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  1. The one that is airing right now. And I still don't understand why Hannah wasn't given the opportunity to participate in My Fit Foods like Veronica, Brittney, and Courtney!!!
  2. Christina needs to quit while she's ahead so she can reap the benefits of being a former cheerleader who left of her own volition and not cut. You never see cut former cheerleaders at alumni events or walking in the Belk fashion show. Girl, take your pinkie ring and run.
  3. So many! Karissa, Kamie Rachel Buckmaster, Grace Sells. What's pissing me off is that they don't show the Swimsuit calendar episode from Season 7. They skip it. Why??!?!?!
  4. Random thoughts and observations: I love the "Where are they now" segments of the show. I loved Deryn and Sunni and Yoshiko and Courtney. Some parts of the show seem so contrived and phony. Like how they tried to promote certain things. However you feel about VK, there is no way they would have let any other rookie get away with not only starting training camp heavier than they should be; but to GAIN 11 pounds during training camp. There's no way. And Kitty surprised me most of all, cause she usually has no mercy for anyone. I have Hypothyroidism too and with medication, it is completely in my power to gain and lose weight. Not an excuse.
  5. I'm so glad Brennan FINALLY made it. Briana too.
  6. I get the importance of punctuality but they were just looking for a reason to cut Keyra. Jessica's interview what a mess. They've cut veterans for less. (see above)
  7. I was so glad they at least acknowledged the departures of Alexandria and What's her boobs... I mean Kalyssa.
  8. I gotta say I agree with you. I don't think she's all that bad. We'll see what happens with her in training camp. Granted I'm not a dancer by any means, but she looks like she has more grace than Caila in her dance videos...#justsaying
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