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  1. AzraelKay

    S07.E20: 'Til DeAth Do Us Part

    I cannot even tell you how many times during the finale that I said out loud "This makes NO sense." I am too lazy to go back through and point out all the inconsistencies as to how Alex could not have done (even with help) the things A.D. did but I'm sure someone out there will and I will enjoy the heck out of reading that. HAAATTED the entire Twincer thing, the accent, all of it.
  2. AzraelKay

    S13.E15: Civil War

    I think it works [as well as any thing does on this crazy timeline]. Assuming Mer graduated college at 21 [as I did], then took 5 years off, she could've started med school at 26. Med school is 4 years, which would put her right at 30 when she started her residency and the show started with them all being interns [first year of residency]. How old that would Mer the character now, I've go no clue because I think the first 3 seasons were one year, but then after Derek died, there was a time jump ... I have NO idea how long it supposedly has been since their first year of residency.
  3. AzraelKay

    S01.E05: The Game Plan

    fyi, for those wondering about William's status after last night, This is what creater Dan Fogelman said in an interview: "The William part of it is meant to be this almost metaphysical glimpse at a hypothetical future. Ron Cephas Jones, the actor, is very much alive in episode 6, for instance, in present day. But we have this ominous thing looming in some kind of distant or near-distant future." So he's not dead yet, but doesn't sound like William will have a very long future on this show. Of course, it depends on how much "time" passes for Season 1. So far, it's apparently only been a couple of weeks...
  4. AzraelKay

    S01.E03: Kyle

    I've liked Toby for the most part, but I didn't think forcing someone to sign in front of people was perhaps the best plan [sounds like a nightmare to me, but I sound like a sick goat when I sing]. As for his sex references, I thought that they were mostly joking, but partly to let Kate know he is actually attracted to her -- it seems like she would need that reinforcement. And until this episode where Randall said his father had been with them one week, I thought it had been longer than that since Kate and Toby met each other. I think we've seen them go to 2 meetings, I thought at one point he said something about a 3rd date, we know that they went to a party together....seems like a lot for 1 week. But exact timeline aside, I did think it was a little soon for him to say he wouldn't play 2nd banana to her brother [and employer].
  5. AzraelKay

    S12.E22: Mama Tried

    Amen to this! In the area where I work, you can take a cell phone in, but signs and usually the judge herself/himself announces that all phones must be turned off [or at least on vibrate for heaven's sake]. And the lawyer should've at least flipped it to silent after the first call. And one my pet peeves for years has been there is only ONE qualified dr for neonatal/cardio/neuro/whatever that has to handle ALL patients/surgeries ALL the time. Liked the list of questions someone posted earlier, especially: Would love to have seen Callie's response. Also, "How about a neutral third party who acted as Sofia's advocate?" " In my state, if there is any suit over custody, a guardian ad litem is appointed for the child. Finally, I am glad Arizona got custody, but I really thought Callie was going to make a sacrifice too. I thought when Arizona made her speech, she was going to tell Callie "You win" and walk out....which she basically did without saying the exact words. But I thought that would make Callie drop the suit and try to work out something, or decide not to move to NYC, but nope!
  6. AzraelKay

    S12.E20: Trigger Happy

    I quit watching after about ep. 2 in season 9, but recently have started catching up on Netflix and simultaneously watching the new episodes. So I just watched the eps where Bailey gave the boy with SCID some enzyme/gene therapy [using deactivated HIV or something] against the parents' wishes. Then Stephanie ends up taking the blame. The thing that struck me re Bailey/Ben is that he got 6 months suspension for his bad decision, and Bailey either skated completely or got 1 week suspension [or maybe Steph got the suspension, I can't remember]. It just seems like Bailey has completely forgotten that she made a supremely bad decision & it was just lucky that hers cured the kid, while Ben's decision caused 2 deaths. Bailey is ignoring her previous bad judgment and the fact that no one, neither she nor Stephanie, had any real repercussions. [And don't get me started on Izzy not having anything much happen to her after she lied to UNOS & cut Denny's LVAD in an attempt to get him a heart.] Maggie really irritated me with the way she went after the babysitter. I agree with a previous poster - I thought she was going to reveal some gun violence/loss in her past.
  7. AzraelKay

    S06.E19: Did You Miss Me?

    I really don't like Spencer and Caleb together [and that flashback made it worse], but I didn't think Spencer was a serial boyfriend stealer. The only one I remember her hooking up with was Wrenn. Did she hook up with other bfs of her sister? I thought she thought Ian was a creep, but maybe I've just forgotten. And also, she and her sister were always pitted against each other and competing against each other, so it makes more sense that Spence would do that with Melissa's bf, but not any of the others girls. I thought the same thing! Maybe he was called to fill in at the last minute? In agreement with other posters as to how A made Ali fall, unless her husband is A's minion and gave her a nudge. I have no idea what is going on with Lucas and why he is even back this season-- is he supposed to be endgame love interest for Hanna? Or is part of the new A-team? Also, where are the following missing people: Mr. DiLaurentis, Jason D, the cute cop (Holbrook), Jenna?
  8. I just binge watched the third season and Elizabeth's glasses on one ep -- the one where they went to the real estate open house -- just killed me! I was just a kid then, but I had the smaller version of those glasses! My question is though, is some of the episodes, they have multiple disguise changes. For example, in one, they tell the kids they have a late client meeting and next scene is hotel lobby, they're in costumes. Then back in car/garage at home and I guess they are back to themselves, and Phillip says he has to go over to Martha's... but obviously he has to go don his Clark disguise. Where exactly are all these wigs/outfits etc. stored. And why didn't Phillip change from hotel disguise to Clark disguise and straight to Martha's, rather than change back into his own clothes, drive home, and then go back to where ever the costumes are?? I don't know why this caught my attention more on Season 3 than any other one. Also, I don't know how they are not dead from exhaustion -- between the travel agency, the various missions (with aforementioned complicated costume changes), meetings with handler, cultivating new assets, raising children, and doing the usual cooking/cleaning/laundry, they must only get about 3 hours of sleep per night.
  9. AzraelKay

    S06.E12: Charlotte's Web

    Annoyed by so many things in this eppy. I know the girls are friends, but dammit, if Aria sneaked out and killed Cece, it's her problem, not everyone else's. Stupid to go erasing video etc. I am not buying the Spencer/Caleb love at all; no chemistry there to me, other than as friends. Aria, it's been FIVE freaking years -- stay away from Ezra personally and professionally. Also, the "previously on" reminded me of how ridiculous it was that the dr told Allie that the court could compel her friends to come -- umm, no. They all live out of state, the court cannot compel a victim to come from miles away to provide a victim impact statement or other testimony; and even if they could, the court would done so much further in advance than four days before the hearing. And finally, more than a nitpick, the overall problem with this season, in my opinion, is that I don't care who killed Cece. This show was so entertaining when it started, but I think I may have to give it up. I end up more annoyed that entertained.
  10. AzraelKay

    S01.E02: An Unconventional Carwash!

    I hated the color block dress that they raved over. I thought it was not a great fit, plus designer took an easy way out by using the most cloth like thing. My faves were Jessie, Zacary and Maya.
  11. AzraelKay

    S04.E10: We've Got Nothing But Love to Prove

    So glad to be rid of Dr. boyfriend... but he got a job heading a department at another hospital? seriously? He would have barely finished his residency, if that. I figure he's 28 to 30. College is 4 years, graduated at 21 or 22. Four years of medical school (so 25-26). At least three years of residency would put him at 28-29, but depending on his specialty, possibly more - Can't remember if he is oncologist or surgeon or what. So he's maybe a year or two out of residency. Sorry, but there is no way a major city hospital like Seattle would make him head of the department. Also, adios Gabrielle, you were basically a horrible person. I did think the $40 million seemed incredibly high, but IRS penalties are AWFUL. I worked for a company once whose accountant stole and failed to pay certain taxes, and the IRS negotiated on payback amount and schedule, but if I recall correctly, the penalties were huge. I understand being cautious about Juliette, but all these people acting like she will ruin Cadence's life are a little premature. She has severe post-partum, but if she gets treatment, she may be fine. And Cadence is only 6 months old, so it's not like she will have any memory of this. Is it just me or did Markus's song not sound at all country?
  12. AzraelKay

    S07.E07: Driven

    I still enjoy this show but some things just drive me crazy, one of which was the fact that no reporter ever seemed to know that Peter and Alicia weren't living together. I don't think a week of staying at her apartment would do it either, although at least it was finally addressed. Also super annoyed by the "deposition" scenes. I don't know what the hell kind of deposition that was but there seemed to be no court reporter; there was no clear beginning and end of the deposition of each party, just some sort of round robin where the lawyers tossed out questions to plaintiff, then defendant 1, defendant 2, back to plaintiff, etc. Also, the expert that came in as an additional witness would not be sitting in the room while the others were being deposed. And Cary was not only objecting (most of which are not allowed my state but may be in Illinois), but basically testifying by making interjections ("What my witness meant to say was...."). I'm not a stickler for realism on all the legal procedures, because, less face it, that would be boring, but some things are just so off. Random thoughts: Alicia either needs to move or her apartment building needs a new doorman. People are always just showing up at her door at the worst possible times. If Vanessa Williams was tired of political scandals, why would she even THINK of backing Peter- who had a sex scandal and whose wife was JUST involved in an election scandal?
  13. AzraelKay

    S04.E19: A Mad Tea Party

    I thought that reference was supposed to be for Grandma Bonnie? She is Kathryn's mother & Toby's grandmother, and thus the great grandmother to the baby...
  14. AzraelKay

    S07.E02: Innocents

    HATE Mamie Gummer's character/shtick. Think Peter trying to be veep is ridiculous -- between his and Alicia's scandals it would never happen. On the fence about Cush Jumbo's character. But I love JDM ! Interested to see where this goes. Finally, I've always liked Cary and Alicia as friends/colleagues, so I wish he would jump ship at Lockhart Whatever and join Alicia.
  15. AzraelKay

    S04.E18: The Accommodations Of Desire

    Did we know that Josh was dating Vilma (or whatever Daph's partner is named)? I don't even remember knowing that so it was hard to care that they weren't getting along or that he had feelings for someone else. But glad is that it is not Daphne he's into. Also, the investment storyline bugged the hell out of me. It is one thing to invest in an existing company that seems profitable -- i.e., the strip club-- where you can review the books, look at P&Ls etc. That investment might actually make sense. But investing in "pas de pole" studios - an untested, unproven idea by a stripper [albeit one with an MBA] that is going to need a ton of start-up capital....What the hell Kathryn, are you an idiot??