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  1. Oh aye, Jill referred to him as a whiny child, I remember when she had a blog or something. She was quite proud of it and not saying it " to put MY Timothy" down........of course not Frills Jills. Agree, abuse does things to you, but Timmay is just plain off. None of the others sound quite as weird as he does. And he's judgy as fuck also.
  2. Amy is a deadly dull bore, much like Derick, always wanting the limelight, always teasing, always desperately clinging onto the very mistaken belief that they have something to say and people give a damn
  3. Now that they really HAVE boinked together, please please please can we not change the thread name to boinking together? It's all I see whenever I read it
  4. I would hope it's Kaylee, she seems to have fire and spirit and would do well to escape from that Monster pretending to be her Mother. If she finds a decent bloke. I would be surprised if Tim ever married, there's something seriously wrong with him, developmentally. He can barely articulate himself, there's a bumbling run-on paragraph in a FB group about wanting to seel his God-Honouring lawn business that is barely legible. He's creepy as fuck also
  5. Oh dear meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I'm in stitches. It's pronounced "Buck-pfyphon-gay-seecht -> the ch sound is like Lough, with a hacking tch sound
  6. How will Hilaria cope? Is she crying into Jase's blue mug?
  7. I genuinely read this as Jed's HARLOT at first😱
  8. Taking them to the library is great. Reading broadens the mind (well, mostly) so Jill taking her boys there is a huge deal. Jessa can't be bothered to brush their hair, or do stuff with them, does she? Reading children's books as adult is fantastic, cough. I'd love to re-read some stuff I read as a child and I do grab my childhood books once in a while that I still own.
  9. I still read "boinking together" every.single.time Quality time as opposed to what exactly?
  10. Frilly Jilly is rather a hefty lass which you can see the minute she forgets to tune herself into oblivion. Perhaps she should guzzle more Plexus. She looks very rough lately - something will have to give soon, she may go full psychotic from her thyroid and too much pink drink.
  11. "Laughs hollowly in Catholic". A grand total of THREE hours a week, wow! You're practically a Biblical scholar now!
  12. Amy's an attention seeking bore, I really don't give a shite what she may come up with
  13. A click on You Tube isn't worth much, in fact, their pay rate is terrible so any money made would have to come from deals with companies. I work in Music licensing and every click on an official channel is literally worth about 0.000001 cent or something Those poor children always looks so stuffed and dirty. Jessa needs help, she is so checked out and I continue to loathe her voice, it's so utterly devoid of emotions
  14. Oh my Goodness!!! Counting On's been cancelled?? Seriously? I literally just leapt out of bed to come and post. Damn, I feel a bit sad because even though I don't post often, I genuinely read here every day - what's going to happen to this Forum? I imagine the Duggars may ramp up their Media presence one way or another so we will find plenty of things to snark on.
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