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  1. Grrrrr........ but at least you got to see him! This is our mantra!!!! Thank you!!! Stringent Navy Covid regs..... It's been a helluva long...and I do mean hellavua :(
  2. Hi, @LeeDenny! This is so wonderful. I am in the same boat...pun intended...mine has been gone since last June and I am going down to Charleston next weekend to see him! Enjoy every minute with your baby...from one Navy mom to another...xoxo PS: give him an extra hug from me.
  3. Yup, was just thinking this myself when I saw her... I can't watch her anymore...
  4. @RubberbandGirl and @mpeeps thank you so much for helping me with the Shawn clip! I guess the only question that remains is why the heck was I even watching...
  5. Wondering if anyone was watching last night when Shawn put on the Dennis Basso pink jacket and started the presentation just as Coko was starting the same presentation? Courtney was dressed in tan pants with the tan DB jacket and the suede Dooney&Bourke purse...a kerfuffle ensued with neither knowing who was supposed to do the presentation. Shawn was talking to the producer and then walked off camera and said something that made Courtney's jaw drop. She began laughing and knew she shouldn't be....all I could hear Shawn say was, "There I said it" and something about Tuesday night. Di
  6. but @Friday I'm willing to bet you make a lot more sense!! :)
  7. Thanks for the encouragement, @AuntCarol! That's exactly what I've been doing. Hoping to go our for a few days of vacation in the fall and will take it from there. Yes, we have horrendous winters followed by no spring, jump right to unbearable heat and humidity in the summer - which is what we're dealing with at the moment - followed by glorious, glorious fall! Makes me wonder why I've ever stayed so long...I can always come back in Sept/Oct for the leaves!! I'll keep you posted.
  8. Anywhere but here!!!! LOL Please don't laugh....I'd love to go to WY, but everyone I mention it to thinks I'm nuts. I just can't take the heat so heading South isn't much of an option - I want to go somewhere where there's more wildlife than people - but everyone tells me the winters in WY are brutal. I was born and raised here in MA - lived here my entire life, but I just can't with these taxes here anymore.... Any suggestions??? :)
  9. Very glad to hear! We are currently planning our escape from MA. Going to be a little while longer than I'd like, but I can still dream... So glad your move has been a good one!
  10. NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!! (I'm with you on this one, @AuntCarol!)
  11. and @DownTheShore and @ownedbysetters (although I think she changed her name, and I can't remember the newer one.) I miss these people!! I'm glad @Bronx Babe is here - still wished I lived closer so I could watch TCM with you!! oh, and @AuntCarol - how are you liking TN and your new home?
  12. I was just going to post the same thing, @PearlClutcher. I miss her, too! Nice to see @seasons and @Mother Superior! Hope everyone is doing well.
  13. My grandfather was a barber in Massachusetts during the Great Depression until his death in 1965. Somewhere along the line, barbers unionized, and it was part of their contract that Mondays were off for them. I actually remember seeing it written on the back of his union card when I had to clean out my grandmother's house. We also had Blue Laws back then, so on Sundays everything was always closed. That gave them two days off. Most beauty salons were the same. MA did away with Blue Laws eons ago and along came franchises like Supercuts, etc. , and soon most places were open all the t
  14. CANNOT stand this!!!!! @Retired at last - to be clear I meant the grammar, not what you said! Does anyone speak English anymore???
  15. Hi, @BenchWarmer! I remember you. Welcome Back!
  16. @lovemesomejoolery Yes, thanks - exactly what I just did.
  17. I haven't been able to access this site through my laptop all day @Thumper. I keep getting some weird message about "Community is not there." Could only get in on my phone, but I saw your post an thought I'd give it one more try. Instead of clicking on bookmark, I typed forums.primetimer.com into browser and here I am again. Very strange.
  18. Hysterical! @MisterShrug I did not see that one coming - and that show was my favorite back in the day!!
  19. @AuntCarol wishing you a safe and happy trip and everything new and wonderful in Tennessee! Please keep us updated on your travels!
  20. That's it!!! I couldn't figure out who Oprah had morphed into - Bert Lahr - LOL! Thanks for the laugh, @Bronx Babe - I needed it!!!
  21. You mean those are three different women????? 😃
  22. We did. North Shore, MA - but we only got about 16" The deer have been running through my yard all day. Pretty. But I don't have to go anywhere in it.
  23. Hi, Aunt Carol I don't know anyone who lives in TN but do know many who vacation there. They all absolutely love it. Hope that helps a bit. Good luck - look at it this way, at least you won't be living on a boat with Antonella! LOL You'll be escaping the CA crazy and if you really don't like it you can always go someplace else. Enjoy the adventure!!
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