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  1. The first time I watched this episode (20+ years ago) I actually thought Brenda knew about it already. I figured that she must have put the pieces together when Dylan told her about a girl during the summer and seeing him with Kelly a few days later. It was the only explanation I had for her non-reactions during these declarations of "love" between Kelly and Dylan. So, imagine my reaction when I realized (a few episodes later) that she had no idea. So utterly ridiculous that Brenda wouldn't have been suspicious!
  2. The song must have been a big success because I remember hearing it a lot on the radio here in Greece (and loving it), even though The Heights never aired here. I never realized that Jamie Walters was the vocalist until now. Also, was David's boss from the college radio station on this show? The one Donna and David went to interview for and ended up arguing about brie cheese? I'm pretty sure that was him on the video clip.
  3. LMAO! The first "bite" he gave Kelly was basically an unlicked spoon.
  4. What I always assumed Dylan meant when he told Kelly "you made it happen" was that (maybe?) he wanted to tell Brenda the truth and she didn't with her "there's nothing to tell" speech. And I know that Dylan was a total douchebag for not feeling any remorse for what he did but, for me, betraying your best friend was way worse than fooling around behind your girlfriend's back, especially when you're in high school. I'm glad that Kelly at least had the decency to feel bad about it.
  5. Yes! I hated this almost as much as I hated Dylan's douchiness from the moment Brenda returned from Paris (and I love Dylan). I'm probably biased since I was a huge Brenda/Dylan fan but I felt like the writers kept pushing some Dylan/Kelly connection that was never there. Kelly suddenly loves motorcycles but Brenda doesn't and actually tells Dylan that she HATES them while he's fixing his bike (like ok, we get it). Dylan/Kelly suddenly don't want to go to college but Brenda does, which is funny because in 4x02 *spoiler alert* we get the exact opposite dynamic.
  6. Actually, when Brandon asked Dylan if he and Brenda broke up over the SATs, Dylan said it was more complicated than than, while looking right at Kelly (who was staring from afar). I can't believe those 2 assholes kissed on campus, before they even told Brenda. Was that tree next to them supposed to hide them from the hundreds of people walking by?
  7. See, but we were supposed to think what Deacon was doing was disgusting. His motivations were clear, he wanted to hurt the Forresters for "taking" Amber so he took Bridget instead. And he paid for it right after, by the way. Eric run him over with his car. (not that it stopped him for hurting Bridget even more, but I digress) With Thomas though, I think the writers just want us to think that no woman can resist him. I'm not sure if they are realising how creepy he comes off, starting with the fantasy of locking an immobile Caroline in her room, then with taking advantage of her and now wit
  8. When the doctor told Caroline she was pregnant, she said she was on the pill but she was very stressed at some point so she might have forgotten to take them. It was never clear when she stopped taking them altogether but I assume she did right after Ridge told her he wanted a baby and they got back together. Actually, Deacon was the only one calling him Little D. Everyone else used to call him Little Eric. I'm not 100% sure, but I think they called him Eric when he showed up on Y&R in 2010 for 5 minutes.
  9. LMAO, that was the funniest thing I've read all day. Raya's out of luck, though. There already is a RIck Forrester III, Deacon and Becky's kid that Rick and Amber raised.
  10. Hmm, I don't disagree with that. When I said he sells his pairings I meant the ones that actually came to fruition (like Zach with Kendall and Maria). The ones that were only teased, I didn't feel that his character was interested in cheating but I don't know if that was the writing or TK phoning it in. If anyone's interested here's his interview in SOD. The 3rd link has the part I mentioned before about KKL and Bridge. http://i61.tinypic.com/n2lu29.jpg http://i58.tinypic.com/jb4qcm.jpg http://i59.tinypic.com/20z4qs2.jpg
  11. In his recent interview in SOD he mentioned that one of his favorite leading ladies was Lynn Herring, who's 8 years older than him. So, no, I don't think it's about the actress' age. It's just that usually the actor is older than the actress he's paired with so his pairings were that way as well. I agree about him not feeling Ridge/Katie but I don't agree about Brooke. Ridge was written is pissed at her from the moment he found out about Brill so there was no time for them to show any romantic chemistry. I think they kissed once before he found out and that was literally the first time KKL
  12. I haven't read her thoughts on this but TK has been very vocal in his latest interviews that he's against a Bridge reunion because he thinks it doesn't work to try to recreate something that's been done by another actor. And since he speaks so highly of KKL I assume she's in agreement with him (meaning he wouldn't be so dead against it if she wanted it to happen). Re: Jessica and Natalie on OLTL. Yes, they had different fathers until the the last episodes when it was revealed that Clint was Jessica's father as well, instead of Mitch.
  13. Actually, there's a million-to-one chance the baby will be white and I think that's good enough for Bell, lol. If he decides to go that route that is, which I'm praying he doesn't. http://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/white-baby-born-interracial-couple-million-one-chance
  14. SORASing and deSORASING happens all the time on soaps. Children gets SORASed but the parents stay the same age. It doesn't even matter if they mention an age on a soap because everyone will believe whatever they want anyway. They'll either call BS because of said character's past or they'll go with it. They just mentioned on GH a few weeks ago that Sonny Corinthos is a 40-something male! Did it make his pairing with Emily 10 years ago less icky? No. If we go strictly by the history of the show. Ridge would be around 70, Brooke 60 (she's supposed to be 10 years younger than Ridge) and E
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