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  1. (Seriously men, there is just no call to wear short-sleeved dress shirts. Ever.) My Dad sold refrigerators at Sears and this is EXACTLY what he looked like.
  2. On what planet did Brad think he could beat Sarah at a final tribal? Nobody on that jury would have voted for Tai, except maybe Aubrey, I don't care what Jeff's "what if" scenario said.
  3. I'm listening to this 2 months after it was recorded and the scream-laughing had me in tears at my desk.
  4. Glad to see Mike and Liz get eliminated because I was sick of the bickering. I enjoy Team Fun because they seem to be genuinely having a great time running this race and have embraced this season's gimmick of pairing up strangers. I like Becca because she's got this Jeff Spiccoli-type vibe going that's entertaining.
  5. Johnny the Goober Johnson looks like he'd be an ancestor of the Waltons
  6. Her lounging was amusing. The munching on coconut was hilarious. They should have picked her for the challenge - she swims well and could probably scamper across that beam like a cat. I need to go watch Ponderosa now and see how fantastically awkward the Debbie - Ozzy reunion was.....
  7. I'm nearly at the end of my rewatch and that was one story-arc that I don't feel got cleared up. I agree, it seemed he was being sneaky at first. The look or horror on Skylar's face when she walked into Ted's hospital room was fabulous. Think about it, he's probably too cheap to have bought health insurance so the medical bills will destroy whatever life he might have had left. Another victim of Walt, really.
  8. Wow, there will be so much to wrap up next week. How will they do it all? Obviously, there isn't going to be a long, drawn out trial (Romero kidnapping Norman ensured that). Until that happened, I was just saying "the hospital would have the (missing) psychiatrist's session notes somewhere, which would prove multiple personalities. That should get him acquitted." If this ends at the Motel/House, how will they get in there? The place is crawling with cops. I think the scene with Emma and Norma(n) was one of the top 3 in this entire series. I watched it twice, the second time, I clos
  9. Thank you...I took a sip of water at the exact moment you came out with "Prarie Kardashian"
  10. I knew this was Luke Perry's last storyline because all of a sudden he's 50 years old. I think the spell wore off.
  11. I noticed the sign also and didn't make that connection...good analysis. Very true. The reflection of Mother in the glass was also a nice touch. Mother doesn't realize that Norman almost walked away from this but she just couldn't stop meddling. I'm sure as soon as "she" started talking (calling the sheriff by her first name especially) it tipped her off that something wasn't "right". In the previous interview Norman gave, he was contrite, desperate and remorseful. Afterwards, he acted like a criminal after his lawyer got to him and I'm certain she saw right thru it. I love Vera
  12. Sandra ranks with the best players this game has ever had. I was impressed last week and this week I was glad she at least gave her best effort to make it through the tribal, rather than just lying down. I'm also glad that the other players (from their points of view) were able to articulate just how she does it. Her manner of speaking (at tribal), her calmness, her choice to lay low when other players might obnoxiously advance in that situation and most of all, her skills at observation are what got her to be a two-time winner. Ozzy was practically hypnotized after that meeting before the
  13. Then it must be the actor who plays him because this character to me is as one-note and boring as it gets. Maybe if they had introduced him at the halfway point of last season (and replaced that AWFUL Glenn under the dumpster crap) with a mid-season cliffhanger bat swing, we would have had more of an opportunity to appreciate him. Instead, it was "OMG Negan will appear soon" "Almost time for Negan" and the worst: "Who will Negan kill?"...massive ramp up then that SPEECH then THUNK. THUNK.. Right after....6 months off from Negan. Huh? I spent the whole time off pissed that they didn't r
  14. I haven't watched Talking Dead yet and I don't know who the guests were but if it's Gimple and he tries to smugly explain this crap away AGAIN, I'll riot.
  15. This entire monotonous storyline could have been cured if Shiva had just jumped onto Negan and tore his head off. Scratch that...tore his vocal chords out first so he couldn't monologue anymore. This show is stupid.
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