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  1. She couldn’t even if she wanted to. That ship has long since sailed....
  2. How soon till that ornery batshit crazy movie stah gets off my TV SCREEN. She’s making me cranky. That job cannot start soon enough and please don’t come back We need Ana 👍🏼 Stat.
  3. I was anxiously waiting to hear Ana this morning and when woops waddled out I cringed.....no decent debate discussion from her. Whyyyyy does she have to ruin every damn day? She’s awful and beyond uninformed. ‘What’s in it for me’ is her middle name. What will it take to get her off this panel? Please Ana we need you to upgrade the discussion . Please come back 😿
  4. Yes. Yes we do. You are right. He’s not a refugee and she’s no prize. Maybe try Mexico kids 👍🏼
  5. If Demi was so ‘confused’ she should have gone home to figure it out - don’t bring your girlfriend here. It wouldn’t be allowed if it was someone dating the opposite gender for either side of the house - this is ham handed indeed and for Pete’s sake stop the exploitation for ratings. I clicked it off. No thanks. Not what I’m here for ....I’m out and so was my daughter Perhaps they’re trying to pull in male viewers? Shrug
  6. https://www.powerofpositivity.com/15-inner-thoughts-narcissist/?fbclid=IwAR31qtO0oyxo89hAGhXKKbh3ZIkMJcEFI4dNiylUK6fPU6tbxiaHXXRiIdc I’ve been trying to figure out what her problem is reading this it seems to fit ‘Narcissistic personality disorder’
  7. Joy looks ah mazing!! Love her💖
  8. Beats working I guess? -shrug-
  9. I’ve mostly stopped watching. I FF through MM, commercials, and any view your crap segments which is almost the entire hour. Soon I’ll just take it right off the PVR and stop recording too
  10. Princess? Hardly. More like The most ridiculously bombastic ‘wicked witch’ evah thanks Disney
  11. Ian smith is a couple years behind on IF. He is just trying to sop up some of that gravy. He’s opportunistic I’ll give him that.
  12. She wants Joy to quit/walk away etc.... that’s her stated and obvious goal and would be considered her win if she pushed her out.
  13. Yup. Celebrity Trumps All these days. It’s disturbing deliberate and dangerous.
  14. When Chelsea came out we see her greet/hug everyone EXCEPT Meeeeee-again McCain Once more the cameras pan the audience at the incriminating moment of her hugging a non tribe member. It’s ridiculously obvious. Her contract must be a nightmare much like her. Love Joy
  15. Me-me-me-me-meeeeeeee-ghan. Her question to Joe Kennedy was so full of all about meeeeeghan I gagged. Devil’s advocate my ass.
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