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  1. This topic is funny to me. In my part of the world many, many people don't use dryers because of environmental and financial reasons. I'm one of them. And when I lived in North America friends always wondered why because according to them doing laundry with a dryer is soo easy and not much work. Well, apparently not for every one :D. That bring said, I have to admit that there are occassions where I have to look in the laundry basket (or even on the clothing reck (?)) while searching for clean clothes. So, I'm with Jill in that case.
  2. Here in Germany these kind of glasses are totally trendy. Most of my teenage students wear glasses like hers. I think she looks really trendy and stylish.
  3. That's exactly the reason why I don't have a dog. I don't want the extra work, I don't want to go outside in horrible weather,... . I get all that but then don't get a dog! Fenna seemed so happy in the beginning of the video 😢 .
  4. This poor dog. It seems like they keep her outside. Why would you get a dog of you don't want it in your house?
  5. I guess some people are better at parenting than others. I'm a single mom of a 1 year old and I'm exhausted. I love my boy to death but I'm tired constantly. Imaging having a toddler and a newborn, no, I could never do it.
  6. As a German living in Germany I have never heard that before. At least in Southern Germany I only know of Oma and Opa (or Omi and Opi) and have only heard Meema on TBBT. Are the social distancing rules in the US still not allowing contact between different households? I think it's sweet to see how much the boys love their grandparents.
  7. In their insta stories you can see Felicity with a bed head, wearing a soccer jersey and not matching shorts, wearing a shirt with stains, splashing herself with water,... I don't post any photos of my son online (not even with friends or family on Facebook) and I hope someday every parent understands how harmful photos like all of the above can be. Anyway, I would prefer being raised by Jinger and Jeremy than Joy and Austin. At least Felicity has somewhat normal relatives, meets different kinds of people and will hopefully have a small number of siblings.
  8. I still don't know how people can judge a little girl and her life solely based on pictures posted in a forum. Only looking at their Instagram stories would give people a totally different perspective on Felicity. To me she seems like a completely normal little girl.
  9. I'm in Germany. We have lots of infections but our government has reacted very quickly and we are doing OK right now.
  10. That's the difference between living in a small country VS a huge one. Here everyone has to stay home, no driving around. Only healthy activities are allowed like walking, cycling etc. Kids drew rainbow pictures and taped them on a window facing the street, so children walking by know that in this house another child has to stay home. I think it's sweet how close they are to grandma and liked their picnic in her front yard. It's so hard for grandparents to not see their grandchildren.
  11. Are these drives still allowed in the US? In my country you aren't allowed to use your car for unnecessary trips. You can drive to work, the doctor's office, the grocery store, the pharmacy and to visit relatives when they need help. Everything else would get you in trouble. Besides that I liked his birthday because Israel seemed to like and enjoy this day.
  12. When I watched the handwashing video, I couldn't turn my eyes off the running water. How wasteful!!! Here every kid learns that you turn off the water while soaping your hands, your hair, body, whatever. Besides that I don't understand the criticism of Felicity. She is a little child. Most kids I know have phases in which they are little show offs. And I hope every child thinks they are special and mean everything to their parents. At least I hope my son knows that (and that doesn't mean he is spoiled).
  13. Then you should look at their instagram stories. I saw Felicity playing soccer, playing with a doll, wooden toys (which I really give them credit for, I hate most of the plastic toys), spending time at a playground etc. . When I look at their insta stories I see a normal joyful kid. With Jinger and Jeremy constantly posting old pictures I think they don't spend as much time in restaurants as most people think.
  14. I think the post is really cute and I think it's wonderful that Jinger seems to really enjoy watching Felicity growing up and developing her own personality. IMO that really sets her apart from the other Duggar parents. I also don't think they use Felicity as a "prop". There is no difference between Jinger and Jeremy's use of instagram and the other parents I follow on there. Personally I would never post a picture of my child on any social media platform, public or private but I know that many, many people disagree with me these days. I also don't see the problem with the Mozart concert.
  15. Maybe Jeremy is the same kind of student I was. Taking everything really (too) easy during the semester and then studying in panic mode at the end of the semester shortly before the exams. I wouldn't advise doing it this way but I need the pressure and panic and it worked. I probably could have had better grades but at least I enjoyed life and the big city during my time at university. I guess he is the same and as long as I don't know that he is failing in school I won't judge him for enjoying his life and new opportunities as much as he can.
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