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  1. He’s not great, but I completely understand why he needs his own space (no, I won’t use their childish term). She’s too self absorbed to understand why he bolts to find one the minute they walk into a house. My least liked couple in years. This will be her forever home. Him, not so much. He’ll be in a 1/1 apartment once the kids are gone. Also... those countertops SHE HAD TO GET FIRST were super fug.
  2. They cut most of her lines, according to Sandra. She talked about it on her show the day after it aired and she wasnt too happy. She made other comments about it here and there for a couple of weeks afterward also.
  3. I remember a poster on TWoP would call her “Kia DollarTree-a” due to her cheap-ass designs. Hildi’s hay walls were bullshit, but could at least be fixed. I’ll always hate her for destroying the beautiful and historic Douglas Fir mantle and replacing it with some pine POS. Fucking wrong and disrespectful on so many levels just so she can “fully realize her design concept.” Any designer worth a damn (i.e. without an inflated ego; and respect for craftsmen, history and the homeowner) wouldn’t have touched it. If it had been my house, I would have been in jail that night.
  4. Missed last night's game. Just stopping by to see if anyone else thought Frank was annoying as hell.
  5. The Spokane call was fucked up and the officers knew it. I hope this footage can help him in court if it goes that far. Sure doesn't help him tonight, though. Shallow, but gotta say the dude has a hot bod. I've only noticed the 'previously recorded' disclaimer on the reruns or replays. The show has to be on at least a 30 minute delay. Its dark at 9 here in Atlanta so it certainly is in SC. Maybe that gives them time to have a waiver signed or it's not required in these municipalities. That's why they film there. Sort of like places where mugshots can be published.
  6. Bryce, you're not alone. I like them, too. There have been true assholes on this show and Red is nowhere close. Shit happens. People have jerk moments. I like that they get along with each other and most of the others, it seems. I'm enjoying this season and like just about everyone. There have been a some stressful moments and douchebaggery, but most of the racers appear to like their partner and they seem to be having a good time also. Maybe I just want the last TAR to be fun and enjoyable. Oh, yeah, and eye candy. Casting gets an A from me for many of the guys this season.
  7. Nah. It's going to be intense and make the Jefferson Co Jail look like Mayberry. The Fulton Co Jail aka Rice Street, is a shithole. Overcrowded and understaffed, corrupt CO's. The inmates are the worst of Atlanta's bullshit. There have been numerous problems for years; so much so the state had to step in. Nothing changed. If I were picked to be on, I'd back the fuck out immediately. I'm surprised the chief and Mayor Reed approved it being on the show.
  8. i like Bret well enough, but this conversation touched me and I gained new respect for him. As a man working in a similar job culture and sharing the same attitude about being gay, it was nice to finally see "someone like me" on Survivor.
  9. Scotty having an issue with Ryan is laughable. You want an informant, but don't want him to assimilate? You don't expect him to react when forced to live in these conditions?
  10. WTF? You can't call in back up from somewhere in the department to go get cases of water from WalMart? You speak to store management and work it out. I'm 52 and was locked up a few times in my 20's because if DUI's. College degree, good job, good family, just stupid. This show brings back memories of those times. These guards act the same as those I dealt with. They treat inmates as subhuman and don't give a damn if someone is sick or if there are problems brewing that could turn violent That officer drinking in front of the inmates, the blond with the attitude about the toilet situati
  11. All I see are glorified playhouses that will one day sit in the back yards of their normal size homes, sans appliances/working bathroom, being enjoyed by their kids. I agree. Posturing for the camera. Yeah, right, Goober. You're a badass. That driver would squash that lil turd in a second.
  12. Glory be!!!! (as my grandma would say) I offered to help a friend with his son's birthday party Saturday. Everyone likes my homemade ice cream so I'm bringing that. I'm going to volunteer to also bring cupcakes, steal your ideas, and look like fuckin rock star. Thanks
  13. Ditto, but I know the Christian hymn. I came to RoA since it was the only show title I could think of that had a "religious" sound to it
  14. What I'm getting from most of the post show interviews confirms the obvious: The editing tells the story they want to tell. Not saying Dan isn't a douche or Shirin's not annoying, but post production definitely did not care for some of these folks. Most of these contestants spoke of how much fun they had together, how they felt like family and that all were serious players. This didn't sound fake. They were disappointed the funny, joking around moments weren't shown because there were plenty. Sierra commented that she's such an loudmouth IRL that it was interesting to be be seen as "the quiet
  15. Love they're giving this POS an unprecedented grilling. The Mail Escort shirt shows how clueless he is. btw Dan, sticking up for family isn't just a New England thing. Go. Away. Forever.
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