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  1. What is the difference between a mob hit and a cartel hit, and why is this better? Genuinely curious. Since the cartel just tried to take out the Snells earlier in the same fashion, I think Ruth would know it was the cartel and not the mob. Whoever she thinks is responsible, I'm afraid she will suspect it was the Birds behind it all, and unfortunately she will be partially right.
  2. Interesting parallels between the Snells and the Byrds. For both, the female turns out to be the most ruthless and the one truly in control, despite the husbands' illusions they're the ones in charge. The cartel, and Wendy, made a huge mistake this episode. Yes, Ruth's dad needed to be taken out. He was never going to stay away for good, and his influence over Ruth was just too ingrained for her to ever truly be free of him. The smart play would have been to take him out quietly and without a trace. Ruth knew he was being paid off and would not have suspected anything when he vanished. Even if she eventually suspected, there would be no proof and Marty could honestly deny any accusation. Instead, they've given her a reason to be angry and vengeful just as she's been granted access and control of all of Marty's money and his businesses. That won't end well. They've underestimated her. Stupid. I wish they'd devoted more attention to the Ruth/Marty relationship. I think it's the most interesting one on the show, with dynamics similar to Rick/Daryl/Merle on The Walking Dead. Marty treats her like an adult and recognizes her abilities, but at the same time, he can be annoyingly abrupt and dismissive of her, just at the moments she needs the most reassurance. Unless I missed it, they told us he would be teaching her how to manage the books this season without ever showing us. I would have liked to see more of that. I wish I liked the daughter more, as the moral compass of the show, but god she's annoying. Still, run Charlotte! Run far away!
  3. Zac Posen has a cookbook? I'm curious what his qualifications are. My one criticism of this episode is that the little girls weren't given the opportunity to look at the final creations. I would have loved to see some reactions and uncensored comments the way only children can make them.
  4. I've seen him in other roles where he was more effective. I agree his wooden delivery is not working in this role. If you ever watched The Good Wife, Mike Colter's portrayal of criminal boss Lemond Bishop should be the blueprint for this type of character. Smart, confident and softspoken, but with such quiet menace in every scene that you always held your breath. I wondered if I missed something in the finale. Why is it that Guerro didn't join Teresa at the end? I love this show, but boy do I have to do a lot of handwaving for it to make sense. Like, for example, how convenient it was that the Vargases just happened to have the exact amount of cash money that Theresa needed to pay her debt. Since they were planning to kill the kidnappers all along, I seriously doubt they would have actually gathered 10 million in cash for a ransom they never intended to pay.
  5. I think tonight we saw the nucleus of Teresa's future power base. Pote as the muscle and the female lawyer as legal consultant and also friend to Teresa,. I don't think it's a coincidence that she was "top of her class". The little boy will be Teresa's link to humanity (and will probably have to die horribly somewhere along the way). The only piece missing is a right hand man, and I think that will be James. Although his actions looked suspicious, I think they're supposed to look that way for the moment. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt, because I've seen him save Teresa, and choose Teresa over Camilla, multiple times now. I suspect one of the Vargases is going to have to die as a direct or indirect result of Teresa's actions, leaving the other two as her sworn enemies throughout the show. Speaking of....so happy it's been renewed! I've been afraid to look at the ratings for fear they were bad (just based on traffic at this site) but obviously USA likes something it sees. P.S. that little girl playing Young Teresa tonight was a dead ringer. Good casting.
  6. The seeds were sown in this last episode for James to begin resenting Teresa's usurping of his place as Camilla's right-hand man. No fault of Teresa's. She just has good instincts for this business (to the point of being Mary Sue-ish ). If the show puts them together, I think it's already doomed. The El Loco drug guy they're now buying the drugs from cautioned Teresa twice about a traitor in their midst. The obvious inference would be Guero, which is exactly why I think it can't be him. Could James be an undercover agent, or is it someone back in the states? That thread has been left dangling.
  7. I thought Katie made it clear several times that she was saving the Resistance guy in order to save herself and her family. Nothing to do with Broussard. As for Broussard, it seemed clear to me that the only reason he showed up at the Yonk was to check on BB after the other two told him what had happened. He's a soldier and isn't going to show you his emotions, but I didn't read his stoicism as indifference. I missed the different colors on the wall, but I noticed the timing as well and immediately thought it was rigged somehow. I'm curious if the mom was taken only after Simon took the alien gizmo, or was he already a target before that? And why her, out of all of them? The others must have parents too, and probably closer by.
  8. Boy, they're doling out rations of Broussard this season like he's on an endangered list. Hey, Tone Deaf Writers, here's an idea. Maybe the lecture to Broussard about training his cell and getting his house in order should come from someone other than the woman who skipped out on all of them, literally driving them underground, and abandoning them, as well as a cause she professed to be committed to just a short while back. I couldn't believe Broussard let her talk to him in that holier-than-thou manner without telling her a few home truths. I loved the three young Resistance members last season and thought they added some life to the show and some personality to the Resistance. The writers have absolutely squandered that opportunity, giving them almost no storyline this season, having Simon turn all whiny and resentful, and now killing BB.
  9. Did I misinterpret the ending? I thought it showed her continuing to take the pills, with no one at the helm of the computer station monitoring her to stop her, assuming they would have stopped her, had they been at their post.
  10. Same here. And not only do they have her beating up on herself, they have the other characters doing it as well. When Jennifer asked her if she ever felt guilty about the people she's killed, I wanted Katie to answer, "Yep, Do you?" The self-righteousness of some of the collaborators just irks me no end. I also didn't like Katie giving up the bee bug. She was given that information in confidence, and only because Broussard told the Resistance members he would trust Katie with his life, and they could too. She's made that statement look so foolish. I'm also choosing to believe that she actually does know where Broussard is and how to contact him, and is protecting him from Jennifer. If she turned him in (again!) she would be so dead to me. Speaking of Broussard, two episodes without him is two episodes too many. Was the coyote lying when he said the drones couldn't read the signals in that one spot where they were crossing over the wall? It was a waste of a good character in Devon, because she died without us ever knowing her background or whether she really had been doing some shady stuff. They could have done a lot with her character back inside the walls, plus she had already bonded somewhat with Charlie.
  11. bentley

    Figure Skating

    I love to watch figure skating but have no real knowledge of the sport. Can someone educate me why Gracie Gold is considered "technically better" than Ashley Wagner? Ashley also admitted she would be behind the other skaters in technical ability at the next Olympics. What should I be looking for? Why can't she improve on the areas she's lacking in to put herself on par with her competitors? On an unrelated note, I love that identifying the music is now a standard feature before each skater skates. I am adding so much music to my Itunes.
  12. I was surprised Teresa was so forgiving of that henchman she teamed up with at the end. I don't recall him trying to stop her getting raped. He made a token protest to the rapist and then stood by and let it happen is how I remember it. I'm also wondering, if Epifanio is going scorched earth on his former operations, isn't the book losing much of its value? I'm also wondering where the book is right now. Did we see what Teresa did with it? I love the reveal of Guero at the end. He's gonna have a lot of 'splainin' to do.
  13. I don't see a thread for general news about the show so I'm dropping this here. Queen of the South renewed for season 2! I'm thrilled. This is my favorite show. http://www.usanetwork.com/queenofthesouth/blog/queen-of-the-south-renewed-for-season-2
  14. I have the opposite reaction. I'll check the time left when I'm watching the show and I can't believe that 40-45 minutes have already gone by. I'm dismayed because I know the episode is about to end, and I just want it to keep going and going. They're also very good at ending each episode on a cliffhanger that makes you want to tune in to see what happens next. This has quickly become my favorite show! I'm slowly warming up to James. I know it wouldn't be realistic to have a man who's worked his way up into a high position in a drug cartel be anything but a hardened killer, but I've been wanting him to show signs of humanity. He really turned me off with how blase' he was about having to betray his friend from Miami. His soft spot for Theresa is winning me over, though. And I was relieved that he didn't immediately put bullets in the heads of Brenda's henchmen just for spite when Brenda called his bluff. Can anybody figure out Camilla's angle in killing the Birdman? She just got what she wanted granted by her husband. Why is she picking a fight that is going to unleash hell upon all of them, just when she's getting her business back in order? I'll give anything if the show runners will never show me that Mexican convenience store bathroom again. *shudder*
  15. We have a magic stick with amazing healing powers. Why did no one attempt to use it on Meisner and the other HW people who were killed? Who's to say it doesn't have powers of resurrection? They never even tried. The only one who gets the special stick is Eve?? Or I should say, Juliette, since the show runners apparently do not know how to quit Bitsie Tulloch. I'm not sure who they think is joyfully anticipating the heartwarming reunion of Juliette and Nick. For sure, it isn't me. And now we're back to the slightly confused, empty and wooden acting style that characterized her Juliette years. Now with memory loss and plausible deniability of anything she perpetrated upon Nick and company. Hooray, said no one at all. Thoroughly enjoyed the episode until the end, between Meisner's death and Juliette's comeback. Renard, who I've always enjoyed as a gray character who was mostly on Nick's side, is now dead to me. Standing idly by while watching Meisner die, Adalind choke, and Nick almost die....there's no coming back from that. Even towards the end I had hopes that he was playing a long con on Black Claw. I think they've ruined his character by this late turn of events. Loved the Wesen police force. Wouldn't have minded a few episodes of them, rather than introducing and wiping them out all in one night.
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