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  1. Oh cry me a river. Two unemployed posers with just two children are whining? Jeez..... Edit, actually, go fuck yourselves. Thinking about one of my colleagues who has two schoo-age children, one is a first former, trying to juggle their homeschooling (a VERY novel idea in Germany) and a very demanding job. He is married, but his wife also has a job.
  2. If Justin were a Justina and Monster-in-Law to be a man, everyone would be up in arms about it and rightly so. This kind of smothering and babying is harmful. It also shows how badly Justin needs affection and attention. Do his actual parents remember he exists or have they forgotten about him? Anyone else think the wedding has taken place or is about to this weekend?
  3. I am beyond horrified and disgusted about Timmay's use of "well"😱 Actually, I feel slighted. "Well" is a popular expression in the part of Ireland I lived in, so I take personal offence here👿 He speaks and writes like someone who's fairly developmentally behind, also his speaking voice is so strange, kind of girly and whispery. Seeing as he was raised by Bestest Mama Eva, he has no idea about boundaries, proper behaviour etc. Is it really possible he is working with people who have mental or other illnesses? I mean, really?? Don't you need some actual qualifications? You wouldn't be let anywhere near them in Germany.
  4. Well now, Timmay's Photo has so much to unpack! First of all, he seems to live in a caravan that is not the Rodders ususal one. The red lights seem rather hussy-ish for a Godly Young Man. The price tag on that cheap trinket is also still one, classy Jill! The TV screen, is Timmay watching evil Telly? And sleeping on his own?
  5. Thank you, that made me cackle a lot and I've sent it to my Irish friends who were much amused. Might I introduce you all to the delights of this: (for the record, if you are familiar with Father Ted, he played Father Jack of "feck" fame)
  6. Point taken😁 Aye, I know Fundies use these words but they make me shudder. Much.
  7. But cider is a drink. See also Bulmers..... How do these fundies explain away that people in the olden days that they hanker after so badly drank wine and beer, not water, because water would have killed you?
  8. Yes! Rodders has us well trained, hasn't she?
  9. How about this? The Irish polite "fuck" is "feck" - it feels far less in your face in a way. I learnt to swear when I started hanging around Irish people and now I can't switch it off anymore. I tend to swear a lot less in German weirdly enough. Or, if you want to be subtle yet be rude-ish, "catch yourself on" or "wise up" is always nice. Most Americans may not even understand what you're saying then. Win win! Oh dear........😅 The thing is, he was NICE...........yes, sorry, I'll do penance in the prayer closet shortly. But I kept wondering why he was nice when I knew perfectly well what an evil arse he is. If I ever dream of J Rodder, I'll scream the house down, that has got to be the perfect nightmare.
  10. So, the countdown is one, right? I wonder if Justin will even go back home again for anything or is he just going to stay in Texas, get married and think to himself "adios fuckers"?
  11. I wish she'd do a remedial course in both English and Maths. How can it be that so many Fundies do not know their own language? Purposeful? Pouring into? *shudders She does look tired but I suppose having two wee ones, one of which is a babba does take it out of you.
  12. Ah now, we all know that the KJV is the NICE Bible, the GOOD Bible! Or else, Jilly Rodders will come and haunt you in your sleep
  13. I really don't understand why she thinks that the messy untidy mop of her eldest son looks good. It doesn't. Henry's not so bad, he seems to get his hair brushed at least. Did you notice she was wearing Joggers at her "sistahs!" meeting in the TTH? Seems that most of the girls now wear jeans and trousers, except for the lost girls and the M'girl.
  14. I was, yes, but this is fairly standard here in Germany. Happy new year all, hope the first couple of days have been kind. I picked up my wee package full of Brits chocolate - and Im most definitely certainly not shovelling down the packet of Milkybards mixed down my gullet. Not one bit. Very foggy here in Culchieland - never had that much fog in town, so it's a perfect day to be at home although I did really well earlier and had a good dander around the area. Haven't done that much exploring yet. Edit, I think I spend far too much time with de fundies - I had a dream about Steven *the Devil" Anderson the other day. It was........odd....😱
  15. Eh, St Nicholas has nothing to do with Christmas - he comes on 6th December
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