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  1. Beekman - can NOT watch EVER EVER EVER !!!!!! but are we thinking they are spiltsville ?
  2. I have seen many comments about the OAP not getting to talk much. I remember when there was rarely an OAP. and for the most part i like it better with just the qvc hosts. i know there are certain products that do need to have information the OAP can share but I dont need em
  3. I like Jen, i think all of them have an on air personality. some may exaggerate but on air most are on sell sell sell mode.
  4. heres the saddest part, MAYBE this is the best one ! maybe with all of the wigs this is the best look on her !
  5. I saw the end of MaryBeths time today and man oh man that was NOT a good look.
  6. Kerstin really made remarks to Jen about being divorced ??? casting the first stone there Kerstin ? that is not a pretty look ! that is not a Christian look !!!
  7. what was the "big announcement" at the beginning of the show?
  8. just saying, I am really enjoying Jen and Valerie !!! work very well together
  9. oh dang, you made me go look at the leather pants ! btw, right now 70 bucks for slippers ???? will never ever happen that i would buy that !!!!
  10. and it seems she has hired a thrilled step daughter to be work for "just jill". She is a step daughter right ?
  11. Just have to say I really like Pat. nice host and seems like a nice lady.
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