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  1. My eyes were drawn, against my conscious will!, to his groin. Something seemed to be happening there. LesserNYlandmarks was my favorite game, I think. Judah Friedlander looked much taller on 30 Rock. Either everyone else on that show was tiny or he's shrunk a foot.
  2. I misread that as "are the ass that Nikki Minaj is."
  3. Please no. One on TV is enough, especially one that is somehow part of every fairy tale ever. </bitter Once Upon a Time gripe> Wasn't there a Rumplestiltskin thingie in Grimm before....season 1? The software company?
  4. They stopped producing new Car Talk episodes in 2012. The world is poorer for losing Tom's laugh, beloved by goats everywhere (according to one episode, during which I nearly drove off the road from laughing so hard).
  5. Only on TV does EVERYONE pronounce "aunt" as "ahnt". It's a regional pronunciation native to a very small portion of the U.S. population. Most pronounce "aunt" the same as "ant." Harvard Dialect Survey Map for "aunt".
  6. As long as Mycroft doesn't come back, I don't care who they introduce. I despise Joan's wardrobe and find it impossible to take a woman dressed like that seriously. At least she's not as bad as Belle on Once Upon a Time, but that's a low bar indeed. Kitty's outfit seemed much more practical and comfortable to me. The new boyfriend...is he an Arkin?
  7. "She's had some work done." Heh. I also enjoyed Viktor's comments about the gruel recipe being in his family for years. Not very good, more of a tradition, really. Introducing GrimmGirl wasn't a mistake, I think, but the nickname definitely was. WTF were they thinking?
  8. They missed a golden opportunity for Alex to say "Fa loves Pa" there.
  9. Thanks, all, for clearing up the Wadelessness of Duke's story. Seth, Gloria, and Dwight--that would be an entertaining spin-off.
  10. Did Duke mention his brother at all in the story about his mother? Trick or treaters arrived and I forgot to rewind. I enjoyed seeing Seth again and would probably watch a spin-off of Dark Side Investigations--we hunt what haunts you--if one was made. I really disliked that actor on Joan of Arcadia but like him here.
  11. So...anyone else watch the last couple? On Grant's return...I wish Dustin was back full-time. Maybe he can come back now that Adam's leaving. Not that I dislike Grant, I just haven't missed him. The openings with Jason just telling us in voice-over what the place is, etc. are better then the original format and that change came when Grant left, so there's that. The re-enactment bits shown during the voice-over, however, are cheesy and need to go away. If anyone else is watching, does the production camera work seem extra wonky this season? It seems like every time something happens, the c
  12. I think I've always had to produce an ID when I show up at the polling place. CT requires ID, and I'm pretty sure the other 2 states I've lived and voted in also required one. Until the flap over "voter fraud" I wasn't aware some places don't require ID.
  13. I find it impossible to believe that there's not one woman in L.A. who'd have him.
  14. I have this theory: if people of of any race/religion/culture want to become just another part of the American experience, what they really need to do is monetize their big celebrations. Opening restaurants to share food culture is a great start, but if you really want to become mainstream, find a way to make your major religious days profitable for Walmart.
  15. TCR is ending on my birthday. I don't know how I feel about that.
  16. Last week I was in Home Depot and the Christmas stuff was already up. Getting Halloween candy at the grocery store this morning, I noticed that the opposite side of the aisle had Christmas items. Poor Thanksgiving. Just a speed bump on the capitalism highway.
  17. I finally got to see last night's episode (DVR malfunction) and was not overwhelmed by the panel. Chris's 13th Doctor outfit, especially the tie with his name in Gallifreyan, was awesome.
  18. God damn it! DirectTV chose last night to malfunction and not record the show! Or Colbert or @midnight. I won't have a chance to watch until I'm home on my own computer and can get to Comedy Central.
  19. It was the worst episode of the season so far, the one with the kids. A pox on you for making me remember it. The thing about being an evil overlord and/or the quest for world domination is that it's just too much work.
  20. Samaritan uses triangles and clear beveled circles. The Machine uses color boxes with dashes. Also, the Machine's data is displayed in square and rectangular tiles while Samaritan uses a three-part vertical display. So when you see a yellow box around John, that's the Machine.
  21. Early on upthread aquarian1 mentioned not seeing the follow-up to Finch's "we need to talk" at the end of last week's episode, and that presumably the Hong Kong ploy was the outcome. And that makes perfect sense. I'm guessing that we'll actually see the Finch-Machine communication in a flashback later in the season. At least, I hope so. ETA: They better not do to Scarface what they did to Hersch. Those bastards!
  22. Once I got past my initial knee-jerk "don't you flirt with him, you tramp!" I quite enjoyed the episode. Especially the end. Ben would be so proud. And, yes, definitely more chemistry between Harold and Beth than Harold and Grace ever generated. Which is only fair since Carrie Preston was climbing all over Kyle McLachlan on The Good Wife. When Beth shows up in NY, will Harold's ethics allow him to take the relationship further while still playing her? Greer is either going to finally realize his big mistake with Samaritan and try to ally with Team Machine, or become convinced Samaritan is
  23. He always looked like that on The Daily Show, too. I also wondered about the Buzzfeed comment.
  24. They're the guys who helped Root fix the Samaritan servers. Two of them were POIs in earlier episodes.
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