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  1. Pet peeve today: bugs. Not as dramatic as slicing a finger but I went out to water the plants and came in with 7 bites on one leg and 4 on the other. Apparently, I'm delicious.

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  2. Talenti Belgian Chocolate is heaven. But, yeah, the jars can be tough to open. If tapping it with the handle of a knife doesn't work, I try twisting it with my ove gloves on, and if that still doesn't work, tip the jar on its side and run  hot water over it for a little bit.

    I need to get some more because soon it will be stock-making time and the jars are perfect for storing in the freezer.

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  3. Cryptic crosswords are the worst. Maybe you have to be British.

    Have you tried any of the Penny Press books carried in supermarkets and pharmacies? They have a variety of games including crosswords but also acrostics, anagrams, logic puzzles, codes, etc. There are several versions (Family, Favorite, Classic etc.) with different levels of difficulty. I subscribe to Games* and to me the Penny Press books are somewhat easier and there are a lot more puzzles in each issue. 

    *Years and years ago when it started, then it folded, and I only found out last year that it had been resurrected.


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  4. A ratskeller! I totally forgot about those. Ours was in the basement of the student union but I don't know what happened to it when the drinking age went up.

    Are there still student unions or have they all become student centers.

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  5. Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill was the first wine I ever tasted. An older boy gave it to me up on the railroad tracks when I was about 12. My dad gave me a taste of beer when I was very young and it put me off it for life. Once in high school I smuggled in a thermos of screwdrivers. Warm vodka tastes like airplane glue smells.

    So by the time I reached college, it was old hat and I just drank regular white wine. Sometimes the kind in a box, but that was as wild as it got.

    When I was an undergrad and dinosaurs roamed the Earth, the drinking age in NYS was 18. When it changed to 21, student associations at my university would hire buses and drive students over the border to Ft. Erie ON where the drinking age was, and remains, 19.


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  6. Well, I mean, if the 38th installment finally raises awareness of the homeless cacti problem in this country, then I say kudos to Random Author.

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  7. A floor frame would be fantastic, but yeah, this is a one time thing. Had I but known...or read the package...I do have a jumbo hoop but the excess material was cumbersome and the hoop was too big for my hoop lap stand to support. I use lap stands because carpal tunnel problems make it impossible to hold a hoop or frame.

    OK, let's try this: there are 15 blocks on the chart and each block translates to .75" on the fabric. So 11.25"?


  8. Cross stitch crisis! Averted, I hope. I just need to get this out and here's where I'm going to do it. Please scroll on to more interesting posts.

    The kit I bought is a tree skirt and far too vast for my puny lap stand so I cut it into pieces that should accommodate the design. The problem is that I started at the wrong point in the cloth for the first piece. For this, I blame the directions. Also, alcohol might have been involved. Then I began stitching and panicked that I wouldn't have enough space at the top to finish.

    If the chart is 9" high and each block is half an inch, then the finished design should be 18", right? Panic! There's only 16" total including the part I've already stitched. Well, no, because the cloth is 11 count and as it turns out each 1/2 inch chart block covers about 3/4 inch of actual stitched area (according to my trusty ruler). So I need to add 9 x .25 to get the actual stitched size, which should be 11.5" and fit the cloth. I hope. 

    Math is, how can I put it...not my strong suit. I peaked in high school geometry and the rest is a bad dream I choose to repress. I've spent entire 6 hour drives trying to figure out the formula for how long it will take to reach the next point if the number of miles doesn't equal my mph.

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  9. 3 hours ago, GreekGeek said:

    Let's see, we could have a wise head librarian, a trivia buff with a head for obscure facts, a fashionista anxious to prove that librarians aren't boring and dowdy, an old guy/gal who worked there since the days of index card catalogues, a wannabe author writing a novel or a screenplay about the place...

    Are you secretly one of my co-workers? We have multiples of those except the wannabe writer (as far as I know).  There has to be a useless director, too.

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  10. There's a big bird nest in the maple tree right outside my front door! I haven't been able to get a picture of it and don't know what birds built it--it's difficult to keep an eye on it. Since I had to take down all of the feeders, I'm especially happy not all the birds have deserted me.

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  11. Thanks, @shapeshifter and @Mondrianyone. My default destination is on both lists so I guess I am supposed to move back to Western New York after all. But it doesn't look like England or my other choice, the Alps.

    I've looked into moving to the UK, EU, or Canada but it seems to be impossible unless you're fabulously wealthy, in sports or entertainment, or married to a citizen. Otherwise, I would go live in England, Wales, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Nova Scotia, or Ontario.

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