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  1. THISx1000!! ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ Everybody’s so freaking afraid of kovid but obesity is a huge risk factor for THAT and also spreading it faster FFS - they all just continue to morph into blimps and slap on masks. What the hell!?
  2. The eyes on the mother of the dead 3 month old were so disturbing I could barely look at her. If anyone else is old enough to remember Linda Blair’s eyes before the priest arrived will recognize her in the evil eyes of Elke. Chilling and beyond terrified for this new baby on the way. Wtf is up with the guy impregnating her. Good grief man are you blind?
  3. Realized when looking at that Tolerance is highly overrated. 😫
  4. No wonder she reeks of desperation, it pours off of her...3 strikes and you’re out kinda desperation.
  5. I wish there was a wildly applauding option. Love this and agree completely 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  6. I’m also wondering when will I see them again 🤪
  7. There’s too many carbs. You can see he’s a bit puffy already
  8. Oh my goodness. That sounds absolutely delicious!!! I’m not sure how/where to find that!
  9. Not to mention insulin surges and sugar shock. SMH
  10. I think Nat is officially in panic mode... her age is understated and her desperation in overdrive.. Her relationship with her mother is the driving force in the frantic push re forming a family so it’s not just her and her mom anymore it’s all on her, she feels mike might be her last chance. She is unbalanced and it’s scary and sad to see.
  11. That was fun! Thanks for the laughs and remember ....Stay Free out there!!
  12. Dog breeders wouldn’t exist without the demand. I’d like to see that disappear then the supply would too. Plus it looked like they were kinda half assin’ it.
  13. Sticking to your own kind is fine if that’s what you want and making that suggestion is pretty good advice in many of these ill fated pairings, they already have so much working against them, lack of common sense, education, empathy, intelligence etc that ‘own kind’ thing might be the magic needed to make a relationship last.
  14. She has a lot wrong with her, that needs more than medication She’s obese and inflamed. She’s obviously not just emotionally unbalanced. Seems to run in the family, hopefully Paige can avoid that future self.
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