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  1. AztecEagle

    S14.E13: Carrie E.

    I was glad that Carrie eventually got help, even though she didn't seem all that likable. Hopefully she can get into boxing again and make that her career---she's still so young that she very well do it---because it's clear that she needs that kind of discipline and routine in her life.
  2. AztecEagle

    S04.E18: Hundra & Emily

    She was very full of herself to think that the entire world wanted to see her come out. Like, I get that it's so incredibly difficult to be gay in an anti-gay culture/community. But come on. Hundra was acting like she was royalty or something. It was ridiculous. She acted like the whole world owed her something for being a Haitian lesbian. Kelly's utter disdain for her was gold, though. It's nice to see somebody not handle the people on this show with kid gloves just because she's had a hard life. Get in line, Hundra. Everybody has problems, but most people don't act like combative bitches because of them. I did find it odd that she was willing to come out publicly for some girl she never met in person even though this meant she could possibly be disowned. It made the later revelation a bit obvious, though it was still cray-cray.
  3. AztecEagle

    S04.E18: Hundra & Emily

    Formerly geekamonggeeks here (I posted quite a bit about a year ago, but had to give up my original account because I forgot my password and had a lot of trouble recovering it). Man, Hundra had a lot of anger issues, and I'm not sure if all of it stems from the problems she faces being a lesbian in an anti-gay community. I'm not sure if we were supposed to see her as sympathetic, but considering how mad Nev and Kelly were (I refuse to call him Machine Gun), I'm guessing not. I have to say, I loved the dumbfounded look on her face when Nev asked how her friends and family would feel seeing her act like such a brat on TV. I also liked the ending, when she claimed that she changed but immediately got all vindictive again in five seconds flat. And accusing somebody who helped you come out of trying to "convert" straight girls into being gay? Yeah, not cool. Loved how flabbergasted everybody looked when she came swinging with that crap. It made the episode worth it. And, hey, this episode made me come back to Previously.TV, so I guess that's good for something!