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  1. This is one of the best series I've ever seen on TV. And yet, I don't like any of the three leads. Lennie James (Season 1), Keeley Hawes ( Season 2) and Thandie Newton (Season 3) were the real stars of the show, giving brilliant performances.
  2. I really liked the first two books, but haven't read the third. I just had a feeling it would drag the story down. I don't like the casting for Bill. Not a bad actor, just the wrong actor.
  3. The version I was watching got chopped off at the end. I didn't realize I'd missed that much of the episode. Thanks for the update. I'm sure I'll see some of it during the previously on. I wish they'd show talking heads of some of the cast we've never heard from. Does Odette have nothing worthwhile to say.
  4. I'm so happy to see Tara go. I don't like feeling so negatively about someone I don't really know, but she irritated me from her first taking head. By this time I usually have several people I'd like to see win. I don't even know which tribe to route for. I loved last season. I rank it as one of my top ten. This time I'm getting bored.
  5. I'm sorry to see Tarzan go. Did Tessa vote for him? I only saw one vote for Lachlan.
  6. I thought he was going to throw the key in the water. It's really hard to throw a challenge with that many people and no one working with you. The Cast and Tribes
  7. I love Swing Latino. They make me smile the entire time they are performing.
  8. He probably went to boarding school.
  9. But did he know that was going to happen? I'm not trying to say he's a good guy, but why should he take the blame for two murders that John and Kevin committed.
  10. Eric is a pathetic lowlife, but I don't think he's ever killed anyone. To be framed for the murder of a cop and the only friend he ever had isn't OK with me.
  11. Watching streaming content is legal as long as you don't download anything. Below is the actual law: "When the user downloads even part of a file — called "pseudo-streaming" — it counts as a copy of copyrighted material, which is illegal. And when the user streams content as a "public performance" — namely, when it's shown to a substantial number of people outside the normal family circle and its close acquaintances — it also constitutes a copyright violation. [ Outside of these cases, accessing unlicensed streamed content is generally legal."] Downloading and uploading is a form of making a copy and is illegal. I would recommend you get a good blocker like uBlock Origin and a something to check for Malware. I could no longer afford cable, so I've been viewing free for over a year. I've only picked up Malware a few times. I'm 70, and if I can figure out how to find it without help, anyone can. But I'm happy to send people the info on the best place I've found in a message. If the Mods don't want me to do that, let me know. I don't think there is a rule about passing along legal info. Australia was one of my all time favorites. I've never seen anyone win in that way. NZ is low budget and old school. But I think there is too much time spent watching people talk strategy because not much of it is very brilliant and people just repeat themselves.
  12. I picked up a copy of the first book at a rummage sale last week. I was so excited to read it, but now I'm ready to give up on it. I think the book is deadly dull. Book Sydney is nice, but boring. I love the show and wont try any more of the books. I guess it depends on which one you came across first.
  13. Interesting because Tina Desai is also the youngest actor of the group by 9 years. Oops, she was a year younger than Capheus 1.0, but Capheus 2.0 is now the youngest cast member. There is now a 12 year age gap between the 8, but how old you look is always more important than your real age for an actor.
  14. The show was only missing one thing....Doctor Who! Welcome Sylvester McCoy.
  15. I think a lot of people who love this show would be happy to have at least one person they felt that connected to. We belong to the Subspecies Homo Solitarius. This show is a fantasy, but I could almost believe that it is something we had and lost.
  16. Once Sara learned that Michael was alive, she probably forgot number two's name as quickly as I did.
  17. molshoop

    S34: Tai Trang

    I'm pulling some basics from a variety of teachings : We should not lie. Honesty and playing Survivor don't go well together We should show compassion for all living things. Plants are problematic. Compassion includes qualities of sharing, readiness to give comfort, sympathy, concern, caring We should not do or say anything in anger. Tai got angry once and quickly comforted Varner. The mind should be focused and uncluttered. Tai is good at certain Challenges when he is in this state. When he isn't, his desire to trust everyone and his paranoia (from negative life experiences) clash and he confuses himself and the people around him. Tai spends a of of time looking for idols, so he finds them. If people don't want to follow him around, that is their choice. He struggles with wanting to share them with others at Tribal. A different problem is his English. Asian languages have far fewer consonant and vowel sounds than English, so their English can sound very broken and basic. Some people will associate Tai's speech with low intelligence. Tai wants the million for the LGBT and Animal Rights causes he believes in, but he will never believe that he deserves the money more than someone else. Giving away an idol and giving out hugs feels right to him. Plotting and scheming doesn't. He's not a good fit for the game but I strongly disagree with those who say he is the worst player ever. And those that express disgust at his displays of affection may be the most in need of a hug them selves.
  18. molshoop

    S34: Tai Trang

    Tai is a Buddhist and a lot of his actions come from closely following Buddhist teachings. He is always an inspiration to me, because while I'm not the worst Buddhist in the world, I'm probably in the running. So he's a gay immigrant of a different race and religion than the majority of Americans. He's a bigot's dream casting.
  19. I totally agree. He is an abusive psychopath. He wouldn't have made it without Makani, but speaks to her in just as nasty a way as he does to Gina and Alex. I really fear for our country when someone like Cody is admired and Trump is president.
  20. I've seen the Canadian, English, Irish, Australian and New Zealand versions of this show. I was surprised that it took so long to arrive here.
  21. I love Sara and Sarah Wayne Callies. I think she's been great in everything I've seen her in. She has plenty of fans and a lot of talent. That's why she keeps getting hired.
  22. Sam has always had that idiosyncratic speech pattern. Here he is winning a Golden Globe in 1993
  23. Broussard was going to commit an honorable suicide (Seppuku) to take out the Red Hand on that roof in order to atone for whatever happened in Iraq that he helped to cover up.
  24. I'm responding to something you said in the episode post. I also had an Oma and Opa, so I was wondering if you were Slavic. On the topic of abuse: I had an abusive father. When I was 15 I left home to live with friends in another town to escape him. I realize I was very lucky to have someplace to go. Even when women and girls realize they need to get out the resources aren't there for most of them. I should also mention that I threatened my father with a large wrench ( that was the first time I had stood up to him), so he was happy to see me go. I'm now 70 and I still can't say for sure if I would have used it, but it sure was gratifying to see him looking scared.
  25. I think Trish's husband had the webcam on her computer set so he could turn it on and view her when ever he wanted to, using his computer. I'm not much of a techie, so I don't know exactly how it works, but I know it can be done. That's why he needed to get a hold of her computer and why he needed his to be "fixed". It also explains his comment in the first episode about Trish sleeping with a bunch of different men. He's been watching her through her computer.
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