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  1. OMG, so I know that this is almost a year old but I am just starting the show, but as a diehard LSU fan, Nick Satan indeed!
  2. Hey! I am trying to get my stepdaughter to boomerang to her mother's house after high school since my husband and I are planning on building a new house and I do not want anymore adult children living with us. (might sound selfish, but my daughter is grown and his lives with us full time and her mother lives nearby. She can go live with her)
  3. I saw her post on Instagram on Easter. Bawled my eyes out.
  4. Oh yeah, there is no way that I would try a drinking game with Amy mentioning that she is pregnant. I would be hospitalized with alcohol poisoning within the first 15 minutes.
  5. I told my stepdaughter that it looks like my 7 year old granddaughter (who does her own eyebrows when playing) did them. LOL
  6. I am past 50 and still on birth control while waiting for menopause. I feel ya.
  7. Here in Louisiana we call them camps as well. Either hunting or fishing camps.
  8. I thought that I saw something from Whitney a couple of months ago that there was going to be a season 2 but I could be wrong.
  9. I never did like Camille's Malibu home. It seemed really outdated to me and her "closet" was a complete mess. If I had her money, I would pay my staff extra to keep my closet beautiful.
  10. I just watched the second episode. That husband is a piece of shit. Who cares if the teenage son was a handful. He still lost his mother and then on top of that his piece of shit step-father refuses to let him get anything of his, anything of his mom's and flat out says that Pistol will never get any of her ashes. That really pisses me off. I hope that there is some kindhearted lawyer out there that sees this and can help Pistol. Not sure what they can do, but that guy needs some kind of justice even if it is just getting something of his mother's to keep.
  11. I tried to watch it yesterday but due to the tropical storm hitting us, our local channels were preempted with weather. I bet that it was fun to watch.
  12. I am in the middle of watching this episode and I just had to come and say that I cannot stand Erica. I have never liked her but her comments about Denise and her kids are way out of line.
  13. Well, at least we know that if a hurricane Teddy hits here, it will be boring AF. On the other hand, a Kyle could really fuck us up. LOL
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