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  1. You are right. I didn't notice until I watched the video again. At first I thought they were just sitting in a parked car, but they are moving. 🤨
  2. They are and I feel so sorry for them. I can't imagine being in high school and being the sons of Brandi G. Oh, the shame.
  3. Well, it's not too difficult to find the posts of Brandi's sons telling Andy that he needs to hire their mom back on the show and also to compensate her for being the star of this past season because they believe that she carried this season. So they are well aware of what she is spewing out there. She is not fit to be their mother. It's sick and she is just horrid. Eddie needs to step in and grab those boys before they are more fucked up than they already are.
  4. I was one of those kids at that age that snuck out at 2 am. My mom made excuses for me to my aunts and her friends because she was embarrassed that it happened, but in reality, she was PISSED and I was grounded for a month. Well she thought I was grounded. I continued to sneak out. 😉
  5. As much as I cannot stand Dorinda, I was very touched by this from Richard's obituary: An avid sailor, Richard was often referred to as "the wonderful compass" for the guidance and direction he always provided to family and friends. In keeping with nautical terminology, he also nicknamed his second wife Dorinda, "my true north." How beautiful! I would use that same phrase to describe my husband. That brought tears to my eyes and I can see how Dorinda must miss him.
  6. Well I have checked in on her stories. She's either high or drunk. Even first thing in the morning. Someone (mayber her BFF Bethenny should be getting her into rehab)
  7. It's really quite funny that Bethenny is pushing this "Andy should be thanking me for my gift of Leah." Now Leah has her own hour and is being touted as the breakout star of RHONY. Andy obviously is giving preference to her. Next thing you know Bethenny is being replaced as Andy's new best housewife friend. Maybe even being invited to his Christmas party? Based on what I have read about the WWHL interview, Andy seems less tolerant of Bethenny's Self Aggrandizement. Will it just a matter of time before Beth is instagramming/tweeting what a bitch Leah is for pushing her MTTM brand on the show?
  8. It seemed to me that her taking off during filming was due to the bullshit production/Kyle/Brandi lead storyline that her co-workers were pushing. She chose not to indulge them. Can't blame her for that. As to leaving her co-workers to carry the load without her, what load? The load of having nothing to talk about? If not that, what load?
  9. It could be that he was made aware of the story breaking before it actually broke and they were already talking damage control. Either way, Teddi is gone and you could be correct as most people were calling for her dismissal before the story broke. Teddi was just not a good fit for this show. Even before the story broke, social media had already decided her fate. The All In scandal, as well as Edwin showing himself to be a potential added liabiltiy just escalated the situation, and likely was the proverbial straw that broke....
  10. They wouldn't be able to handle Chrissy. She just doesn't give any fucks. Plus, well, John Legend!
  11. Is that a crop top or is it a Skinnygirl Brand Shapewear Bra? Wouldn't surprise me if Bethenny is turning her 10 year old into a walking billboard to promote her brand.
  12. How dare you accuse the creative genious Bethenny of copying Chrissy's show! Next you'll be saying that her Big Shot with Bethenny is a rip off of The Apprentice! Are you then going to try to tell us that Bethenny is not the first former housewife to come up with the idea of a podcast????? You gotta lotta nerve Ms. Lucinda! Bethenny would never try to con us into thinking she ain't the original thinker upper of these incredible ideas! No Ma'am. (If you're gonna take a shot at the B you better not miss LOL) I didn't watch, because her voice is migraine inducing and I would have to take to
  13. Denise left on her terms for the same reason, and then Teddi was fired. Teddi: "It’s about showing the truth as an ensemble and it doesn’t end well.” There are not enough LOLs in this world to respond to this. People all over Twitter, Instagram and Reddit are begging for Rinna and Kyle to be gone next. Go figure.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised. She is reading the room for once in her life and this stupid show is her back up plan to remain 'relevant.' #FireLisaRinna has become a thing. Masked Singer should be retitled "Has Beens Singer", and the theme song should be "Don't you forget about me."
  15. "I may be the sharpest dagger in the drawer, and I'm also pretty." Vyle Richards
  16. Andy is full of shit. Bravo takes a cut of the HW businesses. It would have been a problem going forward. He can't admit that. Also on Reddit the person who called herself the "housewives whisperer" with inside scoops commented that it wasn't just Teddi's questionable business practices, but Edwin's actions (outing a private phone number) that would lead to her being fired.
  17. I like LVP, but it seems like podcasts are a dime a dozen now. Heather Dubrow, Heather Thompson, Meghan King, Teddi Mellancamp, Bethenny Frankel, Brandi Glanville. I'm sure next in line will be Dorinda. They just like to hear themselves talk. JMO. I'm sure there are many fans that miss them on the RH shows and will follow. Having a podcast just doesn't seem to me to be any great accomplishment. To me it reeks of "I tried TV and failed, so now this is the best I can do." Hey, folks! I have a podcast! Definitely not a sign of success.
  18. The Masked Singer. Thoughts? Rinna? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay5nhgcaCN0&ab_channel=MJSBigBlog
  19. If Teddi is truly being fired, then this is especially humourous. “Not surprised,” Mellencamp replied to a fan during an Instagram Q&A about Richards’s departure. “I don’t know when and why the decision was made but anytime one person wants to be the ‘star’ of a show and control how they are portrayed when it’s about showing the truth as an ensemble it doesn’t end well.” At least Denise was part of the decision making upon her departure.
  20. HI! I'm Teddi! Can I interject even though this has nothing to do with me?
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