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  1. An ovulation calendar for the wall of her hotel room?
  2. They're married http://www.people.com/article/jill-duggar-married-derick-dillard-19-kids-and-counting
  3. There was a show on VH1 or E the other day about celebrity divorces. LuAnne was on there stating Bill Clinton Style, I did not have sex with that pirate.IN one of the interviews she stated that SHE reduced her role on RHONY so that she could concentrate on business projects. I'm sure that this show will run again in the near future if anyone wants to watch
  4. Whoops.You're right. I can't keep all of these ladies straight yet
  5. I don't think Juliet is renouncing her citizenship.Only .053 percent of people who get new European citizenships renounce their American Citizenship.None of my friends who have become UK citizens(and I know at least 10) have given up their US citizenship when they got their British one. The way she was talking last night made me think she is becoming a dual citizen
  6. Aha yeah, Stupid me.I forgo about the show salary
  7. If Meri is going to a state school she will probably qualify for Pell Grants and not pay a penny. She may even have grant money left over.
  8. I went back to school full time at age 43. I manage to make the Presidents list or deals list every semester and I have 3 adult kids at home. I could absolutely manage a part time job or a business like Robyns and go to school too. Meri can still work the business. If she hasn't started school yet, she may be overestimating how much work it is
  9. I thought that was an improvement in the first episode. I love seeing all of the locations I visit a lot. I have a friend in Putney which isn't too far from some of the locations. And caprice's dress.WTF? Who thought that was agood idea?
  10. Mutiple people in that family will have various surgeries over the years. Getting up and down stairs in those conditions can be tough. When My husband had his open heart surgery they wouldn't have let him go home if he needed stairs to get to his room. With all of the surgeries they will eventually need, I don't see a problem with the elevator
  11. Probably quite easily. I'm a retired, disabled vet and qualified for that much 2 years ago. I spent way less though because what I can afford on paper and what I can afford IRLare 2 different things. . I'm sure they got a no money down VA loan too and because of the VA loan don't pay PMI. That can really lower their mortgage. They may get some propertytax relief on active duty too.
  12. The thing is IME, the Upper class Brits on this show would look down upon and speak the same way about Brits of lower classes too. Is the one American renouncing her US citizenship? That's not actually easy to do and she has no reason to. I know many Americans who are now British citizens. The UK recognizes both citizenships while the USA simply ignores the British citizenship. My friends have 2 passports . You don't lose US nationality simply by accepting a British one.
  13. I think she left when she got cancer. She now narrates other shows
  14. To go along with this, If they really believe it's a baby from conception than she is really the mother of 21 . This show should be 21 and counting. Seems like the 2 failed pregnancies reallt don't count. No pun intended.
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