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  1. Dont worry, thats just the taryn jaeger blur. She calls herself a photographer who blurs all photos to fuck. Dunno why anyone uses her
  2. They ought to sue that bitch for trying to spread lies. Im enjoying seeing her getting backlash.
  3. I rarely read this thread since im finding it hard to deal with other people’s pain, but virtual hugs to those in need. It will get better again in time, allow yourself to be sad too
  4. Im just not buying all this sudden outpour of grief. While im sure that some duggarlings feel some sadness, most of them are just trying to go through the motions. Lets not forget that there have been plenty of rumours about mary duggar being the mastermind behind the show. And jill, honey, she was a working woman who was able to cook, clean, sew and watch children. Did that not inspire you to be like her? These people always admire but never actually DO. Plus, that woman raised two highly dysfunctional people since both jim blob and deanna or whatever her name is are t exactly well adjusted. Not sure why shes being turned into a saint.
  5. Just putting my oar in before i get soaked on my way to work, ive seen photos with jessa being a bridesmaid with jessica. Might have been on reddit or fj
  6. Churchie, don't upset yourself, you're only showing empathy and sympathy for those people stuck in destructive lifestyles. It frustrates me too, since there isn't a damn thing I can do to change their lives. It likely affects you much more because of your fundie background. On a different note, Jana really is just so damn boring.
  7. Ugh, the Rodders and the never ending saga of those poor starving children. It pissed me off so much I can hardly bear reading their shite. How much of the Go to Fund Me grift went to Jill for cheap perfume, dates and sweets?
  8. Jeremy REALLy wants to be an Oxbridge Don, doesn't he? Pity he doesn't cut the mustard. I've been watching something on telly called Customs Patrol USA or some such title (don't judge, there was nothing else on..) and they keep focussing on the border crossing at Laredo. Makes me think of those two every time🤠 Other than that, I've started to find them both excrutiantingly tedious, dull and boring.
  9. Ugh, why does she think that food smeared children are something to be posted? Yuk. Anna can't be THAT thick ,can she? Well alright, she can.......Jill a good cook? In what universe exactly? And Dreck, stop lying, she has never been a Midwife. Jill leads such a sad life. She doesn't have any identity at all. Edited to add, just because I'm feeling grumpy today and because I can........I've noticed that Duggars seem to age really fast once they get married or hit 20. Terrible genes, or lack of proper nutrtion and skincare? JD looks 10 years older, even the younger ones have lines and wrinkles. I'm much older than any of them and I don't look like that.
  10. If it's a personal choice, then it's not part of her or any Religion. Isn't that an oxymoron? If you feel you want/need/must do something because "conviction" then it's just something you made up. Every denomination has clear rules or should have - that's why Catholics are discouraged to reading the Bible by themselves, wayyy too many weird bits in the Bible and it needs someone to clear them up or set very clear boundaries, otherwise you end up having a truckload of different opinions. Perhaps it is my Catholic upbringing, but all this "personal study" really makes my head spin very fast indeed - if you simply make up your own rules, why on earth do you need to pretend to belong to a particular brand of Religion? Why not simply say you are on your own?
  11. Youre wrong, im afraid. It very much is a holy day of obligation. I lived in ireland and im Catholic;-)
  12. Those poor girls always look like Ragamuffins. Are they blind? How can you not see how mismatched and ill fitting their clothes are?
  13. Eh, does she realise that it is SAINT Patrick's day today? Saint? Evil Catholics and all that? It's actually a holy day of obligation and you should go to Mass before you head off to celebrate.
  14. Jana is as dull as ditchwater, and just as indoctrinated as anyone in that family. If that was the motivation behind her getting Insta, it certainly succeeded. Quite a few post smack nothing short of desperation, as in "fundy maid for sale" as well.
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