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  1. Disagree. I was quite happy with Loki growing and healing and changing and becoming more than the afterthought, the shadow, the one who fails so others can be their best selves, the flea hanging on to the back of the dragon. I dearly, desperately want to see where this Loki goes. I do believe Loki will hang on to the growth he went through. He won't revert back to 2011/2012 Loki whatever happens going forward. But... I think that, for me at least, the problem I have with the finale is that even with everything Loki went through and learned, he still ended the series exactly where he sta
  2. I only have one word for the season finale of Loki and that is bereft. I generally prefer letting a story play out fully before making any judgements. One story cannot tell all stories after all. Looking over the whole series, I do think the story was rushed. Usually, I like a shorter season. It lets the writers, actors, directors, and producers get into the story, get out, and execute it well. At least, more often than not. Here though I think they were more interested in getting to the “cool” stuff – Lady Loki, Classic Loki, Kid Loki, Alligator Loki, ‘He Who Remains’ – and setting up th
  3. Methuselah, the oldest person recorded in the Bible.
  4. Irrefutable proof that he is Not A Good Guy. Also, what the hell was Bess wearing? Whoever came up with that - designer, costumer - needs a time out or something, cause that was stupid looking as well as poorly designed.
  5. I've always thought that had something to do with the "issues" with the movie. Yes, pregnancy is going to throw a monkey wrench into a production schedule, yes, he even had a right to be not pleased about it, but there were better ways of handling it than the assassination of Cordelia's character, which IMO is exactly what he did. I don't remember where, but I heard that her absence from three episodes in S3, when she went on vacation with Groo, was because she had a miscarriage. So it's not like Joss didn't know that her getting pregnant was a possibility.
  6. All the needed to do to show us it was Eileen was have Sam sign something when he looks back during catch. Not even a line of dialogue needed.
  7. Zari 2.0 is a much more capable second-in-command to Sara whether she's proved it or not.
  8. Meg Foster, the original Cagney on Cagney and Lacey. I don't remember how long she was in the role, but it was recast with Sharon Gless, who is amazing.
  9. Chiming in with love for the show. Confessing my deep love and adoration for Ernesto. He's a treasure. I also love Kai. She's a damn good cop, but she does have room to grow. I like that Ocampo is a good cop, even if he's more politician than cop. I will follow Kane pretty much anywhere. The stories are good and I like how they build on the characters. I like how they keep Alex's blood pressure only going up when he tries to lower it. The show has really settled into itself beautifully. Do have a question though - was the music for the song Lone Wolf the music for Different Kind of
  10. But remember, this is sort of designed for an American audience. One in which the The Madness of George III was renamed The Madness of King George for American release because we would have been asking where were the first two parts.
  11. I don't like the idea of the green card marriage. I'm not necessarily against it, though I would love if they didn't go there. Just because they are close friends does not mean they have to fall in love. This Is Not The ARK, dammit. My main issue is I cannot believe Juliette Higgins, former member of MI6, major domo for Robin's Nest, did not have everything she needed ready for when her visa came up for renewal. This is not a woman who generally ignores a problem until it goes away. She wouldn't have waited until her overstay time was nearly exhausted before contacting an immigration law
  12. True. I was hoping when Sophie's mom was listed all the things she had to deal with - being a woman of color, working in a primarily male profession - that she would express sadness that being gay was added to that, but no. Just straight up disappointment and rejection. Points for accuracy though.
  13. I guess it is possible because I know someone who is allergic to chicken.
  14. Don't be. It not exacly a difficult mistake to make and gave the wonderful brain version with Michael Sheen as Walt. It's been very entertaining. If it makes you feel any better, I'm always convinced Michael Shannon is English until I check IMDB. I have no idea why I think that, I just do.
  15. Actually, that was Michael Shannon playing the son. Although now I really want to see the version with Michael Sheen as well.
  16. I did like Alice saying Q loved Eliot. Yes, it made her earlier behavior even worse, but thank Beebo someone said it. I'd love to see Eliot and Julia together. They've never interacted much, but Q was so important to them both. I was done with Alice when she made the golem. I understand she's stuck in her feelings, but that was wrong.
  17. Just be glad they didn't cast Halston Sage as Dani. This is Hollywood. It was considered at some point.
  18. I kind of thought that before, but I am sure Gil is married, so I don't think it happened or will happen. I haven't checked, but I'm pretty sure one of the earlier episodes mentioned that Gil's wife had died. Debateable whether putting them together would be a good idea, but I do like that it's the older generation getting the "will they, won't they" - which is gross all on its on - treatment instead of Malcolm and Dani. Or at least Malcolm/Dani hasn't been obvious to me.
  19. jelaine

    S02.E09: Atonement

    The impression I got was that Gar ended the call before Bruce even had a chance to answer. He realized that if he called Bruce, Bruce would take Conner away and Gar would be alone again. I think that was part of the reason he was so upset at the end when he called Dick saying he'd messed up/made a mistake. Just my take though.
  20. He identified with the little psychopath so in essense he was lying to himself hence butthurt. The run-over guy with the cat was a stalker pap which is generally acknowledged, in universe, as somewhere in the vicinity of slime. Why feel bad about lying to someone like that? So very much. Think about the guy in the cell next to Hannibal's in Silence of the Lambs. Not a good outcome for anyone but Martin.
  21. jelaine

    S02.E08: Jericho

    I assume that is the case; it is the situation in the comics, where Rose was a daughter Slade had with a Cambodian woman. Okay, fine, but she's so upset that her brother was killed. Shouldn't she have had some kind of relationship with him to be this upset? Would she really be as upset as she is if he was only a name to her? Yeah, I get being sad that your half-brother whom you have never met died, but this. Doesn't track for me. Also, how did she know about Jericho's record collection? This is the explanation I'm going with.
  22. While I think she was just eating him up with her eyes at the end and Malcolm's oblivious because he's Malcolm, I really thought she was interested in Jessica for more than her money. There was just something about that "judging me by my exes" line that said maybe to me. However, I do happen to have a pair of slash goggles laying around somewhere, so there is that.
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