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  1. SilvaVocat

    Favorite/Least Favorite WH13 episodes

    Just finished re-watching 3:11 Emily Lake, and damn if Jinx's death isn't perfectly done. Just heartbreaking.
  2. I was so happy to see this was coming back. It's just so gosh darned cheerful and silly. And I can't see the title without singing it out in my head.
  3. SilvaVocat

    S12.E05: Vegas Callbacks #1

    That solo was the worst. Before the dance she said her dances are normally "strong" but this time she was going to be "sexy" and then she proceeds to roll around on the floor and make "O" faces at the panel. I'm sure Nigel loved it, but Paula was exactly right, she didn't dance. I'm pretty sure she's one of the producers favorites, so we're going to be subjected to her for a while. LoFro did that gawdawful "Hee, look at me, I'm sexy" nonsense during auditions, but she backed it up with real dancing.
  4. SilvaVocat

    Tara And Adam's Rewatch: Smash Found A Peanut

    Can anyone point me to a legal way of getting A Thousand and One Nights? It doesn't seem to be on the cast album. Thanks!
  5. SilvaVocat

    S07.E12: And The Rest Is Drag

    That was some high quality garbage. Maybe I'm just blind to Pearl's greatness, but I don't see how she's more worthy of top three than Kennedy. She has one face, one dance routine, and no spark. #teamGinger
  6. SilvaVocat

    S07.E08: Conjoined Queens

    I really thought Katya and MKD won that challenge, but I also think the show has a bias toward "pretty" and even "ugly twin" Trixie was pretty. Katya and MKD were hilarious and fully committed, but not pretty.
  7. SilvaVocat

    S04.E18: Heart Of Gold

    I probably missed a lot last night, because I was stuck wondering why Robin would got to NYC. Why wouldn't they send him to find a cabin in the woods somewhere? He could take whatever money Regina gave him (and surely she magicked up some for him) and get a nice place to stay outside of a small town. Why on earth would go someplace as crowded and expensive as NYC if you were a forest dweller with no modern skills? (Except for lock picking. He had no trouble picking a modern lock to get into the shop. Too bad he didn't also know about modern alarm systems.)
  8. SilvaVocat

    S04.E02: Episode 2

    There were and are Anglican brothers who are celibate as well. And now women can be ordained as Anglican Priests and can marry. I had a stillbirth about ten years ago, and the hospital had a whole protocol, pictures, a special outfit, a staff member who specialized in counseling grieving parents. It was very different from my mother's experience 30 years earlier.
  9. SilvaVocat

    S03.E04: Dimebag

    If Philip could get Elizabeth to agree, he'd pack the kids up and go into hiding somewhere in America's heartland in less time than it takes you to say Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
  10. SilvaVocat

    S02.E12: Paradise Lost

    My problem with Katrina's hair and clothing is that when we met her she was a Quaker woman, all about simplicity, and now she's all hair dye and attention grabbing clothes. If the writers had made her shedding her Quaker simplicity as her witch powers grew, that would have been fine. But they clearly just ditched it, which is lazy.
  11. SilvaVocat

    S02.E12: Paradise Lost

    I was rooting for the zealot, because the other guy was played out. The zealot would give everybody something new to do. This episode was a placeholder, a breath between the first half and what I assume will be the new plot of the second half. Nothing actually happened. We met a new player, learned that an old player was still with us, and Katrina got a new corset. I don't know if the writers knew that this episode would be aired after the break but before another week off, but it sure played as if they did.
  12. SilvaVocat

    S02.E12: Paradise Lost

    Dear Katrina, I know you think it's your fault that your ex-fiance went all crazy and pledged himself to Moloch, but it's not actually your fault. That asshole went and got his head cut off all by himself instead of just getting drunk and going to bed with a floozy which is what most men would have done after they'd been jilted by a pretty woman. Therefore you are not bound by either karma or good form to fix the mess he got his own grown-ass man self into. He's a bad guy now. Stop being codependent and start acting like the super-witch everyone keeps telling us you are.
  13. SilvaVocat

    Call The Midwife Christmas Special 2014

    I love this show. I love this show for being so honest about what birth looks like, and what love looks like, and how they're both so wonderful and painful. Just gorgeous.
  14. SilvaVocat

    S01.E04: Chapter Four

    I loved Jane and Michael's relationship this week. When they backed into each other at the bridal shop you could see them relax when they finally touched, because whatever was wrong they were together and they were going to work it out. It showed how comfortable they are together normally and how much they rely on each other. And honestly I don't blame Michael for being continually weirded out by his virginal girlfriend's pregnancy with the baby of her sexy boss with whom she one had a flirtation.
  15. SilvaVocat

    Marry Me

    I think this was the strongest ep so far, and the first week where we saw how Annie and Jake actually do work as a couple, as opposed to Jake just putting up with Annie's crazy. I liked that they got a win, that Annie was a decent human being.