing I’d get an angel” do you like it or say “cut the sappy shit already”?
  14. Yes. That scene played out really funny to me too. They all talked incessantly about the “big house” and when they asked Meri what she thought she was like “on the big house?” as If they were maybe asking her if she liked pineapple and cottage cheese- she needed the clarification. Every second Robyn is onscreen she has a furrowed brow or is crying. This isn’t a woman who is happy. Yet is such a stealth bitch as said here. Her (not dis) pleasure at having her house sold - we see you! I think they all felt their oft used “autonomy” in Vegas and realized things ain’t too bad on the
  15. Growing up in the South I learned these things called sausage balls are a real favorite. I never understood the hype until a coworker brought them in. Her secret? Velveeta shreds in a bag. Ok I’ve lost you and that’s fine but hear me out. If you Google sausage balls you’ll be overwhelmed with “you must shred your own cheese” which those who love me can attest I do that in every recipe I make. This is the exception. I can’t find it on the net so here is the best recipe for sausage balls: one package original velveeta shreds one package sharp cheddar (for this I bu
  16. Ha! My dog Knox lets out the cutest squeak. “What an audible yawn!” I exclaim! Great story @AgentRXS! I can’t imagine for that owner how awesome getting that notification was. Thankful for heroes like you.
  17. I think your maturity and thoughtfulness to the responses show a lot about your character. To be sure we have all done regretful things but as you stated- it’s learning and vowing to do better. You’ve beaten yourself up enough. It is now in the past and onward and forward to better!
  18. I can’t determine if it’s me aging or if these shows aren’t as good but VR was must see for me at one time in my life and now I struggle to get through an episode. I still love the opening and music. I hate Brittany. When she was telling us how she had forgiven Jax for his cheating all I wished for was that marriage to crash and burn . She’s smug and acts entitled. All the girls ganging up on Kristen is boring. They’ve shamed her into her situation and she doesn’t have the nerve to say “I don’t care if I support him- ok!” Stassi is coming to my town in March an
  19. And I don’t have the quote but didn’t Robyn let us know she had plenty of monogamist suitors? Did I hear that right? Was that her way of letting us know she was a hot commodity? I got engaged last year (first time- 39 at the time-anything can happen!) and wouldn’t that be akin to me saying “I could have entered polygamy”. The fuck? She sought polygamy the way rest of us do monogamy. Christine and her outrage at the house is unreal. Her need to bang at the kitchen and outdoors is laughable. I don’t believe you C and if you’re telling the truth you’re in a plural marriage so bang
  20. If you’re not afraid to spend a bit LL Bean has some of the best sheets. They’ll send sporadic 25% off coupons. It sounds like your mattress may be thinner than most today so keep that in mind. Measurements are listed.
  21. @Suzy Rhapsody wow and wow! Congratulations seems so small to what you’ve really done. I am so proud of you! The best and wisest have given you such good advice.
  22. Ha- you know I love Frazier but didn’t realize doorbells were common. Now I’ll be like “yep! There it is!”
  23. @Annber03 made me think of one. Knox on occasion will audibly toot and she looks up and stares at her butt like wth! She’s 9- she should know this stuff! She also watches tv. Like I can’t describe how she watches. She knows the first few beats to commercials with animals and looks up from a deep slumber. She gives the dogs on TV hell with barking then passes back out when it’s over. She likes all kinds of shows but she watched Back to the Future in its entirety.
  24. This is hilarious. Self care to me is akin to busy mom. Overused and never defined. Her use of “definitely” annoys me. I feel this means “I am going to use my lazy boy this year and sit and just let self care happen while reflecting on how busy a day I had buttering my toast and getting the mail. You all can google self care for your own ideas”.
  25. Full disclosure as those have seen me on others- I’m happily engaged! But hey- a girl knows a hottie
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