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  1. I'm on season one, episode seven if anyone wants to join me! I had started it through 6 eps then watched all of Breaking Bad. While great, did not live up to the hype (only in this girl's mind, don't shoot the messenger). 6 eps in I think it lives up to the hype and if anyone wants to watch with me I would love it! I'm watching HBO on demand.
  2. I followed stillshimpys advice Trying! Yay, thank you stillshimpy! I present you Knox... http://i.imgur.com/lufSMtH.jpg http://i.imgur.com/RSIMNYK.jpg
  3. My friend at work said something similar regarding Tori Spelling and Dean (see how important our work talk is). I had an instant dislike to the conversation because I interpreted it as "if she had only been wild in the sheets this wouldn't have happened". It doesn't sit right with me. I do believe that isn't the intent implied by either speaker, but a part implies that it's the woman's fault for not doing (insert crazy sex here). I think Ramona is bat shit crazy. And would be a gigantic pain in the ass to live with. I think Mario is hot and always has been. I doubt he was a virgin which make
  4. Well, I just finished it this morning via Netflix. Overall I thought it was excellent with the 4th season being my favorite. It was a satisfying finale which is hard to pull off on any "great" series. I hated Walt and loved Jesse from nearly the first. An interesting part for me is when I hit play this morning for the finale, I was ready for it to be over. I didn't have the sadness I have for the end like some other shows or even great books. For me, I think that puts me in a camp of I thought it was great, but by no means one of the best series ever made. Blasphemous words, I know. I'
  5. Well, then her Bachelor math is right. I think Michelle is very pretty but agree she looks older. But not necessarily in a bad way. I think she's one of those people who probably in her senior pic looked like she was 27 while the rest of us looked, well...17. fib (sorry don't know how to bold in iPhone), that blazer looks like it's straining back some major boobage so I'm thinking they aren't new. Which further compounds my Juan problem of him ditching her. It's like I logically know I need a life, but I'm just not there yet.
  6. I just finished season four. I struggled in the beginning and came close to giving up. I'm so glad I didn't. Gus' death was amazing. I hated to see him go. To be fair, because I am late to watching, I think this show was so built up that I've been expecting too much. Don't get me wrong, it's great, but I think all the hype can give false expectations. It's hard to remember everything exactly, but I think season 4 is my favorite. Maybe I will sing a different tune when I am fully finished. 8 eps to go. Praying to the gods for a rainy Sunday soon.
  7. Two hours of Bachelor in Paradise goes by so much faster than the real show. I loved it. I thought it was strategically dumb for Sara to ask Marcus on the date. While I see he may not be everyone's cup of tea, I think he's hot as hell. If I knew Lacy and her boobs were remotely interested, and I wanted a rose, no way would he have been my target. And I have two arms. I'm 35 now and I swear when I watched Michelle Money first time around we were the same age. How did she lose 2 years? It may have been Blakely I'm remembering but I could have sworn me, Clare, and Money were all the same age
  8. This is awesome. No matter how I try I hear only Chris Harrison and his cadence too. No matter!
  9. Hell to the yes! The audience is identical to the one in Requiem for a Dream yelling "Be excited! Be excited! Beeeee excited!"! I hate to say this because it makes him sound a lot hotter than I think he is, but Chris sorta reminds me of Ed Burns. It may just be the somewhat scratchy voice. I picked up douchebag too on the Men tell All from him. If there wasn't so much fucking filler (ultrasounds and weird girl wearing odd pantsuit from audience) this concept could really work. If they gave us behind the scenes dirt, I'd be all over it. Instead it's a formulaic show of the nice stay nic
  10. I read the how to. Her pics are on my iphone. How do I make that a URL? I hit a ton of buttons. My age starts with a 3 but I've never had a Facebook page so maybe that's mitigating? These sweet babies inspired me to post my own. All of them have been wonderful to look at. If I fail I can describe. She's a rescue mutt who has webbed feet so I think there is lab and a square face like a pit. And she has it made. Her name is Knox.
  11. Anytime I see anything like this, I'm taken back to my youth. Floppy disc ( like real floppy) my parents got us an Encarta encyclopedia and it had a little thing where you'd walk through rooms. One of them had a person saying "what is the sound of one hand clapping" upon entering the room. So between that, Philosophy 101, and now the Bachelorette mime...so much to contemplate.
  12. Agreed! I was thinking ABC was pretty awesome for the creative titles. Hats off!
  13. Agreed. Even after posting I had the same thought and a hair of regret putting it that way. But I likened it to a person believing they are putting their best foot forward. And then reality hitting them in the face. Like Peggy in Mad Men. He struck me as a pretty cool guy in those moments. And I liked his parting words. But absolutely, he may be a total asshole. He sold it well though, for me, in the bit we knew him. I lean towards the real deal.
  14. I just google imaged Josh (down point in my life) to see if he was hotter than I thought. He just doesn't do it for me. Though appears his brother was drafted for the NFL. Like the real deal, unlike Josh. I don't know if I am changing or what, but these shows don't hold interest like they once did (Trading Spaces-esque). I zone out as much as I pay attention. The Josh date was paint by color Bachelorette. The cooking date was a snoozefest. The best part for me was Marquel. He didn't tip my bullshit meter at all and I appreciated his honesty. And I felt sad for him. Based on comments, I
  15. That was like taking 21 days of birth control in one fell swoop.
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