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  1. These two are so damn boring that i cant be arsed to comment even, except that her goals to sleep, drink and read are a fecking joke. try getting up to do a full day’s work, cook, run errands, do the household and try to have me time🙄
  2. Good grief🙄🙄 NurieTheFirst is just moving away, not dying. Deeply grieving my arse. i wonder how shes getting on though, with every day life when roses and sunshine are slowly leaving and reality sets in. ...i’d also like to know if they managed to have that shag yet. I’ll see myseld out😱
  3. Ye should be partaking of the pink miracle drink, that which keepeth ye well oiled and energetic so you too may be up at 4 am posting selfies on instagram, rather than stocking up on ice cream sandwiches, ye brazen hussies! on topic, i still think it beggars belief that they think a 13 year old girl deserves nothing better than a cheap tub of ice cream and crappy toppings. And as for holding babies and toddlers, to be sure she loves it for they at least will give her some unconditional love that shes not getting from her fucking useless parents
  4. So renee is the new Newrie? What did notNurie do to be overlooked? jill is such a shitfest, on par with the lowest of the low
  5. It’s not just swimming. Joy doesn’t know what “x” stands for when reading out a challenge..as in multiply
  6. The dresses are sold like that https://www.colorsbridesmaid.com/ A Plath boy
  7. Jill is getting roasted over on david waller’s instagram- he hasnt deleted or blocked at all. It gives me far too much pleasure😱
  8. Jillcatraz🤣 https://m.imgur.com/a/BFLJNnI Anna looks like shit- i dress up more working from home
  9. Apparently, Jilly unfollowed Joe and Kendra AND Anna as per reddit. This is pure gold and oh, it gives me so much joy. Don't judge - it's been a hellish few months. Seems that things are coming home to roost for that bitch at last. Nobody likes you Jill! Feed your poor starving children!
  10. I'm nearly thinking that she didn't show up at the wedding. At best, I'm firmly convinced that she's horrified that Jilly Pampa Mama is now a part of her family. #I'mnotgloatingatall No idea why she feels to superior, she's married to a disgusting piece of shit.
  11. Does Jessa not own a comb and brush? Her children's hair is always unkempt. Ivy is a strange looking child right enough, she looks like Jinger actually, I think. Poor Henry is always getting the short stick though, isn't he?
  12. There was a video posted on Reddit where Joy does some organising, taking her son to the TTH and going to a Doctor for pre-natal care (pick yourselves off that floor!). It was really strangely relatable, she seems relaxed and happy, wee Giddy-up is a total dote and even Austin showed up. Now I'm off to scour myself with something coarse and stingy for liking a Duggar video😱
  13. Whoohoo, thank you thank you, dear Pecan thief, for crossing over to the dark side, siding up with the snarkers. I don't think I'd have been able to sleep last night if I hadn't had my fill of some photos at least. So...the dress. Just as tacky as I thought, the puff sleeves, the shiny sateen polyester skirt. Nathan's pimp off colour suit that doesn't match. The flowers..... Having said that, I do hope he'll treat her well, that his family will show her how to dress, apply make up, cook nutricious meals, etc. I cannot imagine going from "never been alone, ever" to "let's shag and produce children" just like that. He'll be in for a surprise when he sees her without the 3 pounds of make up. She hasn't ever been alone, either with him or at all. It's all fun and games on her wedding day, but waking up to reality? Having to cook, clean, do laundry, be joyfully available (I doubt she'll be able to get pregnant, way too malnourished), be alone for he seems to actually work, that must be soul crushing, at least at the beginning. How will she cope? Are they going to have a public instagram, I wonder? Neither really seems the fame whoring type. I'm sure that Pampa Mama will post longwinded stories of how she misses dear Nurie
  14. "singing" is being extremely generous. Can we take bets on what we think the nurptials will look like? Seriously though, I hope that child will have a nice day, HER day, without the narcisstic bitch that is her Mother buggering it up for her. Jill will be Mrs Anna Duggar's BROTHER's Mother in Law. Or something
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