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  1. Kelly is really good on Henry Danger. I watch it with my little grand daughter. Her character is so different than Sage and I actually like her on this Nick show! LOL
  2. My sentiments exactly LP!!! LOL I read on another soap board that it was a necklace,a ring on a chain. Movinon it looks like a hospital gown and a hospital bed. O.K. just now read your reply! LOL
  3. We do this at my church every Christmas. It's called Adopt A Family. These are families in need in my community. I try to pick one that has teens.They list simple things they need and it is not a lot to me but I'm sure very important to them.After the usual stuff like body lotions,perfume,after shave,socks,hats and gloves I always add some gift certificates so they can pick out something special that they would like..
  4. Just now saw your post Glow and sorry for the late reply. Melody was very chic and sophisticated,dressed in the fashionable suits and outfits from the early 40's (I got the feeling it was before World War 2) and was so beautiful with her long blond hair.She was stunning!! GS was so handsome and rascally! He does look like Burgess J. Great movie! Good description. Her delicate facial features were so exquisite back in the day!
  5. I am so sorry that your grandson is going through this Valley. (((hugs)))
  6. I read that also TMS from one of SC's interviews. And as for your other comments I do believe there is a lot of truth in what you say. On her Twitter page SC is very natural and most of the time doesn't even wear makeup and looks gorgeous! I actually messaged George Guzman the hairdresser a few years ago when he was doing the hair on the show and asked him to confirm if Sharon Case wore hair extensions as I wanted to settle a bet with some one and he messaged me back that she did not and to collect my money! LOL I thought it was a really good movie and the little actress did an out standing
  7. I know I did too. I just love The Waltons. I guess it is nostalgia but it makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside! LOL
  8. I think that is going to happen. KS can not do the job that SC and MS did with him. SC carried his azz for over 10 years and was talked trash on all the time once he got with MS. That's one of the reasons I never want them back together again. Even JC could not carry him. I am sure GT will be up for the task. She is a fantastic actress.
  9. Going off topic but I had to tell everyone that I am watching The Waltons from 1977 and Melody Thomas before she married a Scott ( Nikki) is on it. Very young and so so beautiful!! Playing Ben's boss's daughter and his crush.LOL
  10. From Wikipedia: Kelly Sullivan (Sage) is 37-Feb.3rd,1978 Sharon Case (Sharon) is 44-Feb.9th,1971 Joshua Morrow(Nick) is 41-Feb.8th,1974 So strange they are all three Aquarians. Not that there's any thing wrong with that! My youngest son is one and he is a sweetheart! LOL
  11. From wanting to throw her out of Sage's baby shower a couple of months ago to now being all "we are family" is just more of Chuckle's 180 degree turns! My freakin head is spinning like Linda Blair's !
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