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  1. Amazing episode as always! Loved the flashbacks--Annalise wants to use Wes' mom as a witness to the Mahobey case, and something terrible happened. Both to Rose and to Annalise's unborn baby. It's about time the Keating 5 stood up against Annalise
  2. Now that the winter finale is done, I'm going to revisit who did what, who knows who did what, and who thinks who did what. Just a little refresher before all the craziness begins again in Feb! Lila - Frank killed her on Sam's orders. Sam and Frank both know that Frank killed Lila. However, the murder of Lila was pinned on Lila's boyfriend (Griffin? I think was his name), Sam and Rebecca. None of these people were actually found guilty (although I believein the show, it's implied that Sam was believed to be guilty) Sam - Wes killed Sam to defend Rebecca. Wes, Laurel, Connor, Michaela, Annali
  3. Over the weekend, I invited my bf to go to my work Xmas party. He came on Saturday in the morning and I suggested we go out for lunch and pick up a few things at the store. He did not disagree to either things. Went to party in the evening. Started out ok, had dinner and after that it was games. One of the games had the contestants at the front getting items from the audience before racing back to their chairs before the chairs were taken away...and one of the items in a round was men's belt. I kinda told him to volunteer his, which he did. Did not say no at the time of. When the mus
  4. When Connor was hacking up Sam's body, we are to infer the maniac laughing as him breaking down...not because he enjoyed doing that
  5. Remember, Sam (the lesbian) knew the killer when the she asked the Red Devil to remove the mask. So by deduction, it is likely a Kappa sorority girl. Grace is out because she is not the bathtub baby (unless her Dad lied about that too) Zayday is out because I'm pretty sure Boone won't have the hots for his sister (not saying Ryan Murphy won't use incest as a plot device...but why would Boone try to woo his sister if they're in cahoots?) Denise is out because she's too old. Plus she's definitely no bathtub baby. Jennifer is dead, as is Chanel # 2 and Sam so naturally they're not it. That r
  6. When Wes went over to the Hapstall mansion to talk with Catherine about taking or not taking re plea deal, he took notice of her paintings and started talking to her about them before she shot him down. I guess she sent him a painting as a gift of sorts?
  7. So where is Rebecca's body now? Also am curious on the whereabouts of Connor's car (did he get another one?!). And the judge didn't let Annalise get her way?! That's gotta be a first! But...I feel for Asher in this episode...but I also don't. Ambivalent. I'm glad that they're weaving Asher into the murdere and mysteries, but I'm not sure I like how they're building upon Asher's character. Granted we don't know as much about him as the Keating 4, so I'll stick around and see how it goes. On the same note, yay that we're slowly getting to know Bonnie and Frank. Not sure if the Flaurel sex scen
  8. I didn't care much for COTW this week, but man, the plot! We got to meet Nate's wife, and have heard her side of things, as she sees it. (But props to her for knowing about the affair AND giving Nate her blessings with it). We got just a glimpse of Asher when he's not being portrayed as the clown of Keating 5. We got see Connor's character development regarding Annalise (lack of) morality and his sense of right vs wrong. We got to see Wes furthering investigating the disapperance of Rebecca...and it resulted in Nate calling him an idiot (I don't disagree there). We got to see further proof th
  9. I think the flash forward bit won't really factor into the whole Rebecca thing (unless Eggs 911 is one of the siblings)...I'm pretty sure the Keating 5 will find out that Rebecca's dead long before Annalise is shot
  10. Season 2 picks up 10 days after the events that happened in the finale of season 1. Rebecca hadn't surfaced in 10 days (not three months!), and Laurel suspects that Rebecca's dead because if she were alive, she'd have ran off to the cops.
  11. Eggs 911 texted "Hello..." and "You there?" to Michaela, courtesy of zooming in on a gif of that scene. Source: http://mashable.com/2015/09/25/how-to-get-away-with-murder-season-2-premiere-recap/?utm_campaign=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-All-Partial&utm_cid=Mash-Prod-RSS-Feedburner-All-Partial&utm_medium=feed&utm_source=rss Hmm. Thought they made work of Sam's body in the woods nearby Annalise's house/campus ground? Is that what that place is called? I feel like it's something from season 1 that was talked about in passing/not focused on...
  12. So what DID happen at Trotter Lake? Anyone know? But OMG, love the premier! I guess Annalise's shooting will be the "Who killed Sam" of this season. But...damn! Now I have SO many questions I want answers to! 1) Will the Keating 5 find out about Rebecca? 2) ...Rebecca's body will be found, right? And Sam's? What did Frank do with Rebecca's body after he stuffed it in Sam's suitcase? 3) ...And will Asher find out about Sam? (I mean he can only be kept out of the loop for so long, right?! 4) How did Frank and Bonnie come to work for Annalise? 5) Are we to assume the whole Lila trial is don
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