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  1. My weird radar for Kelton continues. He seems like a robot programmed for “I will talk and smile exactly how I think I’m supposed to and never reveal my true self”. I seem to be alone in this and for that I’m glad and hope I’m wrong. I want the kid to be normal because I really like Josie but man, he seems non-relatable on all levels for me. In this episode Kelly made a statement that involved using both hands (think referencing when she had 3 tiny ones) so she had to remove her hand from Gil’s thigh and he did an insta thigh hand placement on hers. Do they think us normals out here wil
  2. Something that is really good is Fritos dipped in pimento cheese and a small dollop of red pepper jelly (provided one likes pepper jelly). My mom did the exact thing and I loved both of these for same reasons you do! In fact I wondered if maybe my sister posted here and I never knew but she doesn’t eat butter-sugar sandwiches so turns out we probably are not sisters.
  3. It’s Zuppa Toscana and my SO loves it as well. There are some good copycat recipes on the net, too. I worked at Olive Garden in college (it was a hard serving job actually) and I think the quality has gone down quite a bit since then (early 2000s). Not that it was great then but I think it’s sadly worse now. Their rule was number of people + one on breadsticks and I always gave more bc it made my life easier. Same on salad. I did about double. And didn’t really have waste so it worked out and I wasn’t a constant refill machine. Im not sure how new it is but I tried Cracker Ba
  4. Yes, you are correct. Which is why first season it was akin to an SNL skit they said the word “charity” so much. And I loved Big Rich Texas! Brandi mocking Leanne doesn’t sit right with me. They are both kind of the underdogs in this group and instead of capitalizing on that work against each other. All said and done D’andra goes home to wealth and a hot hubs who wants to do her. Brandi goes home to a household of irritable red heads with large bows and LeeAnne goes back to a non commital hot guy who is thrice (?) divorced and oddly wears an eye patch. Neither with the financial bac
  5. This show really needed a reunion. It left many more questions than answers. Yes so much to all who commented Louis is on tape saying he’s going to go fuck a ho. Catherine didn’t make this up or spread gossip- he said it! As an aside I don’t want to give too much thought into Louis but had he said a “hot chick” or similar it would have sat a lot better with me than “ho”. So he says that and then gives Catherine hell about her saying it? He lost all credibility or like I had for him. I love that Bravo didn’t cut him saying such pathetic things as he needs a blowjob and hi
  6. I like Miracle Whip too (and mayo). And I very much understand what you mean about the subs Scooby and Shaggy eat. I’m also fascinated by most sandwiches eaten on cop procedurals like Law & Order. Commonly chased with a can of soda in a hurried fashion. I love: a good caprese sandwich turkey, cheddar, honey mustard, lettuce and red onion on wheat pimento cheese (pref homemade) on white roast beef, provolone, horseradish sauce, red onion and lettuce BLT, toasted Italian from Jersey Mike’s. On white- Mike’s way no tomato Bacon, egg and cheese wit
  7. I’m new to this show. I worked from home one day and managed to watch an entire season OnDemand. And it still keeps coming so I watch as I find them a compelling family. Comcast wants me to pay to watch prior which no way and I’ve not found it free online. So only very recent stuff is all I’ve seen I don’t know if it’s a sixth sense or if I’m totally off base but I find Kelton one of the most non believable people. He has all those teeth and just reads full of absolute shit to me. He spouts odd sentences I guess the “elders” want to hear but I just can’t buy it. I don’t like him. At al
  8. I wonder if the Casaamigos tequila (which Clooney and Gerber (and others? have ties to they sold for a Billion- what I have done wrong with my life ) with soda and jalapeño will start being a thing. It looked so good in that glass. When Brittany and gross man were talking on their hike and she was so beautiful and refreshed I gagged when the camera panned to him. I like her! I don’t care if she ends up with a not so hot guy but damn she could do so much better than him! I hate to hear they’re still together. He’s a total d bag who I think views himself introspective when the reality
  9. If you make the gumbo let us know how it turned out! Looks like a lot of whisking time for that roux. I generally yell for relief when doing that lol. Publix makes incredible (albeit pricey) pre made salads. And I’m a huge sucker for Greek Salads. A few years ago I got one and there was a big scoop of potato salad on it. It was hidden by the information/price tag. I thought that was odd and actually figured the assembler made a mistake and said oh well and put it out for sale. Bought another and same thing! They’ve since removed it but that seemed weird as all get out to me! And I didn
  10. I caught it yesterday too. I thought everything they made looked great. And I liked them. Not sure I’d put the potato salad on the gumbo but it intrigued me. I am going to make that bean salad soon. That looked so good.
  11. Yeah when I read that the hairs on my dogs back stood up. That doesn’t sit well with me at all. So glad you unmatched him @theredhead77! Ive never learned how to double quote on a phone but @JTMacc99 is nothing like this. Yours reads “oh yeah- I want to know more about you”. The other, “if you’ve not already been you’ll be on a stalking show on Dateline or ID”.
  12. It’s not even clever. And I had to read it a few times to even get what he was saying. I just googled it and it hit on Twitter for “pickup lines”. Ok devils advocate as stated his profile seemed otherwise normal. Is it possible he thinks that’s a funny hook and doesn’t intend to repel you? Though even as I type that I’m still turned off by him. So yeah, no. ETA- the one below that on Twitter was “if you were a fruit you’d be a fineapple”
  13. Yes it shows a lot, indeed. I take issue with him finding Caitlyn greedy especially. And while there are 2 sides always I thoght the sister seemed a reliable narrator of events. Remeber when his family came to visit him in jail (I think it was when the cutest and always smiling baby was there)....anyway MP was dealing with health issues and seemed 100 years old. He told the cameras not to film him going down the stairs. And emphasized a few times “don’t film me going down the stairs!” How unaware can one man be? I’d try to never talk about stairs or staircases at all if I were him.
  14. That was hilarious. True laugh out loud funny. https://web.archive.org/web/20060205042751/http://www.justicemag.com/daily/item/1186.html Ive never pasted a link so I hope that works. It’s an account from MPs sister I found on reddit. She thinks he’s guilty.
  15. I like that she does it and that she’s continued on the show. Weight loss is hard and I think it’s great she acknowledges that. I also don’t think that was the demise of their marriage. As my mom (maybe mom stole it so not claiming ownership) says “if it was easy Oprah would be tiny”. Also? She rocked a green suit with cards on it. While on surface I totally get why Vicki setting Kelly’s ex up is horrid- is it really? She talked awful about him. Shannon equated at dinner if someone did that to her and I get it. But Kelly? She acted like she was married to Satan and he was lucky to h
  16. The one friend who told her if she marries him and he parties she can’t bitch because he’s not hiding it was correct. It was refreshing to hear good advice on a reality show. People rarely change! With that said I actually don’t see Louis as an eternal playboy type but I don’t see him fitting into Hannah’s idea of what “her” husband should be. I sound like a broken record each week but I feel they’d be happier with other people. I gotta go with Hagoods mom on getting other people to taste the Sake. I wanted to phonetically spell it like she says it but wasn’t sure how. Maybe you g
  17. It looks like he may have been a tight end for Auburn (and cursory google doesn’t appear he got a ton of plays). But that’s stil pretty cool! Was Brittany’s “confessional” that she was a Hall of Fame (or similar) Hooters girl? I totally missed what she said but if it was that how humble brag “embarrassing”. I’ll also laugh out loud if I learn here she said she peed while making a 4H speech and somehow my ears heard that. We go to Destin and always go to Red Door (I think there’s one in Nashville too). It’s waterfront with pretty cheap drinks. As a side note they have a surprising
  18. I have always lied and acted like I had a live in boyfriend or roommate to maintenance or work people (and I’m packing heat with a dog). I just think it’s wise (yes it’s ok to lie sometimes) “it’s weird we’ve both been so hot when normally AC worked great”. -stuff like that. When I was young there was an episode of Webster where he told his comrades mam and Georgie would be away. Bad kids overheard. Honestly that scared me so much and still drives it for me. My PSA. Back to online dating!
  19. If this is real report it immediately. let me edit this lest I get blitzed for not believing. I’ve lived alone all my whole adult life and also lived a pretty wild life. My threshold for “wow” is not normal. This is not normal That this was told to ius here on a site with no follow up to authorities or mgmt worried me. This is not ok! Tell someone please!
  20. I learned that Comcast OnDemand has season 5 of The Hills (just that one- weird) available and worked from yesterday solely for this reason. Yes, friends I watched all 20 eps. Kristin is a lot the same but she’s prettier not from youth- she very much looks the same but as said above she had a little more meat on her. She was still tiny. Her personality was similar as well. If we were to take aan example Jay is Justin Bobby ()has there ever been a better name?) Hes elusive, droll, and all about number one.- and average looking and boring. Jay is just a hell of a lot more successful.
  21. I am enjoying it more than I thought I would. I think a lot has to do with my love for Laguna Beach and The Hills. True story, I quasi adopted Kristin’s accent in my younger years and attempted her laughing at everything/who gives AF ways at one point in the Laguna days. Also maybe copied her haircut. Whew! Never told anyone that. I’m 8 years older than she is to add on to humiliation- but there it is I wish the ensemble cast was stronger. I can’t stand Shannon. She seems like a real bitch yet assumes an audience will find her endearing and I do not. Like her comment abo
  22. The ones where Amazon has “introspective faces“ people listening to books on tape. Their faces (minus the old man at the beach I like him) make me want to scream. And they ran one earlier where we were supposed to feel bad about ourselves bc we don’t wake at 5 am on our rowing machine to make thought provoking faces. I hate them!
  23. No one is compelling here. Hagood is by far the best. She exudes southern charm and oh my word where she grew up! Ive had more interest in (will she or won’t she) sitting at a random bar overhearing an argument. Why would we care about Catherine or Lyle? Boring! Socks and Kate Middleton are equally boring. How many “you need to do better” convos must u suffice. He says he will never know another Hannah. Yes! That’s true! There are plenty of women who won’t mother you. Meeti them! And let her find a highly successful man who has it in spades.
  24. I know I look 14 but this is so funny to me. It was on Twitter and can’t stop laughing at what it looks like
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