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  1. I think it's dangerous & frankly intellectually lazy to label someone as a racist. As I understand it, racists believe that they are superior to others simply by virtue of their race. I don't necessarily think LeeAnne thinks she's better than Kary because Kary is from Mexico. I think LeeAnne would have disliked Kary regardless of her national and racial heritage. Personally, I would call LeeAnne an emotionally unintelligent woman who used (uses?) racially charged language. Very much like I would say Brandi is a dumbass, but not necessarily a racist. I think most everyone would be hard pressed to stand up & swear, so help me God, that we've never said something that could be considered racially or morally offensive. It doesn't make it right, but at some point there has to be room the be human and make mistakes. The bigger issue to me is that LeeAnne doubles down and has no remorse for what she says or does but is terribly terribly sorry to think there will be consequences. As far as Jeremy and D'Andra go, the VA is a complicated system. Someone may have various issues that cause them to be varying classifications of 100% disabled. My dad received a 70% rating for 1 issue and a 40% disabled rating for another, yet still wasn't classified as 100% disabled even though is individual disabilities added up to 110%. I would imagine Jeremy's 100% rating is probably from PTSD given that he's done 5 tours and it's not surprising that D'Andra would go with sleep apnea rather than PTSD to speak about publicly.
  2. I think the “Mauricio swiped agents/clients” thing is always blown out of proportion. Agents are 1099 not W2 employees and in many markets switch brokers pretty fluidly. And clients are the client of the agent, not the broker, so they tend to move with agent - most don’t care what sign is in their yard so long as the house sells.
  3. I don't get why Kyle can't just say, "you came in to my home and insulted my sister at a family event and that is offensive, regardless of if you said it as Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne or Big Bird." Oh wait, yes I do, because then we couldn't have a whole scene of Teddi on the verge of tears, Dorit rolling her eyes, Erika looking pissed and Rinna giving us bullshit about how the Erika Jayne persona gave her the confidence to speak up for herself.
  4. WTF is with these women and their damn well-done beef??
  5. I'll probably watch. I'll have an infant when the next season airs, and what the hell else will I have to do and it provides a nice opportunity to drink wine and talk shit on people I don't actually know. However, I am not that pumped about the idea of Kathy Hilton joining. It makes me uncomfortable when family members are on - one of the reasons I couldn't watch NJ. The Kim/Kyle dynamic was bad enough. I just hate to watch people who actually do love each other and have a real tie to one another be able to see how the other talks shit on them when they're not around. For me, the ideal scenario would be for next season to drop Teddi, Rinna and Denise (I just find her kind of gross- like maybe she doesn't bathe regularly- and anyone who is friends with Brandi is a pass for me). Keep Kyle, Camille and Dorit (I'm just waiting for her to get an eviction notice like Lynn & Frank and then she can go), cast 2 new women and somehow entice LVP to film as a friend with the two newbies and then have some sort of big arc where she makes up with Kyle and Dorit and returns in the heavy friend of capacity for following seasons like Camille has been previously.
  6. Totally agree! To be honest, I hate when women bad mouth their ex's in general...to me, it only makes them look stupid because they were willing to put up with that shit for however long. They had a tough divorce, everyone knows it, but if she's happily moved on, then she needs to move one - not talk shit about 50% of the make up of her kids' DNA.
  7. Andy has said they’ve asked her to come back full time every year, but she has always declined for one reason or another.
  8. Agreed, however, she doesn't have to drag LVP through the mud with her. She didn't have any direct contact with Lisa about the dog story and her proof is a few weak text messages from John Blizzard who doesn't seem like the brightest crayon in the box. Teddi doesn't need to own being a mastermind, but she does need to own that she willingly chose to behave in a way that she now regrets without trying to qualify that she only acted that way because LVP influenced her/manipulated her in to it. The cute "oh because I wouldn't go through with your plan" and back and forth "i feel betrayed by you" at Camille's birthday party just goes to show that Teddi isn't owning anything, she's saying her hands aren't clean, with the implication that they aren't clean because LVP made her put mud on them.
  9. I disagree on some of this. Teddi only "owned it" if Lisa did, in fact, plot to out Dorit by using Teddi- something, that while we may think happened, we don't have any actual evidence occurred. I think I would give Teddi more credit if she said, "I heard about Lucy, and given my issues with Dorit, found I was more than willing to gossip about it and judge her. I feel badly and I'm sorry." By trying to say that she only acted this way because LVP wanted her to, she's not owning anything, other than the fact that she's an easily influenced, immature person. And the fact that she's hell bent on making Lisa admit that she masterminded the whole thing is just another way she's trying to deflect from her own participation.
  10. I disagree. I think she was saying "I don't know him" meaning she wasn't socially acquainted with him. Of course she knew him an professional capacity, he mans the front desk and coordinated the smaller fundraiser events, but that doesn't make him someone she "knows". I also don't think he needed to be fired...she employs mostly 20-somethings in the restaurant industry and at a non-profit, not exactly places where she's really paying the big bucks for top-notch talent. At the time she had the conversation with John, it looked like everything was going to blow over (the article hadn't come out), so true to her personality, she gave him a scolding and moved on.
  11. To be fair, it was Nigiri which should be eaten by hand or with chopsticks. Her restaurant probably doesn't have chopsticks and eating with her hands may make her uncomfortable, oh well. Ken comes on strong, for sure, but I think my husband would have my back in this sort of situation, too. I think a true friend gives another friend the benefit of the doubt in the absence of any legitimate proof. Just "thinking" that it must have been Lisa who gave the story, or someone in her camp, isn't proof. I'm not saying they need the sort of proof that holds up in court, but something more than a group consensus is necessary, in my opinion, to accuse a friend of something like this. If Kyle and Dorit are truly the friends they claim to be, they could have asked her if she leaked the story, or knew anything about it, and when she said "no" then that needed to be the end of it. Again- why is everyone letting Dorit, the domino that started this whole chain of events, off the hook? I don't blame anyone for realizing that pet ownership isn't for them, or wanting to remove an animal they feel is a threat to their children, but she knew the best option was to return Lucy to VDP Dogs and she chose not to do so, this is all on her.
  12. I don't think that's confirmed? Maybe I missed it? I also would like for Erika and Dorit to get their comeuppance, but I think I could handle them just not being on the show, instead. Erika is totally boring to me, like watching paint dry, so if she's not going to get a season with a "bad edit" then I'd just as soon she was off my TV all together.
  13. I photograph everything, even my clothing, and keep it all in a file labeled with where it was purchased, when it was purchased and how much it cost. I also photograph receipts and put them in with the item pictures. All it takes is one homeowners claim to make you paranoid about ensuring you get the full value of anything lost. I have special riders for my expensive jewelry, fur coat (left to me, not purchased), etc. but I also want to document anything else I bring in to the house. We had a flood a couple of years ago and I was shocked by the amount of proof they wanted and the detail we needed to go in to in order to receive replacement compensation. I even wound up claiming some toilet paper and an old set of hot rollers, yes, petty things, but I paid for them and could no longer use them - the little things add up and if you're paying all this money every year for insurance, why not be able to get the full value of the loss?
  14. I think that was only the one they were living in together- when they moved up to the two bed. She paid for the one bedroom and I assume that once they gave up the two bed and she moved back to a single she's paying again.
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