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  1. I’ve watched all seven episodes twice already. I find this so delightful - reminds me a lot of his Man Lab and Toy Stories. Him breaking the fourth wall and talking back to the camera people and the producers, and his Nikki in the closet all work for me. Not that I think this should in any way take Amazon off the hook for not releasing The Grand Tour’s Madagascar special yet.
  2. I’m not a fan of Noel and his creepy innuendo this season, but this smacks of producer interference to me. Paul and Prue have just said Hermine’s bake was inedible and Laura’s was delicious but messy? Let’s have Noel play devil’s advocate and remind them that Laura’s been in trouble before to keep the viewers guessing about who will be eliminated. That’s how I read it. I don’t see him truly trying to influence the judges against Laura.
  3. I so sympathize with Laura. I’m a bit clumsy too, and when I’m under pressure and rushing, it often results in stupid disasters. I hope she can put the social media trolls in perspective. I got such a kick out of Noel doing his damndest to distract Dave with his humor, and Dave calmly ignoring him and getting on with his work.
  4. Canada to the rescue! Oh, THANK YOU!
  5. I can’t watch the intro. There’s a hole on the cake where one more raspberry should go and it wreaks havoc with my OCD. The missing raspberry is all I can see. Yes, I have issues.
  6. Jeff Foxworthy has his own fork in his pocket in the American version, so yeah, I agree. I was really put off by their "humor" this week. Noel saying that Mr. Spoon wanted to see Peter naked was so off-putting to me, then he followed it up with the comment about how his jelly creation would be of a naked Paul...ugh. He was never that skeevy with Sandi.
  7. Paul was totally joking about not liking passion fruit. He was just teasing Hermine. Prue called him on it. I feel like the signature and the technical had absolutely no bearing on the outcome this week. It was all down to the showstopper. By the end of the first day, it really seemed like Laura would be star baker and Peter would be leaving. Then in the showstopper, Marc's was awful in every way and Hermine's was sublime in every way, and two who were relatively middle of the pack at the end of day 1 move to the bottom and the top respectively. I feel like Hermine has hit he
  8. My first job was at Carvel in 1982 and I spent the entire summer making ice cream cakes because EVERYONE was using them for parties. I did wedding cakes, shower cakes, birthday cakes, you name it. So I was not surprised that ice cream cake was the showstopper. Never heard of finger donuts, though. I was so disappointed that no one made the joke about how real men do eat quiche, but maybe the book didn't make it to the UK.
  9. Oh, that makes me so sad. He was a lovely man. I'll never forget his amazing St. George and the Dragon Biscuit Display. I think that makes him only the second contestant to pass away. The first being sweet Mark the bus driver from Season 1 who cried when Paul eviscerated his cake.
  10. I suspect there will be a quiche round with at least one joke about how real men actually do eat quiche.
  11. I read on Wikipedia that it’s 80’s week. Break out the neon fondant.
  12. And yet, I watched it at 4:30 am on Friday morning, right after it was released on Netflix, and Boris was in it.
  13. I love Duff, I really do. But I am so over his mugging for the camera every time he takes a bite. The big mouth and the big eyes rolled to the side were funny the first couple times he did it for the kids, but now it's just stupid. Stop it already!
  14. I just remember being terrified to come on this site the day after I had appeared. I hadn't told anyone I was going to be on, and I was so afraid that the comments were going to be mean about the woman in the middle. Not that I embarrassed myself or did anything offensive. Thankfully the harshest comment was that I shouldn't have been given credit for one of the answers I gave.
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