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  1. Re: Warren Clarke. I don't remember the first time I saw him...maybe Jewel in the Crown, but he seemed to show up in all sorts of British things I enjoyed. Sleepers with Nigel Havers was one. It hasn't aged well--I tracked it down a couple of years ago. And Top Secret is, imo, under-rated. I had mixed feelings about him being cast as Andy Dalziel because he didn't really fit my mental image of him from the books. Andy is God, after all. But he did well enough. It's a bit of blow losing Reginald Hill 2 years ago and now Clarke. Now there's really no more Dalziel.
  2. That's my favorite of all of the Colbert pistachio ads. The eagle is perfect.
  3. The first time I heard it was 3 years ago when I bought "Christmas with the Rat Pack"...obviously recorded a bit before 3 years ago.
  4. I thought he looked like Gru when he gave Jon the "dark" look in the interview.
  5. Last night was the first chance I had to watch the episode. The best I can say about it right now is that at least it wasn't as bad as the one with the kids. It might seem better later in the context of the full season. Right now, I'm underwhelmed.
  6. I don't remember anything significant after PUPPIES!
  7. If the Youtube file would play, I'd post the link for "The Egg" from 1776 for the argument between Franklin and Adams over whether the eagle or the turkey should be the national symbol.
  8. Oh, yeah! All of those beings culled early in the season should've shown up. There was no pay-off.
  9. As much as I hate the set-up, the Doctor saluting CyberBrig made me tear up a little. This is a first for the Moffat tenure--I actually felt something, in a good way.
  10. When the show first returned, and for a long time afterward, I accepted it uncritically. The theme music would start and I'd feel all giddy that this silly show I'd had to put foil on the rabbit ears to watch (kids, ask your parents) in my youth had come back. I loved every Christmas special, even the much reviled Voyage of the Damned. Really, it's Christmas, I'm stuffed with lovely food and drink, I'm not that demanding. Now I'm concerned that this one will have Clara and suck.
  11. They used so much vaseline and gauze in that ad, it could well be her wigged corpse hawking the product. I predict her ghost will grace us again this holiday season, or next St. Valentine's Day.
  12. The equivalent for supernatural-type shows would be the supernormal person who just wants to be rid of their super-power. At least, if they're *good.* Only bad super-powered types actually enjoy immortality, having exceptional physical strength or speed or whatever. Because being normal is just so fucking miraculous, you know.
  13. I figure her comparatively youthful appearance indicates how skillful a hexenbiest Renard's mom is. She seems to know more about potions and such than Adalind, she's had more experience, and she's got enough hexenbeistiality to maintain a changed appearance. Maybe we'll get a glimpse of her as she would naturally look later in the season. The old man in the dungeon looked like Viktor to me. Viktor and friends think the Resistance has the baby. Releasing Adalind and tracking her will lead them, they think, to both the baby and the Resistance. Otherwise, why let her go so easily. He's got ca
  14. I just got a Genie from Directv, upgrading from my previous HD DVR. After several mishaps (my fault), I finally got it all set up and connected to my ISP, which is Comcast. And then I couldn't connect to the net with anything else: laptop, kindle, wireless DVD player that lets me access Netflix. Nothing. Except my ipad. Unless I unplugged the Genie--turning it off wasn't enough. Weird. I spent a very long time on the phone with Directv and stumped them. The next day, I used directions from Comcast to set up Windows connection and now I can get online with the laptop, but the Genie won't co
  15. I'm going to bask in your reflected glory, Sharpie! I spoke to Burke once when he was on a local TV show and attended his talk that night, but I was too awed to do much but spew my question and get off the air. I have Connections the book and had the sequel but don't know where it went. As I recall, Connections 2 ended with a bit about computers foreshadowing the surveillance and identity theft problems decades before they became omnipresent.
  16. James Burke is exactly who I thought of when I heard the premise of How We Got to Now, and I don't know how I missed it being on. Oh, wait, my PBS station sucks. Right.
  17. That was the best response of the night!
  18. This reminds me, although they are only related because they were each scheduled and then weren't: I wondered if the reason Hannibal Burress wasn't on Monday had to do with the flap over his comments about Bill Cosby.
  19. My geography knowledge is slightly above average...for an American. I've never heard of Cuzco, either. I have heard of Hiram Bingham but that didn't help since what I know about him is Machu Picchu.
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