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  1. Why do you build me up, build me up, buttercup baby, just to let me down...... So it would seem the ole cannon "petered" out? Tee Hee! I pulled out my crystal ball last night and it showed me the path, not that it isn't pretty apparent, and well, fucking obvious as hell. But here are my predictions: Eric realizes he doesn't have ED at all. His affliction is more about his unhappy marriage to a woman he cannot trust. Those feelings have been exacerbated by the knowledge that his wife has been receiving regular meat deliveries from a young hunk who she also has feelings for. Eric
  2. So, I guess whenever Eric wants to bang his wife he will be calling Donna over for a "treatment?" I think Quinn will be a little pissed off when she finds out what/who Eric's miracle cure is. And then there is poor Donna. Good Lord, I have no words for Eric's insensitivity and self centeredness; it is all about delivering the meat to Quinn, and if Donna's finger and her little bottle of honey can do it, well, her feelings be damned! Loving Shelia and Deacon. Oh, I think Quinn has done plenty to Brooke, and deserves nothing but Brooke's wrath and disgust. However, I w
  3. A spoonful of honey helps a limp dick get hard, a limp dick get hard, limp dick get hard Just a spoonful of honey helps a limp dick get hard, in the most delightful way The organic cure where modern day medicine has failed; just get that bottle of Honey Bear! Oh my goodness; what a campy, soapy cheesefest! I am soooooo glad they backed off the Katie/Eric stuff because Eric/Donna makes so much more sense, and doesn't squick me out. I have to give it to Sean and Kimberlin because they are really making the most of this opportunity. What I find most interesti
  4. OMG! Fucking Eric actually had the balls to ask Carter if he had "moved on". I swear, this man is giving me whiplash; first outrage, then understanding, then pushing your wife into another man's bed, then telling them no feelings allowed, then telling them to end it, and now, one damn day after Quinn breaks Carter's heart, he is supposed to have moved on? Eric, did you move on one day after Brooke went back to Ridge? After you found out Sheila was a loon? After Stephanie found out about you and Lauren? After Taylor found you and Stephanie in bed and she broke it off? And fucking Ridge standing
  5. I was visited in my dreams last night by a shirtless Thomas and his beautifully released man bun. I think it best I keep the details of that visit private, but I will confess that upon waking I feared a trip to the ER for accelerated heart rate and a racing pulse. Suffice it to say that I will never look at Thomas the same way again. Like EVER. In other happenings; I found myself not completely put off with the Carter/Katie interchange. I do wish though, that they would, just once, allow Katie to be completely honest about her relationship with Bill. While there is no doubt that Bill oft
  6. I see what you are doing Show. Katie storming over to Carter's right after that conversation with Bill, and right on the heels of Quinn telling Carter goodbye? Hmmmmm, I don't know about this. Katie is such a sour, Debbie Downer; I just don't see her bringing light, and joy, and happiness to Carter's life. For some reason when I think of Katie and Carter as a couple all I can hear in my head are the strains of that 70's classic, Muskrat Love. A free Bill will be one good thing to come out of it for sure though. But I don't think I can take him continuing to beg and grovel in order to get
  7. So, we wait all this time for Bill, and Show brings him back to beg and grovel at Katie's feet? UGH! Please, lay this burnt to a crisp pairing to rest and let Bill move on. Katie now has eyes for, and is desiring of a man old enough to be her great grandfather; a man who can no longer raise his cannon, who was married to one sister twice, and the other sister once. A man Katie knows full well her sister is still deeply in love with. Yet she wants to cry and moan about being Bill's victim instead of saying she has feelings for someone else. Let Bill pair up with Donna; that oughta set Kat
  8. The befuddlement on Ridge's face when Quinn said she also had feelings for Carter. Because of course that can't happen; you can't love two people at once. Ridge, do you remember two ladies named Brooke and Taylor? And thirty years of ping ponging between them, and saying how they were both remarkable women, and how much you loved each of them. Yeah. just saying. Idiot. I like Thomas and Paris together, but that might be solely because it is new, and gets him away from Hope. However, I really don't understand why he doesn't just go on another house search. I am sure there are more houses
  9. Hope needs to find her voice real quick and in a hurry. She needs to find that voice and remind Liam that just a few months ago she was watching him go through a WTD situation with his ex-wife. An ex-wife he had fucked because his knickers were in a knot over something he thought he saw. Liam has zero room to say to Hope that she doesn't need Deacon in her life. Liam has zero room to say that Deacon has only hurt her and let her down. Deacon was absent most of Hope's life due to Hope's mother's efforts to keep them apart. Deacon has always loved his daughter, and wanted to be part of her life.
  10. So am I to understand that these idiots are trying to put Deacon and Sheila in the same basket? Lookie here fools; no matter how hard you try to make it so, it just ain't gonna be a thing. Sheila, is the psychoiest psycho who ever psychoed. Her list of crimes are long, span decades, and include things like; murder, attempted murder, poisoning, kidnapping, gaslighting, and child abduction. Deacon is more like your 1950's neighborhood hoodlum, whose worse crimes are bad language, bullying, storing your smokes in the sleeve of your white tee shirt, using Brylcreem, and sporting a Ducktail. This i
  11. No, you are absolutely correct; my rage blackout blocked this bit of history as I was typing that post. Brooke was really angry that Deacon had sided with Macy against her, and as a consequence she lost her spot at FC's. Yes to all of this. I have said several times how much I hate this version of Brooke, a character I have loved and supported from day one. I don't know if they are trying to make her the new Stephanie, or they don't know what to do with her, or are trying to put the character out to pasture, or if this change is intentional, but they are destroying one of dayti
  12. Hypocrite; as defined by RuntheTable: Narrow minded, shrieking, judgmental harpies, who consider themselves the keepers of other people's lives and decisions. Most specifically, this includes those who have run roughshod over loved ones, breaking the oldest and darkest taboo's by committing acts of the deepest betrayal. Those who deem themselves deserving of second chances, and forgiveness, and understanding, but are not willing, or able, to extend the same consideration to others. People who consider themselves judge and jury; passing judgement on those they consider less worthy, and bey
  13. Deacon's back; how refreshing is that? And looking good too. I have never wanted to smack the taste out of Brooke's mouth as much as yesterday. Holy cow, when did you morph into this snarky, judgmental, shrill, shrieking harridan? Seriously? How dare you go on about Deacon's drinking when you had your own battle with that disease. And why exactly does Deacon deserve to be in jail? For the attempted murder of Quinn? Outside of the fact that he had good reason; one would think you would be happy about that given how you feel about Quinn. Deacon is nothing but a bad boy; he is not mean, or
  14. I nearly peed my pants! Oh, I love me some Sean Kanan, but please Show, don't pair him up with Sheila. Deacon has always been a bad boy, but he has never been evil and twisted. I would much rather see him step in and protect his daughter and granddaughter by playing Sheila. It is long overdue that someone turns the tables on that nut job, and Deacon could be just the person to do it. I would rather they don't hook him up with anyone, and also, please don't have him sniffing around Brooke. Just let him come to town as a father and grandfather, looking to establish a relationship wit
  15. Well, look at Paris singing the anthem at the big show. She certainly isn't any Whitney Houston, but she sings a heck of a lot better than me; so props. Why all this sudden chem testing? I will admit my astonishment that they backed off Finn/Paris, and now appear geared up to pair her with Thomas. Paris's anti Hope mojo must really be strong, because she certainly has Thomas's head turning. I don't know how I feel about it; what I do know is it feels like they are just randomly throwing people together and waiting to see what sticks. I want Thomas to move on and have a real relationship,
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