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  1. In news that is of a surprise to nobody, Mike is a piece of shit of epic proportion. Him and his sour face mom should just get married already. What kind of monster do you have to be to make Natalie seem even a little bit pathetic? He’s just foul as is his weird mom. I had forgotten how unbelievably unpleasant Angela is. Her evil cackle. She is dangerous. She’s a type of woman that beats a man and expects him to take it because he is a man. I don’t see anything kind or good in her. Her friend Jo, must know a different side of her, because she seemed pretty normal. I just cringe every time
  2. Oooof, ok. The guy let her move in with him after her drug addled husband left her. Then he became her boyfriend. Then he kicked her out of his place. Then she started living in a park and he’d spend all day with her and leave her to sleep in the bushes. I don’t know. It showed him buying her meals from restaurants and fast food places but....he wouldn’t let her stay in his house? There’s something amiss for sure. Either the guy is in recovery and can’t be around an addict like her, or she started getting stingy with her pills. After they broke up (his fault, total asshole according to prince
  3. Mini cupcakes only work if you regard them with disdain as if they do not please you and quickly send them down anyway. 😂 Jeanne was super sad. Brandon had tons of potential, seemed decent and hard working.
  4. I essentially thought the same thing in that scenario. He was being a real hard ass with her when she was telling him she was homeless. My take on it is that they might have cut out some footage where Angie might have asked for something to “help with the pain“ while she was living in the park with her weird boyfriend. Or roommate. Or drug dealer. What I took from that interaction was that Dr Now was pretty much done with our Princess. I can’t recall who it was, but I know that there have been other patients that have faced homelessness and Dr. Now has been more than willing to figur
  5. Probably one of the least likable people I’ve ever seen on this show, and that’s saying something. Jeanne of the roaches and 9 (poor) dogs has a lot to live up to next week.
  6. Richard Blais outdoes himself, reaching levels of douchebaggery never before attained, like goddamn.
  7. Yes, the same ring he insisted on her giving him back. There’s obviously a lot more to the story than we’re being given, but I think that one resounding fact is that they are both hot garbage and deserve each other. I think Natalie looked fine, but it tickles me that it looks like she’s packed on some weight after giving Mike grief about needing to lose 20 kilos. Miss fitness is barely fitting’ in this dress! A mean joke but she’s such an asshole, I cannot with her. “You look beautiful.” “I know.” Who does she think she is? Han Solo? Did he even take off his Bluetooth for the wedding? Was it h
  8. How awful do you have to be to make Natalie seem sympathetic? She must have quite honestly been completely out of money to accept that situation. The hotel couldn’t FaceTime with Mike or figure out a solution? They had to go back to his weird little house in the woods? Also, wasn’t the hotel stay just for one night? Tamra couldn’t have just dropped Natalie off in the airport and have her grin and bear it for a couple of hours before her flight? If I were in Natalie‘s position, there is no way in hell I would’ve ever returned to Mike. He asked for his ring back! The guy is a psycho. Fuckery
  9. You make an excellent point that didn’t even occur to me. She DID leave her in a safe place. Maybe that was the best she could manage. What great insight on your part, and it really shines a light on her mom’s mental status. She loved her enough to have her and leave her safely. So sad.
  10. I thought he exclaimed that he bought it at the housewarming. im so glad for another week of fuckery, what shall I wear to Rodneys coming out partyyyyyy?
  11. GROK! So is the season over? Because it seems sort of open ended. Whatever happened to Gentile? Who is editing these shows? Gah, the thought of anyone wanting Bill’s dusty sperm... 🤢🤢🤢
  12. I got seriously uncomfortable watching him watch her eat. It was freaking lascivious. I’m surprised he didn’t tell the camera people to bounce so he could jerk off. He’s an obvious feeder. I teared up when her dad talked about her mother leaving her in the hospital. It boggles my mind that there are people so awful in this world. I miss my 2 year old all day and wept when they took him away at the hospital for his first little bath. I’m a Pisces, so ymmv. 🤪
  13. Rodney looks ready to scratch her eyes out at any moment. What a mean old queen he is. His parents deserve a Tony for tap dancing around the “GAY” word the way they do. It just seems like a miserable existence for him, being married to a woman. Desirey is happy “owning” Rodney’s homes. Lol. Ridonk. Also, fuck you Bill, commenting on pregnancy ruining Bri’s body. Bri pretending she has any say, any ownership over ANYTHING in this relationship is super laughable. You are a toy. My advice would be to start a revolving door of relatives needing a place to stay at their McMansion to get Bill to bu
  14. I’m still watching, but my most immediate takeaways thus far are that the make up crew hate Whitney with every fiber of their being, she cannot stop touching buddy’s knee (and his face screams “I’m dying on the inside”) and on a scale of 1 to 1,000,000,000, how much does Todd hate Whitney? Like, he absolutely hates her and is relishing every minute of her humiliation. Buddy he will never get away from this woman. Now he’s back in his crack attic. Fun.
  15. I can spot a thumb sucker at 20 paces. Either that or jovi was going to town on his paci up until his strip club days. Fuck his parents. They were aggressive and rude and do not give a flying FUCK about what yara wants or feels. That dad probably stared at those pictures for a good long time. Do they think she’s stupid or thinks prancing around in a bikini in the city is what one does in America? I was on the fence about her but I love her blase way of putting people in their place. No fucks given.
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