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  1. sereion1

    Love & Hip Hop: New York

    ...and that is exactly why I like her; unlike the rest of the dumb broads, (Remy is the exception) she's not trying to keep a man for the sake of having one.
  2. sereion1

    Love & Hip Hop: New York

    All I have to say is thank goodness we don't have to put up with the Tara/Peter/Amina love triangle this season.
  3. sereion1

    Big Mouth

    Another early bloomer here; I just turned 11 went I got my first period. I binged watch over the weekend and laughed at every. single. episode. I'm here for the Hormone Monsters--and Duke!
  4. sereion1

    Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

    What's with Mona's fascination with dirty looking dudes? First Jim Jones from NY (though he's looks better since then), Soulja, and now the Solo Lucci dude--who looks like the cracked out version of Soulja. Eww.
  5. sereion1

    S02.E08: Freedom's Plow

    Oh Micah; he needed a hug--what he went through with that racist cop was horrifying. I hope Davis rains holy he!! on that police department; especially that officer. I was channeling Georgina from "Get Out" at Charly's begging and Darla's accepting the proposal. Especially Darla; she's become more self assured and confident since her sobriety, I was hoping she'd tell RA to kick rocks. I'm glad her sponsor read him, though. I agree with the original post regarding Charly and men; she in the process of a divorce, she should enjoy being single and date other men. Remy ain't the only professional brotha in LA.
  6. sereion1

    S04.E12: Feeling Conflicted

    I am bringing out the popcorn for the hot mess Neicy is about to get into with the Tinder Dude.
  7. sereion1

    Basketball Wives LA

    I NEVER thought I'd say this, but I actually like Evelyn this season, she still has her issues, but she's not as evil as she was when she was in Miami. Maybe going on Iylana's show help. I really wanted her to kick Jackie's arse, though. That said, and I am happy she and Jen made up; that was one friendship I enjoyed on the show.
  8. sereion1

    S02.E06: Line Of Our Elders

    To be honest, I have always rooted for RA because he is trying to better himself, a loving father to Blue, and I want him to win, but he frustrates me because he constantly sabotages himself, and leaves everyone to clean his mess. I had a feeling spilling the beans about the land would not go well with the sisters. I get that he wanted confess, but if he had any sense he should have either told them from the beginning or listened to Aunt Vi, and kept his mouth shut (then again, it would have came to light somehow--he and Charley would have one of their spats and he'll blurt it out). Since Charley, practically financing the land, it was wrong from him to keep this a secret. Now this has caused a serious rift in the family, as RA as finally burned his bridges with both Charley AND Nova--and maybe Aunt Vi, since she warned him....and now Darla has put herself in a predicament as she his working for his sister. Aside from Blue, she should just separate herself from the Bordelon family, and start her own life. She's doesn't need the stress. That said, it's sad that their father worked himself to the grave, to provide for the family while RA kept getting himself locked up.
  9. sereion1

    Family Therapy

    I got what Jen and the body language lady were saying regarding Bam, but they were a bit too hard on April. There was nothing wrong with her being hospitable to her housemates--in fact they were disappointed when found out she make the smoothies anymore. I didn't find that enabling at all; that's her personality, and I don't think that should be held against her in that regard. But Brittany? Wow. I felt so horrible for her. The revelation about her father has to be a bitter pill to swallow. I don't know much about Michael Lohan other than what I hear on TMZ and other gossip shows, but despite his occasional histrionics, I kinda like him. He seems to be cool due once you spend some time with him--as long he doesn't mention Dina, otherwise, he seems okay. The rest of the cast seem be cool with him.
  10. sereion1

    Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

    Right?!! At least Stevie had some relevancy, sheesh.
  11. sereion1

    Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

    I am not here for the Scrap and the two "T" 's love triangle. I'm so sick of seeing these broads fighting over some worthless dude. Seeing the Tara/Peter/Amina saga unfold was enough for me. Not that I'm condoning this in ANY way, shape or form, but you're going to fight over a dude, can he at least have something to offer, like nice investment portfolio, six figure salaried job, and a clean criminal record? Seriously.
  12. sereion1

    If Loving You Is Wrong

    Was I missing something last night, or were the ladies throwing shade at Marcie--over while at Alex's crib? It's been said before, but I'm very disturb at how Marcie is being treated like an outcast--when it was her neighbor who slept with and had a baby by HER husband. She's the one who needs the support, not Alex. Man, the writers on this show are so backwards.
  13. sereion1

    PBS: Viewers Like You. Thank You.

    Wow, how cool is that! Did you ever meet him and/or his family around town?
  14. sereion1

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    Crap! I forgot this was on! With the exception of The Blue Angel, I hadn't seen any of the films featured last night, and I hate that I missed it!
  15. sereion1

    PBS: Viewers Like You. Thank You.

    Yeah, I didn't watch "42", either, so I agree that the film probably didn't do justice to his story. I also loved the film footage; especially when he's speaking. That was the first time I've ever heard his voice!