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  1. Dunham's dress would be a career worst for some but is a career best for her. I wish both E and NBC were faster with getting the names onscreen. It's like watching something on BBC--I vaguely recognize everyone but can't recall names.
  2. Is this Jane the Virgin? Simple and elegant. A little more glitter might be nice, but she looks good as is.
  3. There are other actresses with substantial bodies. I want them to be stylish and not look like they pinned together whatever they pulled out of the laundry hamper and/or the trunk of their car. If they can't do it with their beaucoups bucks and access to professional stylists, what the hell hope do I and my potato-shaped body have?
  4. Christine Baranski's ensemble is a little plain, but she's fab. Not a fan of the high halter neckline on Allison Janney. E and NBC must be right next to each other on the carpet--Hader went from one corner of my screen to the other in the blink of an eye.
  5. Is Rosamund Pike the one in the oddly fitting strappy white dress? I'm watching E and NBC with picture-in-picture and keeping the sound off. If they don't put up the person's name, I often don't know who the person is. That dress looks like a trendy apron.
  6. I'm watching on mute as usual. Looking away is easy. Not hearing is impossible.
  7. I admire what Lucille Ball achieved but I loathe I Love Lucy. Lena Dunham's personality and show inspire nothing but meh-ness in me. The only strong reaction I have to her at all is about her hideous fashion choices on awards shows.
  8. I read somewhere the Charlie of the title is Charles deGaulle. The magazine had a different title and changed it after a joke about deGaulle's death caused a furor.
  9. That's what I thought, too, Brandi Maxxxx, but I thought it got lost in the discussion. Last night, NBC reported one of the gunmen killed, but they were wrong and apologized. Another casualty of the 24 hour news cycle.
  10. I'm not keen on the new set, either. The lighting also seems weird to me. However, if the new set keeps male contestants from developing huge underarm sweat stains, I'm all for it. There was one week that was really bad before the break. Ew.
  11. I didn't see Aasif's message as either subtle or subtext, but rather the point of the bit.
  12. Julia used this phrase: and I loved it so much, I now only refer to the character as Cassandra the Wonder Waif. I used it in the poll posted above.
  13. It all reminds me of The Tall Guy where characters are snarking about a musical based on Nixon, called Dick! (the ! is what makes it art). I've always suspected the writers of the non-musical, non-!ed movie Dick also saw the The Tall Guy.
  14. Martine met Fusco at the station house, so she could identify him. That would lead to his partner, Riley.
  15. I'd be shocked if TDS did not address the freedom of speech issue underlying the attack. Based on previous controversies, it seems likely they'll also cover the way the media covered the story and the political reactions.
  16. Lionel needs to be read in soon--he heard Reese refer to Harold's machine and asked who Root was talking to.
  17. The massacre in Paris this morning is probably going to show up on TDS tonight or tomorrow. I hope that the show addresses the difference in the reactions along party lines. The President's message was about France being our oldest ally, that we stand together, etc and Boehner is "we have to be vigilant" (because it's all about us) and one of the idiot republican senator I just heard interviewed used the killing to attack immigration reform.
  18. Paget Brewster didn't bring much to the party overall but "Where will you be when your laxative kicks in" was one of my favorite lines of the night.
  19. I liked it, I especially liked Finch not liking chess--chess is an overused TV trope--and the parallel between the chess queen and Shaw. I liked very much the "insert quip here" simulation. And Michael Emerson is god. So there's all that. However, the kiss was gratuitous and OOC, and the resolution was old school Star Trek--machines fail because they can't account for the unpredictable human element. The Machine's greater understanding of humanity, though, will probably help it defeat Samaritan.
  20. Being killed 4 months in is a pretty good reason for not using the veto much, but Congress never passing any bills should rank right up there.
  21. Re: Black Death v. Plague. They were going for the word in the title of the book. Given the shoddy judging and clue writing lately, I'm surprised they didn't accept it.
  22. For my money, what this has in common with W13 is artifacts. What it's lacking is the wonderful family of characters. I miss Artie and Claudia, Myka and Pete and the way they all fit together. I didn't despise any of them as I do Cassandra and Ezekiel.
  23. Winning hearts and minds is another ongoing theme. It's explicit with Dominic--he uses the phrase in episode 4, Harold uses it about him in episode 7 (or 8...I'm losing count). Harold also uses it in reference to Samaritan in the previous episode where he makes the analogy to Castro building good schools when he took over Cuba so that the people would love him. Episode 2 with the nautilus game also ties in; the recruit was looking for meaning, which Samaritan seemed to offer.
  24. That, too. Or possibly The Machine's red darts were for immediate threats? Another recurring trope: women impressed by heroism from nerdy men. A couple of cross-tropes: Euler's equation or whatever that's called has popped up on a couple of shows lately, and gangs of jewel thieves based on the French gang that hit Cannes and several other places are also experiencing a wave of popularity.
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