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  1. Greetings from miserable and rainy PA. My first day off in weeks, and this is the weather for today. My weekends are reserved for sleeping and de-stressing (and anything I need to get done, well, I usually don't...still trying). I haven't visited here in a while. I'm trying to catch up on things. I have to get my humor fix. I feel grateful to have a job. My drive commute is only 15 mins. now...crazy. I was working from home (like most in office), but was asked to replace someone who was having a hard time of it. There's 5 of us (# allowed by "essential" terms) steering the off
  2. I'm here in PA -- info had been inconsistent and many people/businesses have been confused. I guess things have cleared up, but I no longer watch the local press things...for my sanity. I'm working from home, but it is very difficult. Our office got approval as an essential biz, so we have a small crew taking turns. We have a medium size office, so there are enough volunteers to alternate. I went in last week...the entire office building is empty. The security guards are not there. I'm guessing some people from building mgmt. might be there. It's such a strange feeling. The malls
  3. I was surprised to hear Amy mention her use of botox earlier tonight. I never heard her discuss that before. Isn't she only 40? Wow, that seems crazy to me. I can't imagine doing that (I'm in her age range). She looks pretty and youthful to me. She has that petite/pixie thing going on and has a great sense of style. She mentioned her appointment being cancelled due to the current crisis, and she joked about wrinkles. I noticed she quickly apologized and said she hoped she didn't offend anyone. I'm not sure why these hosts confess personal stuff like this--it kinda looks bad when you'r
  4. I received a phone call this a.m. (Sunday) saying our office will be closed until further notice. My office is located not far from Montgomery County (the epicenter of PA's cases). It's kind of not clear...some things closed...some open...some optional. Schools all closed. King of Prussia mall still open (up to tenants to close or not)...not sure if this has changed in recent hours or not. It was such an eerie feeling last night to drive by empty movie theater parking lots and other places as well. I've been home the entire weekend, however, had to run out last night for a while. I
  5. Anyone ever try those Tara mug cakes? They look gross to me. I know I've seen these mixes in the supermarkets before...never tried them. Alberti & Rachel...whew, another exhausting pair to watch. I guess I didn't learn my lesson from yesterday. I did tune in again, however, my TV viewing choices are limited since I dumped my satellite service recently. Cost keeps increasing $$! And, I just had like a basic plan (no added special channels either). I've gone old-school antenna! Gotta say...it's not so bad. It's only been one month, and I've already adjusted. Most of the
  6. Yes...you described the above perfectly. I come home to relax/chill a bit and watch some TV before starting dinner. I pop the Q on--ooh, food...let's see. OMG!...off-the-charts annoying. I just couldn't. I had to change the channel. Stacy and her cinnamon bun tales...rambling. The baker guy even looked annoyed.
  7. I thought the same thing. Nooooooooo!!! 😠 ...where's my damn remote control...channel change!
  8. Serious question...is PTR facial hair real or is it painted on...what does everyone think? I mentioned on these boards last year--my sister saw him at Q's Beauty thing, and he was looking and/or talking away on his cell phone for quite some time at his booth...not into the crowd I guess. LOL!
  9. Oh no Jane...you didn't? Did she just tell us a story about her announcing in a store that she knows PTR personally? I didn't catch the name of the store. I just turned the TV on, and there she is blabbing away. And away she goes...it is Friday after all. On a positive note, she looks very spring-like (raspberry sherbet color) on this chilly day here in PA--snow flurries while out at lunch time today (miss having some snow this winter...can't believe I feel that way, but I feel we're already onto Spring and Winter never really happened).
  10. Hammer pants...bwahaha! Good one. Now I have the song playing in my head. 😵
  11. Just watched Joan Rivers on the Dabl channel/Martha Stewart show (from 2012). She was doing Valentine's crafts with Martha. Loved it! The Q was mentioned too.
  12. The name of the game seems to be quality down/prices up. This is not just with the Q...I'm seeing it all over. I haven't purchased anything from the Q in months. I've gotten burned twice with Clarks shoes. I'm done with them. I saw the same thing going on with Vionic. A little off topic here, but on point with things changing (and not for the better). The same thing is going on with food. I can walk through the supermarket now, and I know exactly which things have changed so much in taste/quality, I no longer buy them.
  13. I hate that..."side bar!". She's beaten that expression into the ground. That needs to go away...now. A new year...a new load of vacay days. I see some of the hosts over-sharing their personal stuff again. Ya just can't keep them away. I heard Ant announce her upcoming vacation too...no details given (the way it should be). We don't need to know. However, I do need to know more details on that product you're showing right there. Hey, more info on that product there...just so I don't have to take the extra time to look up the necessary info that you purposely left out. More biz...
  14. Blabby Jane has shown an increase in the "blabby" factor. I swear she's getting worse. Last night, I watched some of her show where she was showing the outfit she was wearing (the lounge wear stuff from that celeb trainer). She had to mention twice (in a short amount of time) that she used to be a dancer...something about 40 lbs./40 yrs. ago...blah, blah, etc. So full of herself. It's amazing how she can always squeeze something about herself or her family in the strangest places. It's comical.
  15. Go figure--Katie McGee is gone, however, Kerstank continues to annoy and bug! Ugh!
  16. The PLW sweater above...are they serious??? That sweater does not say "Happy" to me. It looks like moths or a cat got to it. So, the look of this sweater disturbed me so much that I had to go and check out the price. $96.00 Wow, some brass ones right there!!! 😲
  17. Every time I drive by the Q channels, it's either Jane T. or Courtney K. on. What...no other hosts available?! They seem to be on so much I thought I was catching repeat shows on the main Q channel. Hey Q --- share the love a bit. Give some of the other hosts a chance (prime spots) once in a while. Make things a little more interesting. Enough with the same ol' same ol'. In the meantime, Katie McGee is shoved out the door (at least that's what it sounds like). I just read about this now. That's a shame. She was a very good hostess. I liked her presentation style.
  18. Yes! I was surprised that some type of "warning" wasn't given regarding the use of this greens product...even something like "you should run this by your doctor if you're on meds"...something...anything. I'm aware of this issue due to an elderly Aunt who took supplements and a green drink daily. She never associated that certain meds (like a blood thinner) could be impacted negatively by it (I think grapefruit juice is another one with some meds). A nurse in her doctor's office brought this to her attention (not her doctor, of course...the nurse discussed it with her). I've never tri
  19. Yes!!! This has always gotten on my nerves. I can't stand to watch it. I think it takes away from the shoe presentations. I also get grossed out when I see women do this in stores and try on shoes in bare feet. There's only a box of those ped-things for your feet (for free) like right there (and usually more than one box too) -- grab some and use them...that's why they are there. No manners...no respect...no consideration for the next person who will try them on and maybe want to buy those shoes. I don't get the bare legs and boot thing too. Earlier one of the models had on a
  20. Courtney K. and Jane T. all the time...on the Q. Host overload. It seems that way. I caught some of the show you mentioned above. Was that the hi-low thing (some plaid designs) they were pushing (former TSV). That's the one we are supposed to buy to wear to the movie theaters. It only looks somewhat good on the tall ladies. I don't know why I remember this but in the past, Court said she's a vegetarian and her husband loves cookies. LOL!
  21. Normally she doesn't bug as much as some of the other hosts, however, what does bug me while watching her is the often used -- "uh huh, yeah, uh huh, yeah...that's right, yeah, uh huh..." ... in my head I'm saying STOP THAT. LOL! Also, the constant clothing changes...one after the other ... she'll do like every color the article of clothing comes in. I guess this is a new thing since I don't recall her doing this in the past. One or two quick changes is fine...several becomes annoying. The models are there for that. I don't catch her early a.m. style shows too often cause I'm usually
  22. Post Christmas Q viewing--I tune into tonight's TSV and there is Jane in the WWC ankle pants...Oh No! She lifted her shirt to show them off ... not flattering...too tight, and well, let's just say a bad crotch shot. Ugh! WWC stuff has been so off for quite some time now. I used to like her pants.
  23. Thanks for info. Yep, I never heard of her or her background. I've never seen anything on Q online either. Oh well. When I saw more shirts with sayings on them it made me cringe. Someone make it stooooppp!!! Maybe the Q will consider in this new year, 2020, to get rid of all cold shoulder tops AND all shirts with sayings on them. PUHLEEZE??!!!
  24. This Rachel chick...never heard of her. I did a quick search...her claim to fame is showing her stretch marks from a baby belly on social media??? Her husband is a studio exec??? Not sure if this is accurate, but I read something like that. Oh great---more shirts with sayings on them. She's a self-help guru...uh, okay. I haven't tuned into the Q in almost a week. I guess I haven't missed much.
  25. Kerstink...yea, why does she often complain about her perfect life? I saw her sitting like a slob with feet up on the chair a little while ago. No class. I guess she thinks it's cute. She needs to take a look at hostess Amy from HSN (I think that's her name). Style, classy, and down to earth. Cuddly duddly rep...didn't see this video, however, wasn't she a hair stylist to celebs at one point. Thought I remember hearing this. She is/was an actress?
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