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  1. jabbi

    S14.E10: Personal Jesus

    He’s called Tuck after his dad. It was the tiniest mention in his birth episode.
  2. jabbi

    S14.E10: Personal Jesus

    I didn’t care for the way Paul’s story ended, either. Also, am I really expected to believe that Paul would haul off the rails in front of THE Meredith Grey? Isn’t he supposed to be a general surgeon as well? For someone who seems really concerned about his career, he sure doesn’t mind showing his a** in front of one of the most prestigious surgeons in the country right now. I really don’t like how everyone on this show still treats Kepner like an incompetent fool. She is written to be a good trauma surgeon, but everyone still acts like she’s an idiot. It’s annoying. I cried at the end when Bailey and Ben had that talk with Tuck. That was the most powerful part of this episode IMO. The kid who played Tuck really did a great job in that scene, too.
  3. jabbi

    S14.E09: 1-800-799-7233

    My first thought in this episode was the realization of just how stinkin' many characters and storylines are going on at once. The break was so long I forgot about so much. Legitimately forgot all about Owen and Amelia splitting up until just now. I was one who wasn't sure about Jo's DV storyline. I am torn 50/50 on it. On one hand, Matthew Morrison is perfect in his role. I mean he was so good at it. Camilla was pretty good too, which is a shock to me. The actual story, though, was a bit meh. Meredith in the OR stole the show for me. She had no time for Paul's crap, and I loved that. I expected a confrontation between Paul and Jo, but the locker room scene fell flat. That this man, who was a complete charmer and snake in disguise, would come back just to confront her in front of his current fiancé and Meredith wasn't believable to me. Also, add me to the people who are a little confused about Meredith being the one to help Jo this way when she has never even pretended to like her. This episode just made it a little more clear to me that Jo is a character pretty much there for Alex. She had a standalone story line and they had to pull people out of the woodwork to help her out with it because the writers never bothered to give her any relationships with anyone but Stephanie and Alex. I also realize that Meredith being there for Jo is more for Alex than it is for Jo. Maggie and Jackson is still not good. I am not warming up to it. I've never liked Maggie and, as time goes on, I like Jackson less and less. They just don't have very much chemistry.
  4. I’d imagine it’s expensive to pay 5 adults the same salary. Usually a reality show has to pay two adults and then maybe throws a bone to the kids.
  5. jabbi

    S14.E08: Out of Nowhere

    Even though I knew it was inevitable, I hate that GA is going to try a domestic violence plot line. There’s only been a few times they’ve had a serious storyline like that where I’ve thought they’ve done a decent job (Christina’s post-plane crash PTSD mostly). Why the writers act like they write these groundbreaking and relevant storylines so well, I will never understand. I too was underwhelmed with the episode. Like everyone else, the lack of technology causing chaos was poorly written with awful continuity. Most of the cast have used “old school” medicine record keeping before, and hospitals have a contingency plan for these kinds of things. I don’t expect very much realism but I also don’t expect complete bologna, which that entire arc was. I started this season really enjoying the episodes but that has gone downhill pretty quickly. The last 3 episodes have been progressively more meh for me. I don’t fully understand why interns keep being added as recurring members when we aren’t losing any other recurring members, too. Having that large of a cast makes it impossible to even keep track of storylines, and they used the first part of the season closing up a storylines for characters who were barely on the show and left (I’m looking at you, Megan and Riggs) instead of building a proper arc for what’s to come later in the season. Final thought: Maggie and Jackson is a hard no for me. I agree that their vibe is much more sibling-y than romantic. Trying to write a female-heavy cast leaves little room for love interests though. Some of the characters need some off-screen action.
  6. Because he kept telling her he wanted kids and forcing the issue. She didn’t make it a secret at any point in their marriage that she did not want kids. The commentary around this one bugs the shit out of me because a woman can do, say, feel, and act however she wants surrounding a pregnancy and pregnancy termination. Perhaps she confided in Mer because Owen has always been a self-absorbed prick and runs over people’s feelings like a freight train.
  7. jabbi

    S14.E05: Danger Zone

    Yes. http://ew.com/tv/2017/10/26/greys-anatomy-martin-henderson-exit-riggs/
  8. jabbi

    S14.E05: Danger Zone

    I hope Riggs stays in LA. Bye.
  9. jabbi

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    The browns aren’t as popular as they want to believe. There are plenty of people who don’t know them from a hole in the wall that would love a McMansion inside a gated cul-de-sac. Also, if Meri plans on leaving, what does she care if anyone knows the rest of the family’s business or not?
  10. Ehhh, my girls came loooooong before my husband and they will be there with me if he leaves, too. I agree that (Mer especially) they didn’t exactly prioritize properly, but life doesn’t have to consist of a hierarchy. My best friends are more important to me than my husband in certain ways, and he’s more important in others. The idea that marriage and kids automatically means other people in your life lose importance or priority doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.
  11. jabbi

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    I always thought Meri wanted out and didn’t really know how. Long before Robyn or the show came along. I simply can’t imagine being infertile in a culture that only values you for your fertility, while your husband impregnates other women non-stop for 20 years. This culture is so toxic, good on Meri for running (if she is). If she was smart she’d sell that McMansion while the economy is high, get herself a small two bedroom townhouse, and travel while she had the money to do it.
  12. jabbi

    S14.E04: Ain't That a Kick in the Head

    I prefer Meredith solo. I was never a fan of Meredith’s until after McDreamy died.
  13. jabbi

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation: Benchmarking

    I didn’t know that. I do not understand Shonda and her writing style. Ben is 2 types of doctor already, why would he go to being a firefighter? The continuity makes absolutely no sense.
  14. jabbi

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation: Benchmarking

    I want to add speculation. Ben suddenly running a lot? We’re being set up for something - exercise addiction or eating disorder possibly?
  15. I get the vibe that Michelle is not comfortable being on camera. She and Logan are the only adult kids that don't practically turn summersaults for some air time. I also have a fuzzy memory that she may have said something about them not being filmed on Twitter a while back. Something to the effect of her and Logan wanting a normal college experience or something. I also remember Kody saying something about Logan not being around after he left for college. I do sincerely hope they tell Kody and the Kamera Krew to shove it.