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  1. Oh Ridge; shut the hell up you friggin tool. You sure didn't have a problem with Quinn when you were macking on her a few years ago. At least Brooke has valid reasons to detest her, but you? And isn't it funny how everyone has forgotten your betrayal? Brooke and Eric both act as though this is the first time Quinn stepped out on Eric. Brooke is entitled to her feelings; her and her family have been Quinn's target, just as they were Stephanie's. Even so, I really wish she would hold Ridge accountable for his actions with Quinn, and that includes VegasGate. Having said that; I will have to
  2. Squick, squick, squick....... I was squirming on my couch watching yesterday's show. There are only a few things I hate in this world, with animal/child abuse heading up that list. But another thing I detest is referring to someone in the third person when they are standing right there. It is rude and condescending. And what do we get? Eric and Ridge having a full blown conversation about Carter, and all I am hearing is "He this" and "Him that", never once referring to the man by his name. And then Ridge's casual intrusion into Carter's personal life, insinuating that Carter owed hi
  3. I say....what goes on here? Quinn, having moments of self awareness? Acknowledging that she destroys lives, and will destroy Carter's as well? Steffy being nice, and offering a homeless Paris a play to stay? Three grown ass people sitting around the office talking about another grown ass person's love life?
  4. And it really begs the question of why we need two CEOs anyway. We only have two now because Ridge was so butt hurt about Quinn giving Steffy the spot. Absolute props to you @CharlizeCat! Thank you for helping out our Senior babies! Absolutely. Brooke is incredibly selfish when it comes to her own happiness, and will hurt those she loves to achieve it. Having said that; It would be hard for me to drum up a lot of compassion for Steffy, if indeed that is where we are going, given the many horrendous things Steffy has done to Brooke and her extended family over the years. Additi
  5. Looks like your table for one is gonna be getting pretty crowded. Set a place for me too, cause I am all in with Quarter. Yes, and this is not easy to accomplish. Once the deed is done most pairings fizzle out. And yes again. They are hot when they are just conversing, or just being next to each other. There is some type of underlying connection that translates in their looks and their smiles. RS is so beautiful when she is relaxed and smiling; Carter clearly brings something to her life she has needed for a very long time.
  6. Who knew? Paris is the Baby Whisperer. I have never been a parent, but I have seen plenty of them. None of them acted as frantic as Steffy and Finn. Even the single ones. Eric is stepping down? I don't think I have heard that mentioned before. So are we going to have the standard infighting for the top position? Holy be me, but I would love to see Brooke come out on top of that shit. Steffy's position was a gift; a peace offering from Quinn. And Ridge bitched and moaned about getting stepped over so much that daddy gave him a "token" CEO spot. Ridge has proven many times that he is
  7. For the first time it seems Quinn is in the throes of something she is unable to control. I think she has come to realize that her love for Eric was not grounded in reality, but was a romanticized wish to live a life she thought she would never have. But Quinn is not the prim and proper lady of the manor, and I think being released from the pressure and the scrutiny has freed her, and she is understanding that respectability comes with a price. Carter, there are plenty of other jobs out there for multi-functional lawyers like yourself. And now you have COO experience too. Don't let your
  8. Before I type a thing about Show; I feel I must shout out to my fellow posters who are simply on FIRE! These past few pages of posts have been hilarious and entertaining, and so enjoyable. Thanks guys! I really am not getting this whole Justin thing. It doesn't feel thought out; it feels like they are flying by the seat of their pants. There is also a complete lack of continuity. What power does having Bill's necklace give Ridge? Also, any dirt Justin has on Bill would be old news, and without some type of hard proof; video, documents, pictures, tapes, it would just be hearsay. And how wo
  9. Ok, I think I see where we are going. Quinn and Carter are going to cave to their desires, Eric will find out, and Justin will be FC's new council. The bigger question for me, is will Carter become SP"s new council? I don't see Quinn and Carter as a great love story; at least not yet. I liken them more to Brooke and Deacon; attracted to each other, the relationship giving each of them something they need, unable to stay away no matter how wrong it is. There is also the heat/chemistry factor, and just like B/D, Q/C have it. And a lot of it. And I like this Quinn. she is actually gracious
  10. Oh my, so I am just going to own it right out of the gate; I was simply undone. Don and Aaron brought me to tears. There is something so compelling and heartbreaking about two independent, strong men breaking down their love/hate relationship. A relationship that has spanned decades, and has seen, been through, and encompassed so many things. Brotherhood is a powerful thing, often more complex than blood brothers, and I think Bill's confusion and disbelief perfectly represented that. When he told Justin he was now his Judas? Man, I was transfixed. And when Bill was laying it all out ther
  11. I completely understand Brooke's feelings about Quinn; she is one of many who have always distrusted Quinn, and were against her marrying Eric with good reason. In a way, Quinn has targeted Brooke and her family from the outset; she terrorized Liam, trying to keep him away from hope, she also targeted Donna for a bit, and Katie too. But there is also the more personal attacks, by having an affair with Eric's son, and Brooke's fiance, and later being the ringleader of VegasGate. I also absolutely believe that Brooke has a deep love for Eric; their mutual affection has been demonstrated many tim
  12. This whole Justin thing though? What was it all about really? Justin suddenly realizes he hates $Bill and decides he is going to let them rot in prison? Did it never occur to Justin that Bill might catch a clue, and fire him and hire another attorney? He could also fire him from SP from jail. Then he kidnaps Thomas and takes the phone with evidence, but when Thomas escapes he sends the phone to the police? Is that so Thomas won't say anything? Why would Thomas lie to his family to save Justin? None of it makes a damn bit of sense to me. Will this also garner Bill's release? As stated by
  13. Yes, because it makes perfect sense to further overcrowd LA's already overcrowded prisons with the likes of Liam Spencer; a young man that everyone, including Lt. Baker, knows wouldn't be capable of killing a fly, much less a human. Hell, Baker knows what Quinn did to Liam, and Liam just let it go. No charges were pressed, and he didn't make it his life's work to try and ruin her, or go after her. Compounding this insanity, is the fact that Liam hasn't had a trial or a hearing or nothing. So, so, stupid. Hope and Thomas would probably have had better luck if they had arrived bearing offe
  14. Just look at our newest Gumshoe; proving herself to be not only quick thinking, but resourceful too! Hope just rammed her $500 couture handbag in front of the closing door, and then bore down, and with all her might opened that big steel door. You go girl! Now, since you have been so smart, you need to continue that trend by: Getting out your cellphone and making some calls Or going back upstairs and getting security Or going back to Wyatt's office and getting his help Why is it that TK oozes chemistry with other manly men? He has far more chemistry with the likes o
  15. Come on! Thomas is off with his new woman? When has Thomas had time for developing a new relationship? Haven't you seen him everyday? And Brooke, haven't you accused him of targeting Hope at every turn? Brooke's complete lack of concern for Thomas's whereabouts truly pissed me off. She can not trust him all day, but this is someone she helped raise, she was a mother figure to him for years. He is Ridge's son, and has been an integral part of her life since he was born; but she is just so casual and callous that he is missing. If she hadn't seen Hope for days, and no one had heard from Hope or
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