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  1. They sure are working up the sexual tension with Mac and Desi
  2. So killing your partner is considered divorcing. I guess that's one way to enforce "till death do us part" in marriage!
  3. Vine is an app that lets you make 6 second videos and post them online. The stutter was the 6 second loop of that part of the show like a Vine would do. It plays over and over until you stop it.
  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/9mk4dx/we_are_the_winners_and_runnersup_of_the_tv_show/ Hi all, we build robots for the TV show BattleBots, which just aired its finale episode on Discovery this past Friday. We have team members here from the final two teams, Championship winners “Bite Force” (USA) and the Runners-up “Minotaur” (Brazil). Both of our teams have been building robots for fun and professionally for 15+ years.
  5. Wow I never expected Tombstone to be out in the first round by Bombshell! But then Bombshell is out in the next round with one hit
  6. Young Justice Season 3 Has Finished Recording
  7. Yeah so being a cannibal lets you look good forever? I can almost believe having your blood pump through a younger person's body like he did could help keep you young. But then she is just eating organs to achieve the same? It's like the writers couldn't get enough gore out of either method so had to throw them both in the episode.
  8. ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Movie Ordered Up For 2020 http://www.infolounges.com/2018/02/bobs-burgers-movie-ordered-up-for-2020.html
  9. https://press.discovery.com/us/dsc/press-releases/2018/let-bot-battles-begin-discovery-channel-green-4220/ The epic robot-fighting series BattleBots is making its triumphant return with all-new episodes set to premiere this spring on Discovery Channel and Science Channel. BattleBots features the biggest, baddest, strongest, and fastest next-generation robots from all over the world as they duke it out for supremacy in the rapidly exploding world of Robot Combat Sports.
  10. I liked the alien talking like a game show announcer guy.
  11. Fox's closed caption spells it Kane. They must not read the Bible. Or maybe he purposefully misspells it to throw people off from associating him with the immortal Cain.
  12. I think these stand alone episodes take place in a different timeline than the conspiracy arc stories. There have been a conspiracy story the first and last of each season, and monster-of-the-week type in between. Most viewers like these type of MOTW as they remind us of the original series long ago.
  13. Seems like Cain is the Sinnerman himself. He said that "Sinnerman killed his brother." And Cain murdered Abel in the Bible so Cain/Welling can be the Sinnerman.
  14. With white Michael Jackson again, holding a monkey!
  15. I didn't like the Jimmy work plot. It just felt like a tacked-on sitcom setup and not part of the "Speechless" core.
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