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  1. TheOtherLibrarian

    EHG podcast

    For the flatulent robot child, I would have gone with Small Winder.
  2. TheOtherLibrarian

    Journeying To The Outpost

    Great game, but how on earth was The Regal Beagle left out??
  3. TheOtherLibrarian

    Dearest Johns

    Seems like there were a lot of important conversations in the bathrooms in Girls.
  4. Oops, sorry, replied to the wrong thread. But yeah, teens going straight to sex is weird. Adults, less so.
  5. Did anyone watch Marvel's Runaways? I really liked the first season, but when Gert and Chase hook up (granted, in a moment when they thought the world was about to end), I was shocked when they maybe had sex immediately? I mean, this is a semi-nerdy high school kid making first contact with her long-time crush, and what, they fuck? Still shaking my head at that one.
  6. Is Ellen Madison from unREAL? I know that would mean she hadn’t aged in 20 years, but wow is it close.
  7. TheOtherLibrarian

    UnREAL Season 3 Tries To Make A Connection

    You need to watch "A Face in the Crowd." A uncomfortably prescient take on how TV would enable grossly unqualified demagogues to become political forces. Griffith is really good at being really bad. LOVE that movie! Haven't thought about it in years, but you're right on about the uncomfortable modern echoes.
  8. TheOtherLibrarian

    Reflecting On A New Season Of Black Mirror

    Pretty sure the past award for a Grossworth Equalizer Challenge sweep was double points.
  9. TheOtherLibrarian

    S07.E29 Again With This: Is There Ever A Right Time?

    So, clearly late to the party, but: Am I the only one who sees a startling resemblance between Parker Lewis and Jared Kushner? Just me. Okey dokey.
  10. Not sure if I commented here or only in my head, but back when Kelly chose herself, I could have sworn she was walking on the beach, and was confused why I was so off on the visual. But here she is, choosing herself again, on the beach. And since I had stopped watching this train wreck long before this point, I hereby forgive myself for conflating the two episodes.
  11. TheOtherLibrarian

    Does Too Funny To Fail Succeed?

    FWIW, I sobbed through the Better Things clips, just like I did the first time I watched it. Tara, I think you were victim to a poorly-timed gender imbalance on your panel.
  12. TheOtherLibrarian

    EHG 163: Shooting The Shit On The Game Of Thrones Poomiere

    Not a surprise that Alan was good at that game, but damn Alan was good at that game.
  13. TheOtherLibrarian

    S01.E03 Go Pirates: Nice Meeting Everyone?

  14. TheOtherLibrarian

    S01.E03 Go Pirates: Nice Meeting Everyone?

    Fearless leaders, I am also enjoying the podcast, but I wonder if you could add a brief episode summary near the top of each podcast for those of us who are not watching along, and who maybe only watched the whole series through once? Thanks for considering.
  15. Did you guys read that letter? It's the same six sentences repeated over and over to fill space!