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  1. What am I supposed to do with this gift now that the wedding has been called off?!
  2. heshy

    O Canon-baum, O Canon-baum

    There is no NightMan forum ( ... yet), so I will have to post here. Why. Are. The. Episode. Titles. Just -- why are they? Why. They are all pop/rock song titles, like "Takin' It To The Streets" and "Lady in Red" and "Do You Believe in Magic."
  3. Does anyone else want to talk about how Lenny rocks bootcuts, or is that just for me and my therapist?
  4. OMG, if y'all make it through, I feel like there should be a Tara and Sarah episode of "I Survived."
  5. Why do I listen to this podcast when I'm driving? I nearly hit a tree at "short -lived" with a long I. First I was in shock and nearly hit a tree, and then I realized I have been saying it Brandon wrong and thought about driving into a tree because my whole life has been a lie.
  6. heshy

    S07.E19: My Funny Valentine

    What is with these dum dums? If Luther Vandross wants to go get a bite to eat, YOU GO WITH HIM.
  7. That pic of everyone watching the TV should be shown to everyone in it because "Is that really what my hair looks like from the back?" (looking at you, Rose Marie in the lower left, skullet in the middle, and what appears to be a Topsy Tail on the upper left)
  8. My question every time I see a round bed: where do you buy bedding? Is that what the "Beyond" is for in "Bed Bath & Beyond"?
  9. heshy

    S06.E25: Smashed

    You know that 90210 went to Prang, Roseart and Crayola and was all "Y'all want to get in on a sponsorship on an awesome art storyline" and they were all "let's see what yo-- NO THANKS BYE."
  10. ... I may be obsessed with this top. http://www.muji.us/store/women-organic-cotton-wide-count-panel-border-long-sleeves-dress.html
  11. heshy

    S06.E21: Bleeding Hearts

    puzzles 4eva!
  12. heshy

    EHG 133: Looking Into The Black Mirror

    I am so glad I was not the only one who thought Degrassi was a documentary. It was so cheap AND inexpensive! And sometimes episodes ended mid-sentence! So few resolutions! I mean, who does that? Canadians, I guess.
  13. heshy

    S05.E04: Life After Death

    That eulogy -- OOOF. Profound, jurisdiction, unification -- that's not how those words are used.