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  1. I'm sure it wasn't creative, but I'm not sure that makes the issues more real. Without knowing the issues, and we don't, everything is pure speculation. I'm not comfortable with accepting that someone is a horrible person without having some kind of proof of it. I've read everything I could find and the most damning thing I saw was someone on a Redit forum that said that it was "well known among the employees that he was sexually harassing employees". That could be the truth or it could be a lie told by someone who is jealous or someone repeating rumors. I do see an establishment firing
  2. "ON 6/12/2021 AT 1:04 AM, SHARIFA70 SAID: I’ve only been able to find that he violated unspecified policies and rules of conduct, but haven’t seen anything that says it was specifically sexual misconduct. Has there been a more recent story that gave additional details? All I have found are articles saying that the restaurant said that Gabe was fired for repeated violations for a behavior that was "in conflict with our values", whatever that means. The actual nature of the offense is never specified. " It could be that he was accused of things that were never proven, but there w
  3. I don't disagree with this. I just think the timing really sucked for Gabriel. I feel bad for Nelson, but the timing is very unfortunate.
  4. I think it sucks that Gabriel lost because Nelson overcooked his fish, then Nelson quit. If Nelson had quit before the actual challenge Gabriel would still be on the show. The judges thought that his Elk was the best cooked piece of meat in the whole challenge, then he gets kicked off and the person responsible for the problem quits anyway.
  5. Personally I find it handy to know what a judge likes and doesn't. Like if I'm new at a job and someone knows how the boss wants things done, I am not opposed to knowing these things ahead of time. The pepper thing was not him giving directive, at least in my eyes. He agreed that Maria's protein was better, he compromised and let her do everything the way she wanted to. The only thing he asked was for her not to put pepper in the sauce, because she had already peppered the ribs and he was afraid his coffee wouldn't be able to be tasted if the pepper overpowered the flavor. He didn't say
  6. I guess I'm looking at it as their food and their component. I feel like they were supposed to compromise and work the flavors together into one dish.
  7. The only reason he asked that she not use the pepper though was because he wanted his flavors to come through. He was concerned that if they didn't do well he would be kicked out because his protein, his recipe or his ideas weren't being used and if his flavors were completely covered up he'd be the one to go. She basically said, "I'm gonna cook my way and too bad if you don't like it." I thought it was a pretty selfish move on her part. He was lucky it was well received.
  8. I personally find Dawn every bit as dismissive as Gabe ,I felt they were good partners. Gabe gave up his idea and his protein, complimented her on her ideas and only was bossy when he talked about the pepper. She got to keep her plan, her recipe, basically her whole idea and then dismissed his advice. To me that doesn't paint him in a bad light. Count me in the camp that 100 percent believes that the producers gave the judges the orders they were supposed to ask for. I like Blais though, I always have. He makes me laugh and I think that he creates some really interesting food. It se
  9. I was so upset when they announced the person going home I yelled a swear word and shut my TV off. I came here fully expecting Christian to have saved her. I do feel that Victoria should have been auffed for her horrible design and attitude. From what I've read about Victoria, her husband is a professional soccer player and he bankrolled her store. I've heard numerous reports of her selling 200 hundred dresses in the first day, but I haven't heard much about her selling much after that. I have a feeling she is very used to getting whatever she wants and isn't told "no" very often. I think
  10. Isn't this true of most people? If you have to explain your look, it's probably not done well. Take Billy Porter's Oscar look that CS designed, there were no explanations needed. I also want to point out that quite often rich ladies who lunch are the ones that have the time to organize many benefits and charity events. To think that they are all vapid and unfeeling is a generalization that bears rethinking.
  11. Stillettos or pumps with lace socks or lace pantyhose was just about everyone. 80's was New Wave and bright colors. There was a whole fashion with dropped waistlines, short skirts and matching bloomer like panties underneath. There was the whole torn sweatshirt thing ,and hanging off one shoulder sweaters with stirrup pants. There was so very much they could have done with 80's. Loved Geoffery's and Shavi's.
  12. I rewatched the part on the water and I really didn't notice any "asshole Foreigner" behavior from any team. They had difficulty with the boats, but the race set this up, not the individuals that were racing. I felt like the teams all did their level best to be polite and handle the boats to the best of their ability. I was also impressed the way Tyler and Korey responded to the Dutch guy, no challenge, no return anger, not even a taste of snottiness.
  13. In my mind they were different because Ron went right up to Devens and handed him the Idol, looking him in the eyes and pretending it was real. He used it to confuse Devens and make him think they were working together. It was completely fair for Ron to do it, but it's not the same thing as just hiding a fake Idol and letting whoever find it. Both are fair game play, but I don't think it's the same thing.
  14. LOL, You're totally right. I just meant that it doesn't seem to be strategic or have any suspense to it.
  15. Throwing out a name and agreeing is hardly interesting TV, at least to me. It seems like that's all we see these three do. Suggesting someone else in case of a tie vote isn't groundbreaking either. I just don't see any real game play from any of those people. Being on the right side of the vote constantly sometimes means you're a hell of a player, and sometimes it just means you're just going along with the crowd. All they do is decide who to vote out, if it can't be Rick. I don't see any excitement or fun in the way they're playing. I guess it's a personal choice, I just don't care for the qu
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