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  1. Someone at reddit did a sims layout of their shack. she’s got yet another video out with kaylee for sale and it just occurred to me that we never see jilly muffins interacting with people, do we? She’s forever shoving her mobile into people’s faces, even at her own home. Might it be that others really dislike her and she hasnt a clue on how to interact with others? stop filming and feed your children!!
  2. Oh fuck, i listened to that screeching with my Internet Radio on and it still deafened everything. That was horrendous. The poor dog fecked off when it laid eyes on Jill and who could blame it? Bored looking people trying to get away from her too. Is that yellow gloop cheese sauce? We don't have anything like it. It looks disgusting and I did notice that even though Jill cooks like she's just feeding her fat slob of a husband, food still seems to get left behind - might it be that normal people don't care to eat her slop?
  3. Trouble is, that child is going to have so many issues later on. I'm pretty sure he's already far too invested in his Mother's emotional wellbeing as per her previous captions. He's not her husband, he's not responsible fo rmaking her feel great, yet she's always harping on about what a great little man he is. It's sickening.
  4. Let me clarify. Of course there are illnesses pertaining to the gut. Naturally. However, the "leaky gut" that Jill keeps mentioning is an invention of whoo snake oil sellers. So if she ate properly, she wouldn't need to worry about her "leaky gut" at all. And whatever you do, don't try this Plexus shit, apparently it's highly toxic.
  5. Jessa's voice really grates on me - it's entirely devoid of warmth and emotions. She's also a lazy slob, living in a filthy house.
  6. Jana has no friends, other than clinger on Lauren so of course she "loves" to spend time with her brothers. She doesn't have anyoone else
  7. I nearly dropped my mobile last night in fright when Jill started to over-screech as she always does when she sings. Yikes, is she deaf??? This story about her hurting gut, well.......for one, I simply cannot believe she's a native English speaker due to her atrocious grammar, plus, what's with her gut? There is no such thing as a leaky gut and maybe, just maybe if you were to eat a PROPER diet you wouldn't have problems in the first place?? She cannot in all truth believe that she looks good, that her photos are enticing and her captions convince anyone. She simply cannot. And FEED YOUR STARVING children you arsehole! One of the younger ones looks like she'll drop dead any second now.
  8. Nurie who? Looks like poor Tessie will soon sport the garish make-up and hair, sigh
  9. The child looks happy for once. Hopefully going to school will broaden his horizon and he will enjoy it.
  10. What's SBC? Having a Latin Mass was to ensure everyone who went into any Church in any country would follow it, and not be having language issues. And no, you don't need to speak it to follow Mass, you'd learn. Just as you will learn responses when you attend Mass. A cross is supposed to remind you of the sacrifice, not sure why you have such issues with it. Jesus did DIE for us, why would that cause issues for you? If that scares you, you may want to dig a bit deeper into yourself. Other than that, I'd suggest you read up on Catholicism if you're that interested. I'm not particularly knowledgeable in that respect.
  11. I actually hopped out of bed to write something about Phillers🤓. Managed to listen to a few seconds of his painful ramblings. He doesn't know the difference between country and continent, have conveniently forgotten Australia (yay), has never been to any other country or continent, yet he thinks with just one wide general swipe, he knows what they do? Boy, you have zero knowledge about anything Biblical. Your education is sorely lacking and frankly, I'm surprised you can even write, seeing as you are "educated" by herself, the Monster from hell. HOW does this pass as preaching? Why is the bar so terrifyingly low in those kind of Churches? All the Rodlets speak like they are mentally deficient or hard of hearing, it's so strange. What has Timbits done to fall from grace so hard, as he's currently not Mama's favourite? Edit, oh dear fucking goodness, his caterwauling (aka "singing") and breaking down in tears is just something elese
  12. Good gracious, that child already looks like austin😱 duggar genes have finally met their matchp
  13. How do these places get away with telling legal adults when to go to bed??
  14. "literally"? You either did or you didn't. This weird obsession with making memories also baffles me. There is only so much your mind can process. This constant harping about it has something rather desperate
  15. Yeah, I kind of envy people with actual real deep faith. I'm just not like that. Also, in recent years the idea of constant sacrifice and suffering doesn't appeal to me much anymore. I do fully understand that life is not meant to be sunshine, rainbow and unicorn dust all of the time, but surely we are allowed SOME happiness? Catholicism is big into sacrifices and I find the older I get (and the more I deep-dive into myself) that I'm just not that much into it anymore. I'd like some peace, sometime. I've never felt anything much when praying. Yet the "once a Catholic, always a Catholic" is deeply engrained into me and I'm ok wit that. If God exists up there, I just hope He'll be merciful and not the deeply unpleasant Being He's made out to be by some people.
  16. Jeremy wants to be something above his station so to speak. He didn't make the cut as a football player, nor will be make it being a Preacher of any sort. You have to work very hard to be successful, and he's lazy and entitled. A burning desire to be famous and somebody does not bode well for his future either. He needs to address his pretentious dickheadery and dive into why he's so needy. Jinger, well, she's Jinger. Human tofu, with not one original thought in her empty head it seems.
  17. As a kind of Catholic, this whole "personal relationship with Jesus" thing weirds me out. He is not my best friend, the guy I hang out with to have a cuppa. It's just so weird. Where does this even come from? We don't do any of that stuff, thankfully. A lot of people are cultural Catholic, they will have christenings and go to Church on Easter/Christmas, etc, so they aren't deeply into it. I also don't get the rigidity of it - the Bible was never meant to be taken literally. It contradicts itself so many times, it plain makes no sense a lot of the time, you need to know context (as in ANY book you read). Does Jilly "feed your kids" R routinely sacrifice her firstborn, doesn't eat pork/shellfish, not wear mixed fibre? Does she? Like fuck she does. I'm pretty sure that some of the Duggars have at least had niggling doubts, but they are so isolated and frankly dumb that it never goes any further. They are so enmeshed that any doubt would be hard to bear. I don't have a testimony at all, it's never been required of me, in fact. I can't relate to the idea of a Father anyhow, which is probably why I struggle with that concept. Tried for years to "find God" but have yet to do so. I've now moved quite far from Catholicism really I notice, yet do still kind of believe in a God. I'd like to actually, I think faith is a great thing if lived properly. It just doesn't seem to happen for me so why force it, eh? Plus, I find that I'm just DONE with the idea of "suffer on earth forever because heaven is great", I'm just not into that anymore. I don't want to suffer every fucking day, I've already had my fill of that. I rather fancy the idea of a loving Father who is kind, gentle and yes, able to lead when needed. Not into the hell and damnation crew much.
  18. True😱😱 HOW did those "parents" manage to raise 19 children without a single personality trait? Every last one of them is deadly dull and bland and boring. How is that even possible? All the Duggar males do not even qualify for nomination, for they all are to a point so damn boring and entitled that they are indistinguishable from one another. The girls have at least recognisable features but none are endearing. Jana is human tofu, as is Jinger with her pretentious notions these days. Jessa is smug and lazy, Joy, well at least there IS some spunk there it seems. Jill remains to be seen but she has been a bumbling tone-deaf fool so far and the poor pitiable lost girls are too depressed to be anything.
  19. Ah ta. That's why it's sometimes rather confusing me, when people talk about Kindergarten but expect the child to learn how to read, etc. Kindergarten here IS just that, a place for pre-school children to play, not that much is being taught there. Pre-school would be 5 year olds and typically, proper school starts at 6 or 7 with primary school. Fascinating how different school systems are.
  20. Oh my, i kind of watched a dullard video😱 first time ever and i did think it came across well-they seemed relaxed and not dismissive of their children for once. Going to school will be so good for all of them. israel is going to pre-school, right?
  21. Can we have a ballot on the dullest duggar?😂 it still beggars belief that amongst 19 children not one has any real personality, interests or talents. i find myself to be a bit boring at times but taking one look at the duggars instantly makes me feel so much better
  22. JereME is just so dull that i cant be bothered. Jinger who? people who fancy themselves to be intellectuals but have the iq of dry bread, well...
  23. No news on the babby yet then? Hope joy had a safe delivery this time
  24. This seems to be a real american thing, holding up signs. Doesn’t happen here. why do they never have sign that are positive? Love, hope, charity? Whats with the threatening doom? Feed your damn kids jill!! You are truly despiccable. tessie is gorgeous, pity she’ll be plastered in make up and fried hair any minute now. im glad im not the only one who only saw boobs with them “blouses”😱😱 i was a bit horrified at myself for that...
  25. Nah, that's a stretch skirt. Much more modest than any pair of trousers, of course *facepalm
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