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  1. 12 hours ago, Somanydogs said:

    Sandra is no longer the self-proclaimed "queen" 🙄.  She is a quitter.  When things got difficult and she realized that she couldn't keep sitting out difficult challenges, she bailed.  Bye bye.

    Agree.  I saw multiple opinions in this thread that Sandra had "nothing left to prove."  Okay, cool, stay home then.  If any other player at all had delivered that performance, there would be much tooth gnashing and bitter complaining about all the players who could have filled that spot with some hardcore game play. 


    Survivor doesn't give us many personal confessions as moving as Ethan's.  (I eyeroll the homesick blues; am I the only kid who went to summer camp?)  At first I thought Parvati should shift gears from her standard high-beam Pepsodent smile, but she ultimately did okay being the friend he needed.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, raven said:

    The guitar in the background at Hardwick's is funny to me.  It looks so strategically placed.  Look at me!  I play guitar!

    Hee, it does.  But I like Hardwick's room.  At least he got the walls painted with something warm and flattering.  Poor YNB looks like she's living in the Returns area at Ikea.

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  3. Oh, good.  Raven says we can keep talking.  What happened at the end?  What were those military-style squadrons of people supposed to be about?  And does that answer also explain to me why she got rid of the zombie camo pets?  (I always admired that strategy.)


    So we just have Rick and Michonne out there somewhere and we'll hang out here like fools, hoping they'll finally find each other and someone will show us?

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  4. 5 minutes ago, econ07 said:

    At least Coral eating pudding was consistent for his age and personality, and said something about how different life is for him.  

    Heavy.  I just focused on how it would feel to be so hungry and tired and deprived and then finding some pudding! and it's THE BIGGEST CAN OF PUDDING IN THE WHOLE FUCKING ZOMBIE-INFESTED WORLD.

    1 minute ago, CletusMusashi said:

    Hardwick must be pounding about ten shots right now, trying to get ready to discuss this crappy show.

    I hope Danai just goes on there and just tears loose with forty five minutes of F-bombs.

    Red Bull and Jagey.

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  5. Well, I think this alt-universe stuff is kind of interesting.  Michonne winding up as the hitchhiker is thought-provoking.  Oh, wait.  Now she's Lady Neagan.  Mmm, never mind.


    Too bad Chris Hardwick is on hiatus.  He'd lose his mind.

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  6. 5 minutes ago, Keywestclubkid said:

    And this show makes me feel great about my life and life choices for the love of GOD .....

    For me, the opposite.  I once suggested to my friends that this show was hilarious and they all politely avoided making eye contact with me, side-eyed each other like I'd lost my damn mind.

    I stand by my decision!!  🏴‍☠️


    See you all this summer.  Stay safe, Lifers.

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  7. You know, I forgot to remark about this, but last week, when they were in the car, Chon very astutely suggested that Lacey was just playing the two of them against each other.  And Lacey gasped with indignation, but Chon knows the score.  22-year old idiot cabana boy Chane, not so much.

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  8. 6 minutes ago, kacesq said:

    So I guess it was a black tie dress code for Angela’s wedding...the guests are really looking sharp...


    But did you notice the groom changed his mind and wore shoes after all?  Class.

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