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  1. That was one my favorite M.A.S.H. moments ever. I still giggle when I think about it. Charles's perfect "that's HonORia."
  2. I love the theme and the incidental music for due South. Doma-ah.
  3. Is anyone familiar with La Llarona? I'd only vaguely heard about it before Grimm used the story for an episode last season. I'm not sure if drowning is essential to the story or not?
  4. Episodes last season made it clear the Machine was teaching Root to care about saving human lives (or sparing them, in the case of Hersch).
  5. Baffin Island is one of those places I never think of until someone mentions it and then I wonder how I forgot about it.
  6. There are times when I think the idea of a wall blocking off the country is a good idea, but it should be built further north.
  7. I thought the POI was a nod toward Nate Silver who nailed the numbers in the 2012 election(s). He's not a pollster for any individual or party, but the concept of the numbers guy predicting outcomes and never getting it wrong felt Nate-ish.
  8. Oh my god, so much better than last week! As almost everyone else has already said. It's always nice to see Nathan although I'm confused about the timeline now/ Ha! What a good doorstop he made. The end of the first episode foreshadowed Samaritan finally sparing us all from Greer and it can't happen soon enough for me. I was surprised they didn't just say "42" or refer to Deep Thought, but I guess it would've been too on the nose for Guide fans and too obscure for everyone else.
  9. I know very little Spanish (hola!) but easily got all of the books because they were all famous, and although I never took Latin I knew Felix means happy or lucky (feliz navidad, felicitous) even without Harry Potter. The clues are generally written to provide a chance to work out the answer based on other general knowledge even if you don't know it immediately, or at least they used to be. I'm not feeling the love for the clues so far this season.
  10. Maybe the reason Katrina seems so evasive is that the writers haven't decided where they're going yet.
  11. Whatever happens, I feel certain the business models will still be based on screwing the subscribers.
  12. All this VD talk and the impending arrival of Xmas ads is reminding me of one of my favorite jokes: Q: What do you get for the guy who has everything? A: Penicillin.
  13. This is a visual trope and it's ubiquitous but it still annoys me: When the person in a commercial is doing the confessional thing--I have COPD, ED, IBS, NAMBLA, what- the-hell-ever--but instead of seeing them head on, we see them from the side as if they're speaking to someone else. It usually starts with them speaknig directly to the camera and then shifts. And I'm thinking "Hey! I'm over here!"
  14. There is just no joy in this Doctor/Companion relationship.
  15. You raise good points. So many people focus on how to commit a TV murder and body disposal but overlook the pre-murder details to prevent incriminating evidence.
  16. This was so generic--it could've been any cop show. It was obvious that Lennox was the mole and Mini was Dominic because I've seen television before. At the end of the season this will be one of those episodes that I'll be surprised to see on the DVDs because I've forgotten about it already.
  17. I'm being deluged by Democratic fundraising emails, but none with the headers Jon put up. It's slowed down a bit but I'm still getting several a day.
  18. The idea of dressing up a tank top just amuses me no end. There's Shaw in the subway car with tank top and bedazzler while Bear looks on in bemusement.
  19. This weekend, I watched The Brig and The Man Behind the Curtain, which contain some prime Ruthless!Ben moments. Harold from POI should take notes. Two of my favorite moments are the sudden violence of Ben cracking Anthony upside the head with the cane and shooting John. But I also adore the look he gives Alex when she hands Locke the gun. Heh.
  20. Yeah, I also wondered why everyone could still see the victim if the mummy was taking them out of phase.
  21. I will say this, and only this, in defense of Kirk--Shatner had very pretty eyes.
  22. This episode made me realize why I dislike Clara as a companion. It is partly what's been said above--no sense of awe--but it's also that her part-time traveling and especially in this episode the call home to Danny make everything so prosaic and everyday. Being in constant contact with her normal life, either by phone or because she's making the daily commute destroys the liminal nature of the Doctor, the TARDIS, adventure, everything that is, and should be, completely different from the companion's ordinary life.
  23. See, I think Ben would've been much more sarcastic, but I was so happy for even the faint echo that I don't care, I just want more. Now I'm going back to my happy little world where Harold and Ben were separated at birth but ultimately find each other and take down Samaritan together.
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