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  1. We quote the one with the tattoo artist at my house -- "Stay in your lane, bro!"
  2. At&T's "Just OK is not OK" ads during the March Madness tournament have been pretty good so far, but this one absolutely killed me last night.
  3. I tried a sample of Chocolate Mint Hummus at the grocery store, it was.... something.... I would suggest skipping it.
  4. EllieH

    I Need a Recipe!

    Maybe a crisp or crumble for dessert, and use vegan butter or another oil in place of the butter in the topping? Then serve it with some vanilla ice cream or whipped cream the vegan and non-dairy person can skip.
  5. EllieH

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Orange chicken and chicken fried rice
  6. EllieH

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Hamburgers and roasted broccoli. Now I'm debating opening the Halloween candy, for a QA check of course!
  7. EllieH

    MLB Thread

    I'm having flashbacks to last year's final World Series game when the Astros went up early... think this might be it for the Dodgers! Dodgers have also been reminding me of the 2010 and 2011 World Series, with the Rangers going two years in a row and losing both times. Sorry Dodgers, you have my sympathy! So close and yet so far.
  8. EllieH

    MLB Thread

    I learned yesterday I am now a Brewers or Dodgers fan! Let's go for a sweep of the Red Sox, [advancing team]!
  9. I love him singing the Barbara Streisand songs -- he couldn't carry a tune in a bucket! And he's a good sport for being game to look so ridiculous.
  10. I recently finished The Wife Between Us. Spoilery thoughts below...
  11. Nice call on submitting "Ham Radio" (and voting it into the canon!). I've thought about submitting "The Matchmaker" before and never gotten around to it.
  12. EllieH

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Casual Friday night pizza dinner, plus leftover black forest cake my husband brought home from his office.
  13. I finished I was Anastasia today and I highly recommend it! Very engrossing with the two timelines, especially as you get closer to them intersecting.
  14. I had the chance to try a sample of chocolate flavored Ripple, which is pea milk. Based on the taste, texture and mouthfeel of the product, I'll give this one a hard pass.
  15. EllieH

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Pulled pork, zucchini and carrots
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