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  1. ChattyCathyLA


    What a sh*t show! I’m shocked that Dick Wolf is behind this stinker! Glad Connie Nielsen is being replaced, but they need to dump Missy who can’t act and has the same vocal cadence and facial expression in every scene. In addition, she doesn’t embody her character with the gravitas of an FBI agent in charge. Seems more like an executive assistant to me. Enjoyed the guy playing her partner and always love Jeremy Sisto. Will give it one more chance when Sela Ward comes on, because the girl has presence and can act! But can she save this mess? I doubt it ...
  2. ChattyCathyLA

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Someone seriously trying to kill themselves by downing a lethal combo of pills wouldn’t be concerned about “the dangers of tap water”. Give me a break!
  3. ChattyCathyLA

    S01.E01: Pilot

    He’s depressed because he wants to direct films and he’s been stuck doing commercials his whole career so far. Keeping him and his wife in fine style in a beautiful home to boot! First world problems ... I guess I wasn’t paying attention. I thought that was John’s wife! LOL Thanks for filling me in! I liked this show better back in 2007, when it started Dylan McDermott and was called “Big Shots”. It dealt with friendships between men, their wives, their affairs (and I believe one guy was in love with another’s wife), their success or lack of it, etc. I KNEW I had seen this basic storyline before!! Only THAT show was better because it wasn’t advertised as something it wasn’t. I might have liked this show if they hadn’t tried to market it like a “new” This is Us. Meh ... on second thought, no ...just no ... If he had lost all their money in some deal, I would imagine there would have been some dialogue along the lines of “What’s gonna happen to our investment now?”. But, buying the friend’s wife a restaurant is HIGHLY suspicious. I knew Eddie’s lover was gonna turn out to be John’s wife from the get-go. No doubt John did too.
  4. ChattyCathyLA

    S01.E01: Pilot

    There seems to be a lot of talk about Constance Zimmer. Did I blink and miss her? This show is not in her IMDb credits list. Who did she play? Don’t worry. I predict it won’t last out the season.
  5. ChattyCathyLA

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I’m so disappointed! I was SO looking forward to this show! Not anything like “This is Us”, which is my fav show. Completely different animal! This is not an emotional show about the interactions between the characters, past and present tense, that pulls in the viewer with well-developed characters and thoughtful dialogue. This is a mystery melodrama about hidden secrets (business and otherwise) and affairs. The only thing in common with “This is Us” is an ensemble cast of really good actors. To bad they’re stuck in this stupid, “seen-it-all-before” plot! Blech! Bad writing, characters doing things out of left field without any explanation or emotion driving these behaviors. I felt absolutely NOTHING for these shallowly written, unlikeable characters, in spite of being fans of the actors who played them. Worst of all, I don’t even care to find out why John jumped from the balcony. And, I’d bet no one even finds out why before this series is cancelled! It’s got a 2 hour comedy block lead-in and up against stiff competition from the NBC “Chicago” juggernaut, and “Criminal Minds” on CBS. I don’t think it stands a chance.
  6. ChattyCathyLA

    Season 3 Talk

    I assumed they both survived that zombie drug. El Santo had previous experience with it and I think a Theresa did too, from their first encounter.
  7. ChattyCathyLA

    Season 3 Talk

    But, didn’t Devon shoot up the winery, or waterboard the winery’s manager and then beat her up to get her to put the tracker in the boyfriend’s necklace? How can he do that if he’s CIA? And who or what is he after? He didn't kill El Sainto. Didn’t El Santo escape and leave the baby behind? I’m so confused ... ? ?‍♀️
  8. ChattyCathyLA

    Season 3 Talk

    Javier is a liability and an idiot, but I think he’s gonna try to take control away from Theresa. That cigarette move was stupid and I think was put in to show how macho he thinks he is. Who is Pote? Is that her sicario? I see this name mentioned and have no idea ...
  9. ChattyCathyLA

    Season 3 Talk

    If the black guy and the niece are both FBI informants, how are they allowed to keep killing people (shoot out at the winery and the uncle in his hospital bed) and how are they allowed to keep selling drugs? If they’re still in the drug business and they’re gonna leave Theresa alone, just WHO are they after. And, why did James have to leave her? How was anything he’s done supposed to bring down Theresa? SHE’S the drug dealer, not him! Why isn’t the FBI just arresting everyone, including Theresa? I’ve watched every episode and have no idea what’s going on now! Can anyone please explain? So many things made no sense this season! Why didn’t the blonde Southern girl TELL Theresa that the necklace had GPS? Certainly she must have known how strategic Theresa played the game and could have used it to her benefit! This is the kind of crap that causes a show to “jump the shark” for me. What started out as a great show with a VERY interesting lead character has become muddled and confused. I may not watch next season.
  10. ChattyCathyLA

    S02.E12: Postpartum

    I was thinking the same thing about Commander Fred longing to nurse on June. The way he looked at her when she got engorged while looking at her baby gave me the creeps! Ewwww! I think Eden and Isaac’s public drowning was not keeping with prior punishments we’ve seen. They just DON’T kill fertile females ... especially not when they’re forced to bring in breeders from the colonies (where they were exposed to poisons) to supply babies! Didn’t make sense. Isaac should have been hung on the wall of shame and Eden should have been forced into Handmaid service. Maybe even to carry a second child for Serena. Now, THAT would have been a real punishment! I felt the lovers’ death scene was gratuitous and only there to make the inevitable comparison to Romeo and Juliet. Ahh ... Star-crossed lovers ....
  11. ChattyCathyLA

    S02.E19: A Redemption

    I was disappointed they didn't resolve the brother's case or get him a new trial! When it ended, I was like, well, what's gonna go on with the brother who was serving time for armed robbery and murder? With all those extenuating circumstances, how did he get convicted in the first place? It was just robbery, not really armed robbery and the "murder" was a horrible accident that the "victim" had consented to! Eighteen years for robbery alone seems excessive ... he should have been released with time served or given a new trial or handed over to the Innocence Project or something! I don't like it when plot lines are left unresolved ... it's sloppy! Lazy writing ...
  12. ChattyCathyLA

    The Pop Game

    I'm so glad to see that others are noticing Timbaland's bias toward Cravetay! She is the pitchiest one out there, yet he never calls her out on it, like he does the other two girls. Notice how, when everyone was supposed to look the same in a grey tee shirt and their hair back in a ponytail, she differentiated herself by tying and cropping her tee shirt and used a bunch of other hair ties (not provided to the other competitors) to give herself two fancy, custom looking ponytails? Was she called out on that? Hell no! She is a snotty little thing and her mother is a rude pig! I personally feel she will win the whole thing because she is Timbaland's "plant" on the show. She has been in the top too many times already and it is undeserved. Ian deserved the top spot in this latest episode - in fact, I think he is the most talented one on the show! He had to play 2nd fiddle to this little twit with less talent and a bad attitude. She is connected to Timbaland somehow ... I just KNOW it!!'
  13. ChattyCathyLA

    S08.E09: December: Berkshires County

    As someone upthread mentioned, this show was so much more interesting when it was about the women's' charity work, Bethanny trying to find a husband and start a business, Luann was a snob married to a Count, Jill was redecorating, fashion shows, Ramona was more sedate, etc.. It seems like, now, they are all competing for airtime and story lines and making their particular craziness important to the show! UGH! This show jumped the shark for me after the Bethanny/Jill Zarin fighting and I only came back because Bethanny returned and she was my fav! She used to be sharp and witty (remember "dis-countess"?) and now she is just nasty, stressed-out and ill-tempered. She seemed so much happier when she was single and struggling. I knew she would end up divorced. If she hadn't gotten preggo, she would have moved on from that loser in a few months. He was never in her league! In this episode, she kept sticking Luann with little knives over nothing! So, Luann sleeps around? So does Sonia! So what? Luann admitted it and Bethanny wouldn't stop nailing her over and over again! Methinks this is really about something else and Bethanny is being passive-aggressive. I wonder if they'll ever show what the REAL issue is? Alas, this show is about to jump the shark again for me ... just like all of the other ones ...
  14. ChattyCathyLA

    S08.E09: December: Berkshires County

    Has no one noticed that Dorinda's Berkshire's home looks like it was decorated by a gypsy?? In the 1980s?? OMG! Money does not buy you taste! The reason she goes with that horrid dry cleaner, John, is because they're both pretty classless. Her marriage to that wealthy guy who died must have been a fluke! He was probably "slumming" after having been married to some socialite. This episode was a real "shit show"! Even my favorite, Bethanny, came off like a lunatic!
  15. ChattyCathyLA

    S06.E13: Part 1 Hide & Seek/S06.E14: Part 2 Murderjuana

    So, no one else has noticed that, after having her hair chopped off by a madman, it's miraculously long again? Six inches in a matter of weeks? That's a year's worth of growth! Continuity anyone?