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  1. I would never, never, never have even thought of that as a possibility - yikes, you are right!!! I just want to see Leah happy, unburdened, and at peace! (And of course, Mike too!!!)
  2. I saw an article not too long ago about his (in her words,) "serial cheating." I guess I should have read the article instead of just the headline! Duh...
  3. After reading all these replies, I'm thinking that "DangerousMinds" is probably right! Maybe I "see it" because I want to see it. They've been through sooo much together, and after the hell that Angelo has put Leah through, I want her to find love with someone who really understands her, and what this whole nightmare has cost her...
  4. First: I think Leah is smart, funny, beautiful, and is brilliant and brave to do what she (and others,) are doing. She's a hero, and I salute her! Totally off that subject: Beside the wonderful on-air collaboration with Mike, I'm wondering if they have developed some "feelings" for each other? She's admitted that she's a flirt, but in one episode she touched (his face?) in a way that only a woman in love would. I know he's married, and I although he obviously cares for her deeply, I'm not sure that I see the same look in his eyes, that I see in hers. Honestly, I am NOT judging her in the least!! I understand how easily two people who have shared the same nightmare as they have, would connect on an intimate, emotional level that could lead to developing feelings for each other. Please understand, I'm not trying to be disrespectful, I just wondered if I'm totally off base here, or do other fans see what I see?
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