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  1. Jana is an odd one. She has zero personality, her photos are painfully fake and staged, that barnacle clinger Laura hangs onto her for dear life, she sleeps in a dorm with her young sisters....who is this woman? She's nigh 30 now, isn't she, what kind of halfway normal person wants to do or be any of those things? Just WHAT do the Duggar "parents" do to their children that each one of them is incapable of living a decent, independent and fulfilled life?
  2. Is Grandmother a sluttish, trouser wearing woman??😦 In one of those photos, one of those poor starving waifs is hugging her, truly hugging her, in a way she never does with her "parents". My heart really breaks for them. Free Jinger has made the Rodders private, after Reddit rightly criticised their endless fucking awful off topic blathering. They are sensitive wee souls over there. Heaven forbid they actually talk about the topic and not how many times a day they take a shit.
  3. Do you know, this touches a cord with me- i grew up without hugs and affection and i remember my aunt telling me that i went as stiff as a board when she hugged me. I had no idea how to react. It’s probably like that for those poor children
  4. Nobody will pay to go there. Arent those events very expensive and you must sign your life and brains away to join?
  5. WHAT did josiah do to be married off to that one? She is completely tone deaf to anyone but herself. Most unpleasant girl
  6. Is that a trend, the constant photo shoots? Honestly, modern life exhausts me🧐, all these “must pretend that my life is fabbbbb” photos
  7. That girl is a disaster all around. She cannot be alone for five fucking minutes?? Standing in a car park, hoping to see dwreck? Cripes.. one day, dwreck is going to snap. Big time and i cant say i blame him. For all that he is an arsehole, someone like jill would drive me bonkers and she doesnt even try to improve herself. She has no awareness or will to expand
  8. The rodders children have zero table manners, leaning their elbows on the table like that. But at least they get sone food for once. Jill’s clown photo is terrifying-is she on drugs? She is so damn over the top, all of the time.
  9. Didnt she grow up in hungary and then east germany or something? Im tempted to ask, if only to reassure myself..
  10. Bahahahaha, that too. jll is just so damn clueless in everything she does. She cant cook, clean, raise children, look after that house, take decent photos..why does she not learn?
  11. Nohoooooo😩😩 havent we suffered enough? i kind of doubt that. You cant just obtain german citizenship. does she teach her children other languages, i wonder?
  12. This laura thing is so odd. Surely they realise that it looks very strange that a grown woman clings to them like that?
  13. Im waiting for the hashtag ‘thanks for suggesting i use the loo, besthubbyevaaahhh,
  14. Shes hungarian, not german. Please dont wish her on us😳😱😱 eva is not pronounced ava-it’s eva, the e being similar to emerald
  15. Dont worry, thats just the taryn jaeger blur. She calls herself a photographer who blurs all photos to fuck. Dunno why anyone uses her
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