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  1. 12 minutes ago, eXiled said:

    No one cares about you when you're on your own.

    This is what she cannot accept. She still insists on Bethenny made it on her own because she is brilliant. She can't get past that she is "former New York Housewife Bethenny Frankel" 

    The problem is that she is trying to make Bethenny a major TV personality outside of housewives and it 's never going to happen.  She will never be anything but former New York Housewife.

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  2. Who could possibly be stupid enough to invest in a new Bethenny show except for Bethenny herself? The reviews were scathing. All you have to do is google "big shot with bethenny reviews". 

    This woman who "knows it all" predicts:

    "It won’t fail," she declares. "There was a moment in the beginning because of the pandemic, and because of certain things that I was worried for one second, and I almost delayed it. I don’t do it if it’s not going to be done well. I have done this for a long time, and I have produced other shows — this is the biggest show with the biggest budget, with the biggest partners and the greatest streamer, so stakes are very high, but it’s too good a show. It’s too big to fail."

    She can't bring herself to eat her own words even if they're saturated in SkinnyGirl salad dressing because she is suddenly vegan and cannot consume a nothingburger.

    To anyone who is willing to front another "Look at Me, I'm Bethenny" Show, please contact me. I have some swampland in Florida and a bridge from New York to the British Isles to sell you.

    But wait! She does have this brilliant concept:


    Bethenny: "People always say get out of your own head — it’s not entirely true. Reality television is the highlights. Something’s a sound bite. Something’s a takeaway. Something’s entertaining. I know what people want to see. I know what people want to drink. I understand what people think is entertaining".

    She claims that she didn't want to be "shackled" to Mark Burnett? I suspect that "know it all" Bethenny didn't want to take advice from MGM to help her show succeed. The problem is that she had the chance to make a good show, because she does have her fans, but she has to do it all her way. She had to make herself the focus. She couldn't make it about the contestants and their lives. It wasn't about anyone's "big shot". It was about Bethenny.

    This just about says it all about Bethenny's attempts at her own TV show.


    Good Luck to her with a future project.

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  3. 6 hours ago, SunnyBeBe said:

    I’m not sure why Bethenny is bragging on knowing Erica and Tom had money troubles years ago.

    Because she is desperate to make herself relevant. Nobody is talking about her since her latest failed Big Shot show. She's just trying to put herself back in the spotlight again. It will last a minute and then back to midnight slots on HSN selling whatever next Skinnygirl crap she slaps her brand name on and the occasional Fox News appearance to quench her thirst to have a camera on her. Pathetic.

    ETA: Now she is defending Erika. 

    Bethenny Frankel@Bethenny

    This convo was on the pitfalls of showing wealth, the terms of being canceled & how truth takes time to surface,re: her ex,who mine knew well. I have a good rapport w@erikajayne & respect her work ethic. The pod wasn’t about her as I don’t speak on what I don’t know


    Funny, she doesn't speak on what she doesn't know but tweets about Meghan Markle.

    Shut the fuck up Bethenny.

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  4. On 9/3/2021 at 4:08 AM, Talented Tenth said:

    I've lied to my friends about why I'm late to events.

    So have I. This was my last excuse:

    "Toms house was broken into and he confronted the burglar and then had to go have eye surgery and then my son had to go over to help and then he rolled his car five times on the way home, so yeah I'm under a lot of stress.”

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  5. 7 hours ago, nexxie said:

    I’m starting to see why Garcelle has two ex-husbands - she can be quite bitchy. (Thinking of her attitude toward Teddi.) Not that whatever happened with her husbands was all Garcelle’s fault - just that she’s not as wonderful as she sometimes seems compared to some of her castmates.

    Garcelle is just saying what most viewers are thinking. JMO.

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  6. On 6/22/2021 at 12:53 PM, chick binewski said:

    It was pretty amusing when Bethenny attempted to advise Heather on brand-specific opportunities. Heather literally started in apparel and worked her way up. Skinnygirl Candles Conditioner Appliances LTD makes no sense, but even within the food industry the endeavors seem to miss the mark. 

    Great News Folks! If you get thirsty while eating Skinnygirl floppy pizza, just $50.00 for a 12 pack of Skinnygirl cherry juice!


    Now we are just missing dessert. I'm hoping for Skinnygirl cheesecake. 

    All my Skinnygirl dreams come true.



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  7. 21 hours ago, Persnickety1 said:

    "We believe we’re going to be able to prove that Erika was incredibly involved in not just the law firm, but also, he was loaning money to her company 10s of millions of dollars to her company," Edelson said of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star, 49, on the "Reality Life with Kate Casey" podcast on Wednesday.

    You can listen to Edelson on the podcast here. The first 30 minutes.


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  8. Hoping that Garcelle is the one to question why "the others" were so very concerned about a sex scandal but not questioning a very serious situation about ethics and real victims. It just puts last season in perspective. I want her to ask the real question:

    Who the fuck cares if Denise and Brandi had a thing when Erika is so deeply involved in real shit. If this had been Denise or LVP they would have been clutching pearls galore.

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